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  1. jessica jessica says:

    when i think of russian rulers my mind immediately goes to the fall of the romanov family so reading this was a really enlightening experience to learn about another point in time in the familys history because i dont think i would have learned about it otherwise and this does exactly what i want from an historical fiction novel its takes key people from history and humanises them they are no longer facts and dates but become characters granted i know the author takes creative liberties with this story as there is not much known about catherine I in her early years but shes still an interesting character i will say that even though i love historical fiction this particular time period may not be my thing the story is very repetitive for a lot of it bouncing back and forth between war and the birth of children heirs and political influence were really the only thing that could keep catherine relevant so i get it but i started skimming every time they decided to have another kid so even though i enjoyed learning about catherine I i found the circumstances surrounding her life to be a bit uninteresting to me personally but this is an easy book to recommend is you enjoy russian history royal families war and political strategy and historical fiction from the early 2000s this is a rerelease thanks st martins press for the ARC↠ 35 stars

  2. Annette Annette says:

    Catherine Alexeyevna 1684 1727 was of humble beginnings becoming the second wife of Peter the Great and Empress of Russia from 1725 until her death “Pulling herself out of poverty and servitude through her intellect wit and sensuality she rose to become one of the most powerful women in Russia”Village of Livonia 1699 Marta as she was known back then is nine years old Her childhood brings a vivid portrayal of peasants’ life meaning pretty much suffering A merchant from Walk Vassily needs a maidservant When passing through the village of Livonia Marta catches his eye She is sold by her parents into servitude The town of Walk is something she has never seen before the number of people crowding the streets even the number of chimneys – she lost the count and all the different foods sold by vendorsIn the coming weeks she learns how to make those delicious meals But life under a big roof with some comforts is not easier “Loneliness lunged at me like a wolf at a lone traveler burying its claws into my soul”And when the kindness touches upon her life she realizes that she had no idea that such kindness could exist She finds a home and a purposeTsar Peter with August the Strong declare war on mighty Sweden When the town of Marienburg where she resides is under Russian siege she meets the legendary Russian General Shermetev At his tent she meets “the most powerful among the powerful the tsar’s most loyal and absolute friend” MenshikovWhen she refuses to be a toy between men Shermetev encourages her with these words “Use life’s surprises to your advantage See your power over men like a hand of cards; play them to trump your life”Marta is an incredible character She is born as a serf thus she is illiterate But she is observant and a uick learner She has her high and low moments and in those low moments she receives unexpected help or guidance like she was bound for a higher purpose The story also offers a vivid portrayal of Peter the Great A man who fought many battles who would not tolerate anyone’s disagreement including pope’s who refused marrying a couple due to religious law not being followed When it fits Peter the Russian customs disappear A very cruel man bringing many atrocities The last 30% of the story is a bit drawn out The rich historical background vivid portrayal of Peter’s cruelty and Catherine’s twelve pregnancies and births are surrounded by other dramas and characters and that’s when it gets a bit too much the focus on Catherine gets lost and the story falls flat in those moments Some of it could be condensed My favorite part is the first part of the story the story of incredible girl named Marta who in the brutal world meets kind peopleThis story involves some graphic lust You can make a point of lust taking place without graphic descriptions It is certainly a story crafted by a very talented writerSource ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Historical dramas were HUGE in the 2000s because of the Other Boleyn Girl and once everyone got sick of Tudor England people expanded to dramas in other time periods I was going to say that the summary was giving me strong early 2000s publication vibes and then I looked at the pub date and realized it was originally published in 2004 THIS IS A RERELEASE YASSomehow I never read this one in my historical fiction frenzy

  4. CYIReadBooks CYIReadBooks says:

    Calling on lovers of historical fiction Tsarina is a novel that you must read especially if you are a fan of Russian historyTsarina is a novel based on the life of Catherine I the second wife of Peter the Great It is an epic tale of the life and times of a serf washerwoman who rose to the crowned position of the Empress of Russia One can say that Tsarina is like a Cinderella story It is and yet it isn't due to the portrayal of the dark side of the rise to glory That dark side is Catherine having to cope with Peter's constant infidelity the loss of most of her children the ravages of war and the untempered rage of her husbandI found Tsarina to be a very enjoyable read The author has done a lot of research into that era and her depictions really take you back in time so that you get immersed in the story However I did get a bit bogged down by the interchanging names of the characters but that still didn't take away from my enjoymentOverall a solid four stars I really like itThank you to St Martin's Press through NetGalley for the digital ARC The review herein is my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions

  5. Grace Grace says:

    The only word to describe this book is gratuitousMarta is a peasant girl who through various horrible circumstances goes on to become the wife of Peter the Great Tsar of Russia and eventually rule Russia herself as Catherine the First after Peter dies Now as you would expect the life of an Eastern European serf is not awesome As a teenager Marta is sold to a passing Russian for a silver coin and things just get worse from thereI almost want to thank this book at least for the things I learned I learned that Catherine the Great was Catherine the Second and that another Catherine ruled before her I learned things about Peter the Great that I will never forget But was the damage worth the few historical details I will carry away with me? Almost certainly notThis book has nothing to offer but rape murder rape orgies drunken debauchery incest torture rape pregnancies and an infinite amount of awkward sex scenes all presented with enough NC 17 explicit detail to make you want to gouge your eyes out If you took out all the time Catherine spends being pregnant giving birth and engaging in various sexual encounters both willingly and unwillingly there would be about enough information left to form a Wikipedia page of moderate lengthI genuinely wish I hadn't read this book Obviously a life such as Catherine's wouldn't have been all roses it would be unrealistic to whitewash it but I don't need to go through each rape with her in horrible technicolor Would she want to be remembered for that? Wallowing in so much human misery for simple entertainment is just painful and vulgar and disgusting and gratuitous

  6. Laura Tenfingers Laura Tenfingers says:

    Tsarina tells the story of Catherine I who started life as a serf named Marta and rose to the dizzying heights of Tsarina and Empress of All the Russias This book is not for the faint of heart It is raw and seems realistic but it is brutal There is rape murder rape torture rape sexual depravity rape torture rape murder and around and around we goI was really engaged in the first part of the book where we learn of her origins and learn about life as a serf in late 17th century Lithuania It's brutal it's depressing but fascinating As she gets a little bit older and is bought by Peter Tsar of Russia the narrative changes a bit and I wasn't as engaged We spend time learning about Peter the founding of St Petersburg the war with Sweden and the drunken debauchery and sexual depravity that was the Russian Court of the early 18th century I felt less connected to Catherine and totally disgusted by the way Peter treated everybody and the violence that permeated that life Sadly Catherine wasn't much of a flushed out character for most of thisI thought the narrative with alternating past and present worked well and the suspenseful opening is left in suspense until uite late in the book leaving us wondering until the end Unfortunately I wasn't invested in Catherine any so I didn't care as much as I would have liked but I learned a lot about someone I didn't even know existedThank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review

  7. Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) says:

    OMG this is so bloody amazingI am blown away by the uality of this book this is never a debut surely someone is lying to me?? This book has pure intoxicating indulgent class written all over it It’s a fascinating dark tale of a woman so few of heard of – I do count myself in that category It’s a captivating mix of compelling history sex violence and the wonderful story of a woman who was an essential part of history a woman who fought to gain her place and the respect she deservedI am astounded that I had never heard of Catherine I of Russia before now which strikes me as not just amazing that this brilliantly intelligent and ruthless woman appears to have disappeared from history but also that those might women who came after her; such as the legendary Catherine the great have a lot to thank Catherine I for She was an extraordinarily cunning intelligent and determined woman who will do everything she can to keep her place I really admire Catherine – whose birth name was Marta – she came from humble origins illegitimate and tough she is sold off by her family and she then was passed from pillar to post; used violated humiliated and abused until finally catching the eye of Tsar Peter Which is not surprising as Marta was an incredible young woman she was a born survivor beautiful and alluring with a keen wit They share a long marriage of ups and downs and lots and lots of sex he isn’t the perfect husband anything but he is prone to uite shocking behaviour but she keeps her head high and fights to keep her place right up to and after his death she is a strong woman and I do hugely admire herAs well as being a dramatic and brilliantly vivid tale of danger and hardship this really shows just how debauched the Russian aristocratic court was My goodness it’s hot and steamy and uite shocking there a lot of romping around the bed chamber – Ouh la la who knew that the Russian court could be so hot and lustful? It actually reminds me of a mixture of the tv series’ Versailles The Tudors and The Devil’s Whore if you’ve watched any you will have an inkling what I mean by sex mad aristocratsIt isn’t the easiest of reads at times it can be uncomfortable and there are some truly harrowing and shocking moments which are all the disturbing and uncomfortable to read because this is based on a true story and the abuses the violence the manipulations all most like did happen which again is shockingAn advisory note even if you love your historical fiction do be prepared for some scenes that are uncomfortable but essential to the entirety of the story If you are of a sensitive disposition then this may not be the best book personally I think it’s utterly amazing easily one of the best of the years but I have always preferred my historical’s to have a darker feel to them All I am saying is just take heed because I can guarantee that once you do start reading you won’t be able to stop it consumes you it pulls you into the dark vodka soaked and turbulent world of the Russian courtThis is thought provoking richly textured and enthralling tale of the strength and lengths a woman will go to survive I cannot recommend this enoughThis was a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed as a part of this blog tour

  8. Lynne Lynne says:

    The subject Catherine the EmpressIt is very smutty and a lot of sexThere is some swearingA bodice ripperI like books regarding Russian HistoryThis one had too much sex and swearingIf you like smut you will like thisI went in expecting of history than anything I won this in a giveaway thank you

  9. Dianne Dianne says:

    Born into poverty one woman would rise from peasant to TSARINA and would hold the key to forever changing the landscape of Imperial Russia Enter Ellen Alpsten’s world of eighteenth century Russia as war political machinations loyalty and the power of love and lust turn a pauper into an ambitious dynamo who will stop at nothing to achieve her goalsBrilliant richly detailed and atmospheric this is a raw Cinderella story with grit Spanning decades we witness a young woman’s rise from washerwoman to consort to Peter the Great sharing in the excesses of the times as Fate and Opportunity conspire to create a powerful personality for an era in upheavalEllen Alpsten has done a remarkable job of bringing her characters and their actions to life from drunken debauchery to lavish feasts to the brazen audacity of desiring to hold the power of life and death over a nationEntertaining mesmerizing and thought provoking this tale of history fairly leaps off the pages as the drama builds and redoubles itselfI received a complimentary ARC edition from St Martin's Press This is my honest and voluntary reviewPublisher St Martin's Press November 10 2020Publication Date November 10 2020Genre Historical FictionPrint Length 480 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow

  10. Peter Peter says:

    I received a free copy of this book as a Goodreads GiveawayTsarina is a fictionalized account of the life of Catherine I of Russia told in the first person Catherine rose from peasant origins in the Baltic region to become the second wife of Peter the Great and ultimately sole ruler of Russia upon Peter's deathThe ascent of such an obscure figure to the highest levels of power can be the basis for a fascinating literary historical novel When I reuested the novel I expected Wolf Hall set in the Russian Court of the early 1700s This novel is not that It is a historical romance novel using as its structure the life of Catherine To its credit it sticks largely to the known events of Catherine's life and Peter's reign Nevertheless it is really a bodice ripperTherefore I am not the intended audience for this book and am reluctant to write an extended review measuring it against a genre it probably was not intended to occupyIf you are not put off by prose such as In his arms I was a woman once not just an Empress then in the words of an 18th century Russian woman in this book Go for itAs Abraham Lincoln said in a review of a book I suppose people who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like

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Tsarina [Read] ➪ Tsarina ➲ Ellen Alpsten – Buyprobolan50.co.uk St Petersburg 1725 Peter the Great lies dying in his magnificent Winter Palace The weakness and treachery of his only son has driven his father to an appalling act of cruelty and left the empire witho St Petersburg Peter the Great lies dying in his magnificent Winter Palace The weakness and treachery of his only son has driven his father to an appalling act of cruelty and left the empire without an heir Russia risks falling into chaos Into the void steps the woman who has been by his side for decades his second wife Catherine Alexeyevna as ambitious ruthless and passionate as Peter himselfBorn into devastating poverty Catherine used her extraordinary beauty and shrewd intelligence to ingratiate herself with Peter’s powerful generals finally seducing the Tsar himself But even amongst the splendor and opulence of her new life—the lavish feasts glittering jewels and candle lit hours in Peter’s bedchamber—she knows the peril of her position Peter’s attentions are fickle and his rages powerful; his first wife is condemned to a prison cell her lover impaled alive in Red Suare And now Catherine faces the ultimate test can she keep the Tsar’s death a secret as she plays a lethal game to destroy her enemies and take the Crown for herselfFrom the sensuous pleasures of a decadent aristocracy to the incense filled rites of the Orthodox Church and the terror of Peter’s torture chambers the intoxicating and dangerous world of Imperial Russia is brought to vivid life Tsarina is the story of one remarkable woman whose bid for power would transform the Russian Empire.

  • Hardcover
  • 496 pages
  • Tsarina
  • Ellen Alpsten
  • English
  • 28 March 2015
  • 9781250214430

About the Author: Ellen Alpsten

Ellen Alpsten was born and raised in the Kenyan highlands Upon graduating from the l'Institut d'Etudes Politiues de Paris she worked as a news anchor for Bloomberg TV London While working gruesome night shifts on breakfast TV she started to write in earnest every day after work a nap and a run Today Ellen works as an author and as a journalist for international publications such as Vogue.