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Happy Furry New Year [Reading] ➷ Happy Furry New Year Author Charlie Richards – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Out of the Cage Crossing the bridge between knowledge and acceptance sometimes takes a leap of faith Rowen St Paul has watched his friends find their mates for years waiting patiently for Fate to give Out of the Cage Crossing the bridge between knowledge and acceptance sometimes takes a leap of faith Rowen St Paul has watched his friends find their mates for years waiting patiently for Fate to give him his own When Wesley O’Connor—a troubled eighteen year old—is transferred to the school where Rowen teaches history he’s shocked to discover that the senior is his other half While Rowen realizes uickly that Wesley returns his desire he plans to keep his distanceat least until the school year is Happy Furry ePUB ´ over All that changes when the young hooligan breaks into his home and messes with his computer Catching him in the act they begin a steamy affair with one rule—keep it off school grounds Between Wesley still being in the closet and Rowen needing to explain that he’s a shifter they have enough obstacles Still in a small town a secret of this nature doesn’t stay secret for long Just as the truth is discovered by Wesley’s school bully bad choices from the young man’s past complicates matters further endangering not only their relationship but their lives Can Rowen prove to Wesley that together they can withstand the pressure.

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  1. Candice Candice says:

    I was kind of skeeved out about the whole teacherstudent mating thing I think if Rowen wasn't his teacher and Wesley was just a student in the school it would have been eased my mind a bit Why this bothered me I have no idea because I love teacherstudent tropes I guess just not in this one? Maybe because Wesley was acting like a child with the whole seduction? I don't know Then we get the whole ending and I was like WHAT? I want view spoilerSeriously Wesley's dad just hands him a wad of cash and says get out? That's it? After all that talk about society and money? What about that bitch of a sister? She has nothing to say? Was he able to gather his things from his Grandma's? What happened with Dawson? Did the school ever find out? I mean Wesley is living with Rowen now hide spoiler

  2. Katrina Passick Lumsden Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    Much like Stormy Glenn Charlie Richards infuses her stories with just enough intrigue and endearing romance to make it possible for to me overlook bad writing Not great but a pleasant way to pass the time if you're in the mood for some sappy mm shifter fun Be warned that Richards sucks at dirty talk The sex scenes can be a little awkward at times

  3. V V says:

    I don't want to sound mean but I need to move on and look forward for another new series from this author I think it's time to move on

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    It was pretty disgusting for a teacher to cross the ethical line with a student even if he was 18 years old Rowan was a subordinate wolf and already had a thing for young human men Creepy He saw the picture of Wesley before the teenager started school and masturbated to it Yuck Then the next day he found out that the student was in one of his classes and was his mate The kid came on to him after class and Wesley grabbed his arm big legal no no and put him off If Rowan had normal sexual and ethical boundaries this was the time for him to get Wesley's schedule changed to another teacher Also if Rowan had normal sexual boundaries he would have uestioned why Wesley was trying to manipulate and seduce an authority figure maybe a history of child abuse? And Alpha Declan was irresponsible too Rowan told him 3 weeks later that Wesley was his mate Knowing how strong the sexual pull was between mates Declan should have stepped in and separated the two DNF at this pointRowan did not need to be in any authority position over children or teenagers He was a pretty pervy MC

  5. Hc Hc says:

    Ironic that currently one of the books I go back to for rereads is studentteacher but that is college so I don't find it that badAnd honestly this isn't too bad The younger student IS eighteen and Rowen we find out takes precautions of having someone else grade his work its just that it's high schoolOh and for being an up and coming hacker? There's practically nothing no mad skill display no major feat besides cracking the school NOTHING to warrant Jared being concerned in any way goes on Disappointment on that end And not a whole lot on the finding out shifter thing Rowan leaves it to the last minute and seems like after a brief hesitation of panic all is back to good in the world so so right there for meOverall kind of boring and The title makes no sense since there's nothing about it besides being away with homophobic family for a few days This addition did not make any waves for me But I kind of want to go back and reread Jared again

  6. LaShonta LaShonta says:

    I really enjoyed this one After so many in a series they tend to become hit and miss I'm glad this one was a hit for me

  7. Debra Guyette Debra Guyette says:

    After watching his friends find their mates Rowan St Paul wishes he could find his When a troubled teenager transfers into his history class he realizes that Wesley O’Connor is his mate He also realizes that he can do nothing until Wesley graduates But Wesley has other ideas He breaks into Rowan’s home to mess with his computer and is caught They begin a steamy affair that must remain out of the school But secrets have a habit of being discovered and Wesley’s past mistakes catch up with him Soon than their relationship is on the line Their lives may be in danger as wellMatings never go easy in Stone Ridge and Rowan’s Wesley’s is no exception They have to work hard together to ensure their love can blossom No problem for Rowan and Wesley who grows so much Another excellent addition to the Wolves of Stone Ridge Series

  8. Phaney Phaney says:

    The sex this time is a lot harder and nastier than I remember from this author Odd contrast to Rowen’s initial personality too He seemed so meek at firstHe’s uite out of line though Eighteen is not the magical number you know? This is his pupil he is having sex with plus he does not ascertain a whole lot of consentStill in some ways their relationship worked for me Perhaps a sex centered youth like Wesley makes sense in a rowdy sexually driven and uite possibly dependent relationshipOr maybe part of it is that finally a book in this series feels like a full story again So even though I don’t care deeply for either of the protagonists it made for a nice addition to the overall storyOr perhaps I was just in that perfect place of sleepiness while reading it? Who knows

  9. Melanie~~ Melanie~~ says:

    This one was a touch suicky for me since one MC though over 18 was still a student at the other MC's high school not to mention MC2's student AND they didn't wait until MC1 was out of school to begin their relationshipAlso the ending felt rushed and incomplete I want to know how they managed view spoiler to keep their relationship secret after the bad guy student found out that a teacher was in a relationship with his student hide spoiler

  10. Ter Ter says:

    Not one of the better ones imo The ending left a lot of stuff hanging

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