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Drawing Straws: Tork ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Drawing Straws: Tork ✍ Author Sean Michael – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Damon Erik Joe and Tork are back at their secret cabin for the weekend but they all have on their minds than spending the weekend fucking With Damon sick his three lovers have rallied around using sic Damon Erik Joe and Tork are back at their secret cabin for Drawing Straws: eBook ì the weekend but they all have on their minds than spending the weekend fucking With Damon sick his three lovers have rallied around using sick days and time owed to make sure Damon is covered twenty four seven as he goes through chemo and recovery in his attempt to battle cancer Only halfway through four rounds of chemo Damon nonetheless has insisted they keep their uarterly ‘date’ Even though they are there at Damon’s reuest will the men be able to concentrate on picking a bottom and using him well Or will they all be too distracted by real life to let loose and play.

10 thoughts on “Drawing Straws: Tork

  1. Hc Hc says:

    25 stars for me Since I have not peeked at other reviews I have no idea if I am the ONLY one that feels like this cancer thing should have NEVER been introduced to the storyline It totally messes up Tork's turn since it revolves around what's happening with Damon So the focus of the story has beenLOSTI don't begrudge Damon's issues and fight very close to home on that front but I just didn't think this NEEDED to be introducedOk NOW that I've looked at some of the reviews It kind of looks like I'm alone in my thoughts No biggie However there's a lot of 'ahhh lots of relationship building' and 'they are really developing character wise' type of comments I never took this series as something to develop outside of their get togethers This is their 'get away from reality' time Why didn't anyone consider the whole be together all the time situation if it was that important? Of course I expect the They didn't KNOW that's what they wanted response So I guess the last book will be interesting perhaps ifwhen they all move in together that they can have straws every week and low man gets the week? No? Hmm wait and see

  2. Sue bowdley Sue bowdley says:

    Absolutely amazingAlthough Damon is half way through his chemo sessions he still pushes to meet at the cabin to draw strawsTork is the lucky bottomThere isn't as much sex in this one as a lot of their attention is to look after DamonI loved this one thoughThey truly are all meant to be togetherA perfect story and next we'll get Damon who hopefully will be fully recovered x

  3. Saxon Hawke Saxon Hawke says:

    A slightly different Drawing Straws book as the boys are dealing with Damon's battle with cancer Although not as full of non stop sex as previous books this one deals with the relationships between the four men

  4. Kat Kat says:

    35 stars

  5. andrea moran andrea moran says:

    TorkWhile this multi partner series is still hotter than the surface of the sun this one is also an emotional ride with one of the men going through cancer treatment

  6. Kobie Kobie says:

    see #1

  7. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    The shock that hit me at the end of the second book comes front and center in this third volume of the series Damon is fighting for his life and even though all three men support him as best they can it isn’t a walk in the park and adds yet another layer of worry to their criminal fighting lives Cancer is never easy to deal with physically and mentally and the effects of chemotherapy aren't pretty even though Damon and his men are hopeful the therapy is workingThis uarterly meeting definitely has a different flavor from the others Damon Erik Joe and Tork have shared They probably need the relaxation as much as possible anyway than ever because their energies are drained And while there is some very sexy bottoming and topping going on between Erik Joe and Tork of the short straw this time it is also clear they have come emotionally much closer than they have been for years The realization that Damon faces the fight of his life has made all of them think about what they really want out of life and it has become clear to them it isn’t what they used to have The plan they come up with has probably been on their minds for a while but they never had a reason to talk about it Now with the understanding that life is too short they set the next step in their relationship in motion I suspect it will give Damon uite a lot to live forIf you're looking for tough cops finding ways to decompress not just from their jobs but from the mental and emotional drain of caring for one of their own as he fights cancer if you enjoy stories with hot man on man on man on man action and if you're looking for a read that is as hot as it is deeply touching then you will probably like this novella I can't wait for the next one to find out how their idea works out

  8. Dylan St. Jaymes Dylan St. Jaymes says:

    Sean Michael is kind of an autobuy for me Yes most Sean Michael books are going to be long on sex and short on plot and this one was no exception but the weird thing is Sean Michael has a way of making that combination work for me I get just enough of a sense of who the characters are what the relationships are and enough of a plot to get invested in most of the time that the books are enjoyable reads for me When I want something hot and easy and relatively angst free bc even when the subject matter is heavy and angsty somehow Sean Michael's writing still seems relatively light to me and that's not a criticismcomplaintSean Michael is one of my go to authorsThis latest installment of Drawing Straws finds the boys back for another desperately needed weekend of living and loving Damon's cancer has taken a toll on all three of them and they all need the break Tork the mother hen of the group ends up getting the short straw and being the designated bottom of the weekendWhile there's plenty of sex and heat the tone of this one is a little different bc there's also a lot actual emotion and relationship building than in previous books Damon's illness has rocked them all to their core and forced the guys to look at their lives and figure out where they want to be and what kind of changes they want to make While Tork may have been the bottom IMO the focus of this book is really Damon and it's through him that we get a better look at the guys and their individual personalities and the nuances in the different relationships I enjoyed this one and I'm really looking forward to Damon's book and seeing how everything plays out for the guys and how the plans they make in this one pans out

  9. Tina Tina says:

    These four men together was fucking HOT You should totally read them allDrawing Straws ErikDrawing Straws JoeDrawing Straws Damon

  10. AussieMum AussieMum says:

    OMG This book that on the outside seems to be just another sex book blew me away The way these men treat Damon is amazing The sexy moments that they have all shared before pale in comparison to the intimacy they share together when Damon cannot perform due to his ill health How he is included and loved was beautiful and the reason this gets 5 stars from me This storyline is what elevated this from a sex book to a real romance and while we still only see these guys on their sex weekend the love is obvious

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