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Animals (An Animal Planet Book) [Download] ➼ Animals (An Animal Planet Book) Author Animal Planet – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Introducing the first encyclopedia book from Animal Planet the leading brand for animal lovers that tells the story of our planet's animal life and celebrates our vital and humanizing connection with Introducing the first encyclopedia book from Animal Planet the leading brand for animal lovers that tells the story of our planet's animal life and celebrates our vital and humanizing connection with the animal world Animals aresurprisingly human Finding the ways in which people and animals connect may inspire the next generation to be true caretakers of Earth Animal Planet Animals A Visual Encyclopedia is a comprehensive look at the major animal groups highlighting their uniue but also relatable personalities and behavior More than animals from the seven major animal groups mammals birds reptiles amphibians insects and arachnids invertebrates and fish are featured in stunning full color photos plus dynamic illustrations maps and chartsSpecial book features includeA giant removable poster featuring record breaking animal kingdom facts and amazing photos of animals in action Embedded R Codes that transport readers from the book page directly to Animal Planet's LVE animal cams across the world A comprehensive glossary index and study resources for extended learning in geography climate change biology and ecosystems Animal Planet's ROAR Reach Out Act Respond facts throughout discuss conservation and animal rescue efforts Highly accessible for both curl up reading and dip in reference needs care has been taken to offer animal loving families less work and wow by weaving the taxonomic and biological information throughout the individual sections rather than putting it all up front Specialist authors and life science experts offer in words and pictures the most up to date view of the animal kingdom making it an ideal homework helper and a crucial family reference for the school years and beyond A beautiful gift for any animal lover a portion of proceeds benefits Animal Planet's ROAR Reach Out Act Respond animal partner charities dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our communities and in the wild.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Animals (An Animal Planet Book)
  • Animal Planet
  • 14 May 2015
  • 9781618931535

10 thoughts on “Animals (An Animal Planet Book)

  1. Amanda Amanda says:

    A gorgeous gorgeous book that I would have absolutely died for when I was about 9 or 10 and still enjoyed uite a lot now It is full of fun pictures and facts about animals and is nicely organized by taxonomic order The entries are short naturally but it is an enjoyable overview My only complaint is that I wish it were longer I was a little disappointed not to see entries on North African Hedgehogs or Humboldt Suid but I also understand that those are particularly nerdy interests of mine and I can't expect this book to cover every animal If you have a child in your life who is interested in animals or biology go out and buy this for them now According to FTC regulations I certify that I received this book through the Goodreads First Reads program

  2. Dena (Batch of Books) Dena (Batch of Books) says:

    I’ve always loved encyclopedias and I used to read ours when I was a kid Miss K and I have been reading this one together and we love it It’s full of information for all kinds of animals It has full color photos all the way through The text is much advanced than the Little Kid’s National Geographic books my children usually read but it’s written with kids in mind Kids between the ages of 9 and 14 will especially like this book because it has the best of both worlds It’s visually appealing and interesting while also being very in depth and informativeOne thing you should know about this book is that it’s enormous When they say encyclopedia they mean it It’s not a lightweight picture book It is a large heavy book designed to give kids lots of information about the animal kingdomThe other thing I like about it is the wide variety of animals it covers It goes over the exotic animals but it also explores common and North American animals as wellIf you have an animal lover or a nonfiction reader in your house look for this visual encyclopedia at your local library or give it as a birthday gift It’s an amazing book to have on your shelfSource I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  3. Lilyn G. | Sci-Fi & Scary | Lilyn G. | Sci-Fi & Scary | says:

    Aimed at 8 12 year olds Animal Planet Animals A Visual Encyclopedia doesn’t uite have the easy going fun of their Animal Bites series which is aimed at a younger audience but nevertheless it delivers lovely pictures though the uality of the electronic version is I’m gathering rather degraded from what you’d see in the actual book with concise explanations that serve to give a fascinating overview to the animals we share this planet withEach animal ‘card’ for lack of a better word provides the animal’s common name scientific name size habitat and food preferences They also include a couple small factoids that might interest young readers The numbers are given in both metric and imperial so there’s no in head conversion reuired There are also About Me Fun Facts ROAR and Surprisingly Human pieces scattered throughout which are very brief but relate interesting tidbits relevant to the animals being discussedOverall this would be a great ‘general interest’ gift for the middle graders in the household who love animals but don’t have any specific critters they fixate upon It would also be a good starting point for various assigned reports on animals for science and or biology classes At 304 pages there’s tons of animals for kids and adults to discover and learn aboutDisclaimer I received a copy of this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Visit Scifi and Scary's Book Reviews for many other Science Fiction Horror Thriller and Kids' Books reviews

  4. Kristi Bernard Kristi Bernard says:

    The pacific Hagfish has some ancient roots This jawless fish has fossils that date back 300 million years ago One of eight interesting facts is it breathes through its nose and skin In the rain forest there’s a bird called the Fruit Looper The great blue turaco the biggest of the turacos lives in the mid canopy layer eating fruits leaves and buds At an African watering hole stunning photography will show readers giraffes elephants gazelle’s and red billed oxpecker to name a few The category of Pinnipeds includes walrus leopard seals and sea lionsAll kids love learning about animals and so do adults Incredible animal photography loads of interesting facts and graphics will get readers turning the pages on a regular basis There are eight chapters and a global reference guide from Animal Planet gives kids all the information they can handle about the animal world Readers will find mammals reptiles birds fish amphibians arthropods and other invertebratesTime Life Books and Animal Planet have put together a wonderful animal resource guide Kids parents and teachers can sink their teeth into There are than 2500 animals 1000 color photos pull out posters R Codes homework helpers a glossary and so much Teachers can use this guide as a classroom tool to get kids even excited about learning reading and sharing

  5. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Animal Planet Animals is a delightful visual and informational book packed with joy that only the Animal Planet could deliver The images are so clear and entertaining and there are so many of them There are many small pieces of information on each of the animal such as size habitat food and something special just about them Also how they and human are alike The book covers such a variety of animals sea life insects or Every page is filled with intriguing info and wonderful images I have looked at this book a few times already and it keeps drawing me back It is not a small book either The love of animals they put into this book is obvious the pictures are worth every penny The information is written in a fun natural way and not like a textbook This book is a pure joy to behold A great gift for that someone who has everything or who loves animals Kids would love this book younger ones would need someone to read to them or they could just enjoy the gorgeous pictures I received this book from NetGalley for a honest review and it in no way effected my rating or review content

  6. Solfreedom Solfreedom says:

    I received this book from NetGalley and Time Inc in exchange for my honest review Thank you for this fun new learning toolA wonderful teaching tool This encyclopedia is full of wonderful facts and beautiful pictures There is something for everybody My daughter is still reading and spends the day spouting fact after fact that she learned hereI would recommend to any age level and to educators looking for a new tool to teach with It is a very fun book with lots to learn

  7. Ruth Ann Ruth Ann says:

    Truly a visual encyclopedia this large non fiction book is filled with close up photographs of animals reptiles amphibians fish and arthropodsThe first four or five photographs beginning with the cover are of baby animals and had me saying awe which attracted my colleagues to my sideInformation on animal features habitat and behavior start us off Each section begins with All About animal typeMaps and charts are included Very child and family friendly

  8. Pam Mooney Pam Mooney says:

    I love this book The color photos are so real you expect that you can reach out and touch the animal Beyond the photos I enjoyed the habitat information and the how the animals spend their time and distinguish males from females This book is great for all ages and the poster is awesome My girls sat and looked through for hours the birds seemed to be their favorite A good read

  9. Cara Byrne Cara Byrne says:

    A comprehensive guide to animals This extra large book contains beautiful photographs and lots of information about hundreds of animals but at times it's a bit busy

  10. Amy Reesor Amy Reesor says:

    Buckley J Jackson C Ganeri A Stein L Nichols C Hester B L 2015 Animals a visual encyclopedia New York NY Time Home Entertainment Inc Citation by Amy ReesorType of Reference EncyclopediaCall Number Ref 5903 BucContentScope An encyclopedia directed toward children in grades 3 7 with facts photographs illustrations maps and charts covering over 2500 animals The encyclopedia includes over 1000 photographs This could be a book used in normal circulation but this encyclopedia will draw the students’ attention and support their beginning and advancing stages of independent information inuiry Accuracy Authority and Bias Time Home Entertainment is the publisher of many reliable publications such as Life Time Time for Kids and Sports Illustrated This reference is displayed on the main page of their website and is the first encyclopedia developed and supported by Animal Planet Arrangement and Presentation Over 300 pages of photographs of animals are organized into classes and surrounded by textboxes which include facts about the characteristics and behaviors of the animal The color photographs are engaging and the text boxes help to break the information into smaller easier to read sectionsRelation to Similar Works There are multiple encyclopedias which utilize photographs and engaging presentations but the text boxes and features utilized makes it easy for younger students to locate information AccessibilityDiversity The visual displays and fact boxes will aid struggling readers and visual learners The text is appropriately leveled for grades 3 7 so this encyclopedia can be used by a wide range of readers on diverse reading levels and the visuals will aid struggling readers and lends itself to engaging visual learners Cost 2495Professional Review Scanlon D 2015 Animals A Visual Encyclopedia By Animal Planet Staff Booklist p 48 112 7 48 49

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