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  1. Pascal Schuppli Pascal Schuppli says:

    I came across this book by mistake I thought it was a fantasy story about a relationship between two persons with a strong inbalance of power along the lines of Mary Renaults the Persian boy or Carol Bergs Transformation when in fact it seems to be gay erotica seems to be because I didn't read all of it I gave up about halfway through it skipped to the last few pages and put it away slightly disgustedSo maybe I was just the wrong audience for this kind of book though I did enjoy Luck in the Shadows which also features gay protagonists so I don't think my problems with the book stem from that cornerMy main issue is that the book reads like porn without the hot stuff There is a very thin cover story to explain all the touching and lustful longings but basically the plot at least the part of it I actually read seems to exist only for that reason It's not interesting and can't stand on its own A few examples The mages workroom is hot because he hatches some kind of dragon in there So of course he and the protagonist are always hot and sweaty and must take off their shirts but the draklings don't really matter for the story They are just there to give the two guys a reason to undress Or there is a kind of allergic reaction to magic that makes itself felt in powerful aehm urges Of course the narrator has this allergic reaction and the easiest cure turns out to be well lets just say you can get rid of it through some bodily fluids The narrator gets this reaction in the first place because he must be covered with a magic salve from head to toewhich gives another reason for the two main characters to be naked and touch each other see where this is going? This is where I gave up readingI would have given up earlier but I kept hoping the plot would start to unfold because the narrators voice showed promise and I liked some of the world building I would have liked to know about this world in which both magic and science exist where there are talking animals aliens? and world gates where slavery is legal and completely unrestrained where long worms endanger infants and small fire salamanders threaten whole cities Unfortunately the plot turned out to be nonexistent and the narrators voice while promising at first didn't get room for growth the narrator just remained in the I'm a poor scarred slave and I had a terible childhood and youth with lots of horrible beatings that scarred me and please don't look at all these scars of mine and by the way did I mention how many physical and emotional scars I carry modeSo some good ideas though none of theme are than roughly sketched none are worked out Does the book at least succeed at its probable primary aim the eroticlove story? No Love needs reasons too none are given except that the protagonist isn't mistreated by the mage But what positive ualities does the mage actually posess that would make him loveable or even likeable? Compare this to the excellent Persian Boy which is also narrated by a mistreated slave but actually manages to portray two human souls in a way that makes it very hard to believe that these weren't the real Alexander and Bagoas But maybe the aim was merely to depict an erotic relationship? Again the book fails at that Even if I imagine the mage to be female the erotic scenes do nothing for me Walking around half naked rubbing salve on each others bodies etc and generally misusing the plot to create these situations didn't work for me at all Also the narrator repeating over and over what a beautiful and perfect skin and hair the mage has just doesn't cut it Thats like watching an erotic movie consisting solely of an old man telling you about all these beautiful personsMy verdict Initially promising voice some nice writing but no plot no erotica to speak off no real character development a boring relationship that never does than scratch the surface both physically and emotionally If you're interested in the fantasy aspect read Carol Bergs trilogy instead If you're mainly interested in the relationship between the two main characters Mary Renaults historical novels may be for you although there is no erotica in them

  2. Em Em says:

    Unbelievably I've had this on my 'to read list' for about 5 years I'm really not sure why I didn't get to it sooner especially as I read and really enjoyed A Solitary Flame and Broken Wings Anyway this was a great slavemaster story and whilst the plot was a little slow moving at times it's really sweet I'll definitely read the next book Spellwrought which came out earlier this year after a 6 year gap

  3. MLE MLE says:

    A really well developed fantasy story The characters are complex and interesting and the plot might feel slow moving to some but considering how deeply damaged the people involved are I think anything else would feel unnatural or even abusive to me If this becomes the love story I think it may it will take a very long time It was nice to see the growth over the course of this story and I really hope that someday she will write the seuels Until then I'll keep reading the Broken Wings stories not much of a hardship really

  4. C. C. says:

    I rated this 2 stars because the author doesn't classify it as young adult If she had I would have given it 3 stars MaybeI've been waiting for this to be released in digital format for years due to it's high rating but I was extremely disappointed once I got my hands on itFrom the moment I started reading something about the writing really put me off but I couldn't figure out exactly what it was It just didn't feel 'right' Looking back I think the problem was that it felt too juvenile; it was like reading fan fictionThe universe this story takes place in is completely in line with the writing style For lack of a better description it's like someone ate medieval fantasy science fiction and fairy tales for lunch and then threw up The vomit is this book's universe Yeah it's that badI'd like to say that the relationship between the protagonists is this book's redeeming uality but it's not The relationship feels artificial and the characters exhibit very little humanity If you stop and ask yourself ' Would a relationship between two human beings ever develop like this' the answer would be no If you change the uestion to ' Would a relationship between two human beings where one is magical and the other is a beaten slave ever develop like this' the answer is still noScratch the potential 3 stars I wouldn't even give it that if it were intended for young adults My disappointment may skew my review but really this is one of the worst MM fantasy novels I've read

  5. Bookwatcher Bookwatcher says:

    Important factsSome uestions were left unanswered It was published in 2009 so it may have a seuel or not It would be a pity if nothing will be published The world is too good to be explored in just one book Now 2014 it's just in paperback format and that can be a problem price is high compaire with ebook and of course ebook can be download immediately while paperback you must find and buy not an easy taskNo sex scene at all If you want to read an erotic book forget it but there is sexual tension All book Between Lark and the powerful and mysterious mage his master It's frustrating all the dancing around each other But I liked itAttention it's not a HEA but a HFNThere is abuse but in the past not present narration But there is And imagine 8 years old Lark becaming a slave and being brutalized raped etc broken my heart In warning because maybe you would not like it in the plot I didn't had problems because it explain why Lark was the man he is in the present BrokenI ADOREDallthe magic creatures When even a spider appears and start to talk I could not believe It's certainly a PERFECT book to fantasy readersI wish will be published someday Why leave the story as it ended? Too many uestions And just few or almost no answerI'm giving 5 stars because I really loved it What a wonderful magic book

  6. Ayanna Ayanna says:

    Interestingweird Yes it is an official classification nowIt's got all those psychological elements I like that kept sending chills down my spine but it's spun in such a way that makes itdifferent somehowThere were parts that caused various songs from Les Mis to cycle through my headThe character dynamics and interesting Very fascinating in fact Naeven He's an interesting study in paradoxes and has been thankfully blessed with the self insight that ought to come with superior intellect that other characters so often lackDon't know if the author actually reads reviews but if she does thenWill your ebooks be available again? I'd really like to read the second and third book

  7. La*La La*La says:

    375 starsSo very entertaining Even if I wanted to smack both of the MCs up the head

  8. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    Even if I know from previous experiences with this same publisher that usually their novels are pretty tamed I really didn’t expect for Katica Locke’s book to be “almost” a Young Adult story It’s a fantasy novel but that type of fantasy that I don’t mind since it’s not too heavy in setting details and so difficult to follow On the contrary Magebound is a uick novel not very long and easy to read in one session Lark is a slave and he has no chance to be something else; he lost his hope to be free sometime in the future and when his last tentative to run away ended with him again on the slave’s market he probably thought that it was time to renounce and let it go When he is bought by a mage he doesn’t know what it better and he has some suicidal thoughts But the experience of living with Lord Sactaren Naeven is completely different from what he was expecting When Lark starts his new life as salesman for the mage’s potion in a shop inside the mage’s castle the novel takes almost a “domestic” turn; all right there is a cat shifter who can speak even when he is in his feline form there is a spidersmith that is a spider very skilled in the smith work there are strange animals who can talk with their hands and so on and so far But basically what Lark does is being a salesman and people come to him asking for both human than animal potion to cure practically everything Also Lark’s relationship with Naeven is strange; from the first moment Naeven treats Lark like a friend or at least someone at his same level and not as a slave There are some hints that Naeven is homosexual but he is also married with a woman that lives inside the castle but not “with” his husband; she is a wife by contract her task is to produce an heir but I’m wondering how that could happen since Naeven apparently hardly speaks with her let alone sleep Lark is a mix of innocence and mistrust; other hints let the reader understand that he was raped by his previous owners and so he links sex with pain; when he starts to feel something for Naeven he is not able to link it to sexual desire since for him there is nothing good in sex Plus it’s not that Naeven is clear in his intention and so most of the book is spent with the two of them who are not able to find a common starting point I see in Lark a possible point of connection between the mage and the village; even if Naeven has done anything in this story to justify the village’s attitude he is not considered a “good” master; people fear him and I didn’t understand if it was a totally misunderstanding or if indeed Naeven did something in the past In the end I had the feeling that this was only the starting of a complex story I think Katica Locke is not yet finished with these characters and I hope she will consider to write about Khas I’d really like for him to coming back

  9. Karin Wollina Karin Wollina says:

    I am usually not so fond of magical stories but this book was a very happy surprise I licked the protagonist very much the interactions were believable There are some things that are not uite clear for me but that I think they will be clearer as the story arc devolves in the planned books The first chapter of Spellbound the 2nd book in the cycle available on the website of the author is really promising I can`t wait for the next booksI am sure to buy all the books by this author actually I already own all books I could lay my hands on

  10. Leanne Leanne says:

    Good writing but this could have been tightened as it dragged it places and I skimmed from the halfway mark I liked the fantasy elements but wanted character development in some of the supporting characters A pleasant but instantly forgettable read

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Magebound ❰Reading❯ ➿ Magebound Author Katica Locke – Fantasy that defies convention Romance that ignores boundaries A story that speaks to the heart of humanity Magebound begins an epic journey not to save a universe but to heal one man’s broken soulA Fantasy that defies convention Romance that ignores boundaries A story that speaks to the heart of humanity Magebound begins an epic journey not to save a universe but to heal one man’s broken soulA slave since the age of eight Lark has been brutalized and victimized for almost as long as he can remember When he finds himself the property of Lord Naeven Sactaren a man as frightening as he is beautiful his world is turned completely upside down as he’s thrown into a new life of magic obstacles and uirky friends that force him to change in ways he never thought he couldInexplicably drawn to his master Lark struggles against his own fears and desires as he works side by side with the seductive mage Never has he been so enchanted by anyone which raises a frightening uestion Would Lord Sactaren bewitch his slave in order to lure him into his bedIn a world where sex is magic and lust is power can Lark trust what he feels or has he simply been Magebound.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 218 pages
  • Magebound
  • Katica Locke
  • English
  • 03 May 2014

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I learned at a young age that books were precious and that the written word was a powerful means of communication Since I have social anxiety and find it hard to speak to people writing has become my voice I’m able to say what I really think and feel without the irrational worry that comes with speakingI grew up and still live in Oregon in the beautiful Willamette Valley I’m within walking d.