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A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar ✅ A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar pdf ✈ Author Moku – Buyprobolan50.co.uk SterekStiles had become the most popular matchmaker of Beacon Hills in less than a yearAnd he really didn't know how that had happenedWords45328 complete SterekStiles had become the Walks Through PDF/EPUB ã most popular matchmaker of Beacon Hills in less than a yearAnd he really didn't know how that had happenedWords complete.

  • ebook
  • 136 pages
  • A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar
  • Moku
  • English
  • 19 August 2014

About the Author: Moku

Fanfic Authorhttpresearchragetumblrcom.

10 thoughts on “A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar

  1. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    Cute fluffy read I love grumpy secretnerdDerekOne thing really bothers me though view spoilerCora and her much older girlfriendbond mate who we never meet Petya Sooothey're mates of some sort but it's never going to be sexual and Cora will date other people while always loving Petya best but she can't actually be with her? WHY? No explanation is given It's a minor part of the story but it feels like a dropped plotline and my brain just won't shut the fuck up about it hide spoiler

  2. Meep Meep says:

    Loved this one ate it all up with a huge smile on my face Flaily clueless Stiles grumpy Derek and Cora's subtle shoves this is Stiles subtlety is wasted I'm not ashamed to admit I sueed at the endIt's cute and funny and Stiles is pure Stiles There's even some feelz; Derek with his insecurity and a bit near the end when I wanted to bundle Stiles up in the biggest hugLoved it Cute fluffy fun

  3. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    This one wasn't for me

  4. Vivian Vivian says:

    Cute but SsssssLllllOoooooooowProbably should have just stopped reading but I wanted that titled so bad

  5. Jennifer☠Pher☠ Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    Whew these boys were totally cluelessCute and geeky with a really really slow burn

  6. Adrianamae Adrianamae says:

    I smiled and smiled while reading this story I liked it very much which means that I'm getting darn sentimental in my old age Crap I'm usually cranky so I'm going to have to stop reading Stereks because these smiles are making my children nervous

  7. Borderstar Borderstar says:

    I can see how this might have seemed a little slow and after all those pages there is no sex people so don't go into it for that However there are a lot of feelz and a nerdygeeky AND broody Derek with an adorable Stiles who befriends him and then realises he loves himNone of the Hales are dead in this but Derek has had a string of really bad past relationships who have been awful What we saw of the Hale family was fun and for a fic of this length it would have been nice to get a bit of them We also don't really get very much at all of Stiles' friends apart from early on although oddly I didn't really miss them It would have been nice to have a bit of the Sheriff too thoughwell just of everyone What can I say I'm greedyI loved all the geeky references although I don't think they would ruin it if you didn't like that kind of thing as they really served to just show how great Derek Stiles were togetherThere was one really odd bit that I never really got view spoilerthe whole thing about Cora and her MUCH older bond mate?? We never really got any proper explanation about that was it supposed to be a bit like the whole weird imprinting think from Twilight where the other person can be what they need like a brothersister friend etc it doesn't have to be a romantic partner?? That's the only thing I could think of that would make some kind of sense with how she explained it hide spoiler

  8. Lori Lori says:

    If hot Sterek monkey lovin' is what you crave in you fan fic this is not for you If sarcastic nerdy no brain to mouth filter Stiles grumpy Derek is your bag then this is a fab storyStiles was just soStiles And that is than enough for me A personal fave in the world of Sterek ff

  9. Maygirl7 Maygirl7 says:

    Cute I think English is not the author's first language This leads to some incorrect but also to some interesting word choices It's always a pleasure to see words put together in unexpected ways

  10. Dre Dre says:

    This story was absolutely adorable I really wanted to shake Stiles and Derek and be like HELLO just admit you like each other already Derek's not so subtle involvement was funny especially his grandfather kidnapping Stiles and leaving him at the library Emilia was too cute and how Stiles didn't pick up on her hints is beyond me The best part was the bromance between the Sheriff and Frederick that was Derek's dad's name in this one right? and Stiles horrified reactions to it and his inability to refrain from picturing a threesome between his dad and Derek's dad and mom

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