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How I Met My Werebunny ✯ [PDF] ❤ How I Met My Werebunny By Moku ✼ – SterekWhen a Stiles and a Failwolf love each other very much they’ll engage in a prank war Basically it's a mating ritual for dorks in loveWord Count 19811 Met My Kindle Õ SterekWhen a Stiles and a Failwolf love each other very much they’ll engage in a prank war Basically it's a mating ritual for dorks in loveWord Count .

  • ebook
  • 66 pages
  • How I Met My Werebunny
  • Moku
  • English
  • 04 October 2015

About the Author: Moku

Met My Kindle Õ Fanfic Authorhttpresearchragetumblrcom.

10 thoughts on “How I Met My Werebunny

  1. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    Another fic for my needs to be snuggled shelf that doesn't actually exist Derek and Stiles court each other through pranks I actually fell for one of Stiles' pranks and was convinced for about 2 mins that the fic had been ruined and I would go to bed a very sad girl If you reach that one off putting scene and are as credulous as I am have no fear it's gonna be okayIt's a super sweet easy read with absolutely no Derek isn't allowed to be happy angst or Stiles is dating out of his league fears I mean seriously I get the whole Derek thing but when it comes to Stiles is everyone in Beacon Hills just fucking cray cray kooky insane?

  2. Jenni Lea Jenni Lea says:

    I read this last week and just adored it It was too cute for words Grumpy bunnies are grumpy

  3. Catherine Catherine says:

    I found 98% of this story incredibly adorable and giggle inspiring The remaining 2% has traumatized me for lifeThe concept behind this story is awesome I mean when you think about it a prank war is the perfect backdrop for a uniue friends to lovers story is it not? And kudos to Moku because despite saying she wasn't much of a prankster growing up the pranks in this story run the gamut from classic 5th grade April Fools gags to the truly inspired the maze was ingenious I think my favourite thing about the prank war though was the intention behind it Stiles started the pranks as a much needed way to blow off steam in the wake of yet another life threatening situation Derek played along because he recognized that deep need in Stiles to be distracted from real life entertained and challenged More importantly he recognized those needs and wanted to be the one to do those things for Stiles It was obvious that this version of Stiles and Derek got one another and I dug that a LOTUnfortunately just as the feels were turning towards romantic territory the story was finished Finished Without so much as a single kiss imagine a Stephanie Tanner How rude gif hereSo the last prank's traumatizing turn combined with the lack of a snogging and smexy bed gymnastics knocked this down a little for me Still it was a totally adorable fic I'd recommend to friends

  4. MLE MLE says:

    My goodness that was sweet I love the prank war between Stiles and Derek and I love how it's about how much they care about each other than anything mean or nasty The bunny was adorable and grumpyWhile I loved Derek and Stiles the real stand out for me was the Sherriff I loved how he reacted to all the chaos around him and his lines in the end made me smile

  5. Otila Otila says:

    This was fun and funny and super sweetStiles and Derek prank each other to show how much they careThere wasn't even a kiss though That always sucks

  6. Vivian Vivian says:

    Sterek with mischief and the bad idea fairy written all over it Hell yeah I'm all over this like stink on a pig

  7. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    Got the winter blues? Here's your cure Total feel good adorbs fest Seriously this just made my day as well as elevating Moku to the favorites list Extra note I hope someone better with GIFs will find some bunny who looks like Derek photos to post because that would be icing on the cute cake Another extra note the author's bio says she's a non native English speaker and all I can say is Wow I am seriously impressed and would never have guessed

  8. Jennifer☠Pher☠ Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    I loved this It was such a fun and easy read Such a believable interpretation of the relationship between Stiles and Derek Made me very happy this morning

  9. Emily Emily says:

    Okay I loved this It was fluffy without being disgustingly so and it was so funny Seriously hilarious I burst out laughing a minimum of three times Some of the pranks were predictable but in a good way That last prank though Dear lord

  10. Adrianamae Adrianamae says:

    35 Derek I win lol

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