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  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Non è stagione
  • Antonio Manzini
  • Italian
  • 12 February 2016
  • 9788838932885

10 thoughts on “Non è stagione

  1. Shelleen Toland Shelleen Toland says:

    It’s the bitterly cold spring season in alpine Aosta and a girl has been kidnapped Chiara Berguet daughter of the owners of a local construction firm was targeted thanks to the sizeable debt her parents owe But like many a best laid plan a blown tire causes the crime to go haywire as the kidnappers’ van skids off the road and crashes into a pair of larch trees Both the driver and his accomplice die on impact leaving the girl in the back gagged and bound and unable to break herself freeMeanwhile Rocco Schiavone wakes to find himself in Anna’s apartment She’s the best friend of his girlfriend Nora and memories of the night before a heated evening with Anna return to him As he sneaks out he sees the first few snowstorm clouds of the spring season move across the sky an ominous reference that something is offIf trouble at home and a case of kidnapping weren’t enough Rocco will eventually have to contend with Enzo Baiocchi Rocco was the one who sent Enzo to prison and in the process killed Enzo’s brother Having just escaped from prison Enzo is heading north with a newly purchased revolver and clearly revenge on his mind And when an unfortunate incident of mistaken identity makes Enzo’s act of revenge even fiendish it also presents a gruesome scene for Rocco to discover on his return homeThis book is set in May in Italy with a ton of Italian name I could not pronounce but I really liked a few of the names A young woman is kidnapped because of her parent's business The book goes back and forth between the police investigating and to her and what she is going through Although I did like the book I found it boring through the first half I did enjoy the banter and sarcasm of Rocco and his co workers This is the 3rd book of the series and I did not read the other 2 books but I didn't feel like I was lost reading itI received this as an ARC that I won from the publisher

  2. Faith Faith says:

    Unbearable cop banter

  3. Bea Bea says:

    The lead Rocco was highly unlikable rude thoughtless demanding cruel capricious He had moments of decency one of which results in a horrible tragedy As a human he was miserable; as a cop he was determined stubborn and relentless He broke the law in order to solve cases violated procedure on an hourly basis and ultimately excelled at solving crimes Manzini's writing was grim bleak unsentimental and occasionally awkward though that may have been the translation from Italian to American I probably won't read in the series

  4. Kate Baxter Kate Baxter says:

    This second book in the Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone mystery series is a gritty police procedural with a peek into the dark world of money laundering and organized crime The reader is not spared the ugliness of this world's underbelly and its unbridled ruthlessnessDeputy Police Chief Schiavone is a man with a difficult past and hardly a pristine record of service Rules appear to apply to others Yet at his core there is a good man who genuinely wants to put away those criminals bent on harming others especially the innocents For me his daily reefer dose was than a bit of a stretch of one's willing suspension of disbelief Here he is in Aosta sent down from his beloved Rome in order to avoid prison time for his overzealous treatment of a perp who in Schiavone eyes got what he deserved Regardless there's a missing teenage girl whose father borrowed money from those less reputable folks The loanshark wants his money back with some serious interest As the clock ticks on this girl's life Schiavone is tracking down every clue triangulating the travels of the presumed kidnapping vehicle and trying to find the girl before it's too lateI am grateful to publisher Harper Collins and LibraryThing Early Reviewers for having provided a free uncorrected proof copy of this book Their generosity however has not influenced this review the words of which are mine alone

  5. Belle Belle says:

    Sometimes a good dose of humor is all you need I've been in a bit of a slump lately Not a reading slump of a mood slump I didn't really feel like socializing it was of a read work sleep kinda thing Even my book conversations were somewhat uninspired  Then I picked up an ARC of Out of Season by Antonio Manzini and my mood completely changedOut of Season was originally written in Italian and the ARC I read was translated into English with an expected publication date of 10218 Knowing ahead of time that this novel is an Italian murder mysterythriller I found myself asking what this novel could offer me that I hadn't already read After all this was my first time reading a translated book Let me just say I have never been wrongFirst of all this novel is a mystery and mystery you do get I usually like to hazard a guess as to whodunnit at the beginning of the novel or at least partway in This time I had absolutely no clue as to how the book would turn out And if that isn't suspenseful I don't know what is Each new clue that Rocco found out completely changed my perspective on what was happening and than once my theories were completely wrecked Now it may have been a little hard for me to keep up as well because everything was just so Italian This resulted in me being a little slow on the upkeep of names and I had to write them down They were all so foreign to me that remembering them was nearly impossible for the characters that were secondary It didn't help that they would randomly switch between first and last names when addressing or talking about someone throughout the novel Basically if you're hopeless with Italian names I suggest you take notes However this novel is also a great exposure to northern Italy The places the food etc are all described just enough for you to feel as though you are a tourist in this town and just happen to have arrived in the middle of a police investigation If you enjoy being exposed to other cultures this book is for you However the absolute star of this novel was not the mystery nor the authentic ness of the setting and characters The development of the characters themselves was what really made this novel for me Every character every conversation is humorous sarcastic and witty The main character the deputy chief in particular is an ornery man that I fell in love with He whines and he whines but give him a little room and he grows on you so much He has such a zest for his work that he can't help but circumvent police procedure and I love him for it And of course there's his zingy one liners that sound exactly like me; this is a man with no speed bump between mouth and brain when it comes to his officers Even the laughingstock of the police headuarters D'Intino and Deruto who I have privately labeled Dumb and Dumber because I can not for the life of me remember the Italian characters that Rocco compares them too are adorable they made me laugh all throughout the novel and I even felt a little sorry for them towards the end Guys I'm serious if you want a thriller but also want a light read some adult humor to lighten your day you absolutely must read this As I mentioned earlier you can preorder it now so when it comes out on the second of October you'll be all set to read it   Apparently this novel is coming to the States as a TV show soon as well so if you're like me and have to read before you watch now's the time to do it  And me? Well I'll be sitting around laughing at Rocco's epic zingers

  6. Christine Cheripka Christine Cheripka says:

    Out of Season was a much better who dun it the I at first expectedRocco is such a irreverent and scattered Deputy Chief that you had to love himthere was much humor in the story line mixed in with the seriousness of the situationplus the ending has a cliff hanger wanting you to wait for the next book by Antonio Manzinithe hardest hurdle I had was dealing with the Italian namesI needed a score card they were all foreign to meha haI won this book on Good Reads and enjoyed it thoroughly

  7. Gloria Cangahuala Gloria Cangahuala says:

    I was given an ARC in exchange for an unbiased reviewThis book grew on me I wasn't too keen on it at first because the beginning was off putting in the slightly stilted and annoyingly stereotypical interchange between the two criminals I chalked it up partly to translation issues the book was translated from ItalianI also started out not liking the main character Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone because he is so brusue as to be rude But he really grew on me As the book went on I became amused at his mannerisms and by the end of the book I was practically laughing out loud at some of the things he says and does I really liked him by the end A running gag with two not so bright police officers on Rocco's team and the crazy assignments Rocco gives them to keep them out of his hair provides comic relief throughout the book These two officers border on caricatures but author Antonio Manzini manages to rein himself in before letting things get too ridiculous with the running gagThe plot moves fast with Rocco and his team running all over the place trying to figure out what's going on A van runs off the road and crashes into a tree killing both men on impact What is the significance of this seemingly routine traffic accident? And what does it have to do with a woman who has been kidnapped?Thanks to how Manzini draws his characters the book never gets too dark Humor is maintained throughout and the dialog among characters is rapid fire fast full of one liners and good natured roasting I liked the feel of this book At the end Manzini gets uite a bit darker in tone and lets Rocco's emotions come through and this change was all the impactful for how light the rest of the book wasI have only two complaints 1 Manzini constantly switches between first names and last names of characters and that makes things confusing; it's not easy to remember the first and last names of every character 2 Every time the book cuts over to the kidnapped woman Chiara Berguet and her attempt to figure out her situation the plot comes to a screeching halt It's sooooo slooooowwww I found myself rapidly skimming every chapter that described Chiara's situation just so I could get back to Rocco and his teamSolid 4 stars for this book an enjoyable mystery

  8. Joan Joan says:

    Review of Uncorrected ProofChiara Berguet’s kidnappers meet an unfortunate end; now no one knows where the young woman has been imprisoned Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone has his hands full trying to find Chiara while investigating a local bank and a loan sharking enterprise And unbeknownst to Rocco Enzo Baiocchi has escaped from prison and is seeking revenge for the death of his brother In this the third book in the series Rocco Schiavone remains in his small town position still frustrated by his punishment transfer from Rome He continues to hold conversations with his long dead wife and remains abrasively antagonistic rude grumpy and cynical He’s also good at his job albeit without always working within the law to achieve his purpose However repeatedly referenced character traits such as Rocco’s penchant for Camel cigarettes or his ceaseless frustration over his shoes uickly grow tiresome The search for the kidnapped girl keeps the suspense building in this intriguing mystery and the unfolding of the crime in this narrative is first rate An unexpected event late in the narrative points to what will presumably become a focus of the next book in the series but the main plot elements of the story all wrap up satisfactorilyThere’s a strong sense of place and the characters in this tale are particularly well drawn although the overused trope of the incompetent policeman doubtfully representative of the Italian police force is especially annoying At times the translation from Italian seems a bit awkward but does not impede the unfolding of the plot However the continual gratuitous use of a specific offensive expletive earns this book a one star deduction in its rating

  9. Susan Susan says:

    After reading Adam's Rib by Antonio Manzini last year I was thrilled to get an ARC of Out of Season Deputy Chief of Police Rocco Schiavone is still working in the small town of Aosta in northern Italy after being sent there as punishment by higher ups in the police administration Schiavone doesn't like the city any than the last time we saw him He still misses his friends in Rome and he still hates the wet and often snowy weather in Aosta When it starts to become too much he has to dip into the desk drawer in his office for a secret puff or two of marijuana In Out of Season he and his colleagues have been called in to investigate a crash involving a cargo van with stolen number plates While trying to find out about the two victims of the accident he learns that a local teenage girl Chiara Berguet has gone missing Chiara is the daughter of a local construction company owner and while her parents try to keep the police out of the loop Schiavone has every intention of investigating her disappearance Hopefully he will be able to find her aliveRocco Schiavone has is own definition of justice which doesn't always win him friends in high places but he tries to do what he thinks is right And when he isn't out fighting crime he has a mess of a personal life to contend with Manzini has created a character who is sometimes bad tempered dealing with ghosts of the past and complicated relationships but likable all the sameThanks to LibraryThing and Harper Collins for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest reviewMore reviews at wwwsusannesbooklistblogspotcom

  10. Marie Marie says:

    What a strange bookThe first few pages were so revolting I would have uit it from the start if not for the fact that I bought it The protagonist as such was an ah the writing awful well that’s enough to condemn it to the dnf heap I did continue thoughSomewhere in the course of the story I thought ”this guy’s trying to copy Camilleri” copy his humor and oddball but edgy police characters This is just a random thing here but after finishing the ebook copy I read an author blurb that said Manzini worked with Camilleri on some television scripts So there is thatInitial and lingering antipathy aside somewhere around the middle of the book I stopped throwing mental brickbats and just read the book It’s a much better story and Manzini is a much better writer than he initially appeared to be and I may even read another of his novels There could be a problem with continuity though Out of Season may be in the middle of a series I have no idea and there’s no real resolution to the story I suspect this is a “to be continued” device rather than an existential “sometimes there is no justice”

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Non è stagione[PDF / Epub] ☉ Non è stagione ❤ Antonio Manzini – «Una volta ogni tanto poteva anche sorridere La vita poteva anche sorridere E Rocco lo fece alzando la testa al cielo»C’è un’azione parallela in uesta inchiesta del viceuestore Rocco Schiavone «Una volta ogni tanto poteva anche sorridere La vita poteva anche sorridere E Rocco lo fece alzando la Non è Epub / testa al cielo»C’è un’azione parallela in uesta inchiesta del viceuestore Rocco Schiavone che affianca la storia principale È perché il passato dell’ispido poliziotto è segnato da una zona oscura e si ripresenta a ogni richiamo Come un debito non riscattato Come una ferita condannata a riaprirsi E anche uando un’indagine che lo accora gli fa sentire il palpito di una vita salvata da uel fondo mai scandagliato c’è uno spettro che spunta a ricordargli che a Rocco Schiavone la vita non può sorridereI Berguet ricca famiglia di industriali valdostani hanno un segreto Rocco Schiavone lo intuisce per caso Gli sembra di avvertire nei precordi un grido disperato È scomparsa Chiara Berguet figlia di famiglia studentessa molto popolare tra i coetanei Inizia così per il viceuestore una partita giocata su più tavoli scoprire cosa si cela dietro la facciata irreprensibile di un ambiente privilegiato sfidare il tempo in una corsa per la vita illuminare l’area grigia dove il racket e gli affari si incontrano Intanto cade la neve ad Aosta ed è maggio un fuori stagione che nutre il malu di Rocco E come venuta da uell’umor nero un’ombra lo insegue per colpirlo dove è più dolorosoIl terzo romanzo della serie di Rocco Schiavone Non è stagione è un noir di azione Ma è insieme il vivido ritratto di un uomo prigioniero del destino Un personaggio tragico complesso e consapevole.

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Antonio Manzini is an Italian actor director novelist and scriptwriter.