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Obeying His Alpha (Obeying His Alpha #1) ❮PDF❯ ✪ Obeying His Alpha (Obeying His Alpha #1) Author C.A. Taylor – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Gay Werewolf Spanking Erotic Romance NovellaHenry Parsons is a geeky young man that would rather spend a night home with friends and boardgames than head out for a night on the town While he loves to Gay Werewolf Spanking Erotic Romance NovellaHenry Parsons is a geeky young man that would rather spend a night home with friends and boardgames than head Obeying His Epub / out for a night on the town While he loves to lose himself in fantasy worlds a fateful encounter with a dangerous creature one night after work forces him to reevaluate everything he's ever known As Henry struggles to come to terms with what he's experienced and become he meets a sexy and mysterious man named Paxton who agrees to train Henry in the ways of being a shifter However not everything goes as planned and Henry begins to have doubts about the alpha and himself Can Henry wholeheartedly place his faith in Paxton to overcome the hurdles of their training and newfound attraction Or will he turn away and roam the earth as a lone wolf without his one true mate This book is the first installment in an ongoing gay erotic romance novella series Warning This novella contains scenes of an explicit nature between consenting adults This novella is intended for an audience Word count .

About the Author: C.A. Taylor

CA Taylor has been writing gay romance titles since Although she started her career writing mostly gay erotica short stories she has made the Obeying His Epub / move to exclusively writing longer works of gay romance She mainly focuses on the hot and dangerous paranormal realm where sexy shifters rule supreme Her stories revolve around dramatic tension passionate encounters and happy endings in a lover'.

10 thoughts on “Obeying His Alpha (Obeying His Alpha #1)

  1. Susan Susan says:

    Whahahahaha now I know why this one was freeSo glad I didn’t pay for this ridiculous bookAwful writing terrible characters ridiculous story lineIt ends in the middle of a scene You need to read the next book in this series to know how it will all end Ha So not gonna do that

  2. dbbks3 dbbks3 says:

    2 12 starsI have read 4 stories by this author and this one was the best Still needs editing Please take editing seriously Get a couple of good beta readers When you think you have reviewed and edited a story do it one time and have others eyes do it also Good premise I love shifter stories and especially gay shifter stories There were just gaps in the story Henry could have been one of those special characters that makes one laugh and cry Could have been We never get any information how he handled his job or leaving his job What should have been an emotional story did not touch me I am saddened by what could have been a special story Your writing needs to be upped a level It is most likely in you just take the time to reach for it I may read the next one

  3. Denise GremoryKohta Denise GremoryKohta says:

    I really enjoyed it I love how the character of Henry was developed Looking forward to the changes Also can't wait to see what happens in regards to Paxton and Lucas I received a copy free for review Highly recommend this book

  4. Kimber Kimber says:

    This was an amazing book I love shifter books and this was different than most Henry Parsons is nerdy He loves the thought of all things fantasy he also likes things a little on the naughty side One fateful night his entire world changes and he learns that not everything is a fantasy When he is bitten by what seems to be a stray dog he begins to feel very odd over the next several days After blacking out he awakes in a cage and meets Paxton Paxton explains that not all is as it seems Henry is extremely confused and is trying to understand everything It does not help that he is highly attracted to Paxton and it makes it so much harder to concentratePaxton is the leader of a pack of werewolves The night he finds Henry is the night that Henry changes for the first time and has no clue what is going on Paxton just wants to help Henry understand what is happening to him and how to control his urges Without proper training Henry can injure himself and others or even possibly murder someone Of course it doesn't hurt that he is also attracted to Henry Will Henry be able to handle his new life or will it all be to much?

  5. Shawnee Shawnee says:

    I Didn't Have my Reading Glasses onAnd I didn't know this was gay erotica because the story deals so beautifully with the prospect of being suddenly turned into a werewolf out of the blue and how to deal with it Does not to say that some pretty hot scenes didn't show up to remind me of what I was reading pretty fast however I thought it was an interesting look into gay relationships with a little bit of Sub and Dom going on Other than the terminology I have no experience with the lifestyle I like to read alternative romance and paranormal function so this was a fun read and romantic as Henry the protagonist was a lovable average guy who met his match in Alpha Paxton who seems willing to be very very obliging if you catch the drift Nothing too harsh or violent just of a good romantica with good looking men What is not to like?

  6. Mike Mike says:

    I liked this shy human turned into a werewolf and pursued by a hot Alpha story just fine I enjoy the exploration of a character suddenly becoming a shifter which gets some attention The author also introduces a backstory of conflict among packs which was brief but interesting I prefer my werewolf books to have some kind of pack politics or werewolf society related issues otherwise why not just write a non paranormal romance?While the bit of an un resolved ending didn't bother me I definitely need to read the next books in the series to be satisfied as this installment seemed heavy on the introduction of characters background and themes with the real payoff coming in future releases

  7. Virginia Lee Virginia Lee says:

    Henry was attack by a wolf and he doesn't know what is happening to him He meetsPaxton and say that able to offer than information on what it mean being a werewolf He also meet Paxton twin Lucas who is building his own pack It is a great start to a great storyCan't wait to see what happens next with Henry Paxton Lucas

  8. Debby Debby says:

    Good start but not there yetThis was a free book that was recommend by based on other books I've read That being said i found this book to be entertaining albeit slow Not sure if I'll read the next book

  9. Kethric Wilcox Kethric Wilcox says:

    Fun filled shifter naughtinessI picked up Obeying His Alpha on a whim and really enjoyed it It was a lark meeting Henry and Paxton and I look forward to reading about their growing relationship

  10. Maggie Maggie says:

    Good startStarted out a little slow but I came to feel for Henry and I did really like Paxton Unusual shifter story different from others I have read and that's not a bad thing I look forward to seeing where the story goes with Henry and Paxton

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