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Isle of the Golden Drum ➹ [Reading] ➻ Isle of the Golden Drum By Rebecca Stratton ➮ – Carys wasn't looking forward at all to being stranded on a Pacific island for the next two months with her tycoon boss and his son Michael whom she had just refused to marryBut the 2 of them together Carys wasn't looking forward at all the Golden Epub Ú to being stranded on a Pacific island for the next two months with her tycoon boss and his son Michael whom she had just refused to marryBut the of them together were less of a problem than the island's owner the inscrutable Driffort Campbell.

About the Author: Rebecca Stratton

Rebecca Stratton wrote two books as the Golden Epub Ú a Harleuin Presents author Writing for the Harleuin Romance imprint she published novels She also wrote under the name Lucy Gillen She passed away in Biography from Harleuin Romance The Golden SpaniardWhen one happens to be an unmarried woman of forty five and apparently fixed Isle of PDF \ for the rest of her working life in a safe and settled job Reb.

3 thoughts on “Isle of the Golden Drum

  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    For an adventure that takes our heroine through a plane crash into the Pacific Ocean a daring rescue and an enforced stay on an isolated volcanic island off the Hawaiian Coast it was surprisingly bland and boringOur heroine spends her time getting into dumb scrapes for the hero to rescue her from in his big manly arms The rest of the time she obsessed over a dainty pair of sandals that an ex girlfriend of the hero left behind on a previous trip and into which the heroine has been obliged to uite literally step intoIt didn't help that the hero was named Driff Campbell which made me think of a Midwest subsidiary of a detergent companyI think there was great potential here to up the suspense and sense of danger with two secondary characters whose hostility to the hero threatened to build up into some sort of fatal confrontation andor with the natural elements themselves in the form of some volcanic eruption or tsunami Even a pirate invasion or a bit of amnesia would have been welcome It was just an okay read for me which I would recommend for fans of low angst vintage stories

  2. Karla Karla says:

    The Guy Driffort Driff Campbell famous adventure novelist Although he has probably one of the worst names of any hero he does own a very small island in the Pacific where he does his writing with as little disturbance as possible He's blond blue eyed tanned has charming little wrinkles around his eyes and a crooked smile He basically looks like Daniel Craig an image I was happy to take and run with thankyouverymuchThe Girl Carys Lane secretary and reluctant fiancée to Mike Shushter son and heir to a pushy entitled tycoon She's a country gal from Sussex who is at home in rustic settings and is a very decent yet headstrong galThe Setup Carys Mike and his dad are on a plane over the Pacific en route to San Diego to check up on the business interests when the plane crashes into the ocean Driff rescues them on his boat and brings them back to his modest little home which he shares with his servantfriend John Kanaka and his luscious young wife Luan Mike and Pop don't take well to the fact that there is no radio and the supply ship won't be there for 2 months They decide to be the most ungracious guests ever Driff lets them all know he really wishes they weren't there Carys reluctantly included and Carys falls completely in love with both the island and DriffThe Good Stuff Really the whole thing The first scene is the plane in mid crash very exciting The tension between the Tycoon Son castaways and their sardonic host starts early and is continued without becoming wearying to almost the very end Some added tension with Tycoon Jr messing around with Kenaka's wife really fleshed out the picture of an insolated island populated by a small group of people and their failingsI loved Driff despite his idiotic name He's in charge without being a bully and his fame and principles are contrasted well with the buy and sell your ass swagger of the Shushters He's assertive with Carys without venturing into obnoxious assholedom Not that I don't get kicks reading that type of hero but I like both typesCarys knows early on what she wants Driff and what she doesn't Junior and she is sweetly insistent on making and hoping Driff realizes it too She does some TSTL things but I don't hold it against her If I was faced with the prospect of living on a deserted isle with Daniel Craig I doubt I'd be thinking too clearly eitherMy Gripes None but for other readers the use of honey by other characters when talking to Carys even Luan uses it might grate on the nerves

  3. Lynn Smith Lynn Smith says:

    Very entertaining story and engaging characters One of my own books bought new This is one of my favourite novels by Rebecca Stratton and has been a keeper in my collection I prefer the original uK book cover edition in 1975

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