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Dark Tides (The Fairmile, #2) ❮Download❯ ➿ Dark Tides (The Fairmile, #2) ➺ Author Philippa Gregory – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Midsummer Eve 1670 Two unexpected visitors arrive at a shabby warehouse on the south side of the River Thames The first is a wealthy man hoping to find the lover he deserted twenty one years before Ja Midsummer Eve Two unexpected visitors arrive at a shabby warehouse on the south side of the River Thames The first is a wealthy man hoping to find the lover he deserted twenty one years before James Avery has everything to offer including the favour of the newly restored King Charles II and he believes that the warehouse's poor owner Alinor has the one thing his money cannot buy—his son and heirThe second visitor is a beautiful widow from Venice in deepest mourning She claims Alinor as her mother in law and has come to tell Alinor that her son Rob has drowned in the dark tides of the Venice lagoonAlinor writes to her brother Ned newly arrived in faraway New England and trying to make a life between the worlds of the English newcomers and the American Indians as they move toward inevitable war Alinor tells him that she knows—without doubt—that her son is alive and the widow is an imposterSet in the poverty and glamour of Restoration London in the golden streets of Venice and on the tensely contested frontier of early America this is a novel of greed and desire for love for wealth for a child and for home.

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  1. Erin Clemence Erin Clemence says:

    Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Expected publication date Dec 1 2020 “Dark Tides” is the second novel in the “Fairmile” series the first one being “Tidelands” by renowned historical fiction author Philippa Gregory Although the novel itself can be read as a stand alone I recommend reading “Tidelands” first to allow for a deeper understanding of the characters and the importance of the settings When a young woman arrives on the shores of the River Thames she seeks out Alys and Alinor claiming that she is the widow of their son and brother Rob and she is desperate for a place to stay As she has a child with her one she claims was sired by Rob the women take her in Immediately the woman Livia befriends Alys and starts to immerse herself in Alys’ warehousing business Alinor however is convinced that her son Rob is not dead and sets out to determine the true identity of the stranger Alinor’s brother Ned is trying to live his new life as the ferryman in the new county of New England But as his ties with England serve as a barrier between him and his Native friends Ned is forced to choose between the home he knew and the home that he has made for himself Without reading “Tidelands” Alys would indeed be an off putting character as she is portrayed as cold and aloof in this novel However knowing her history as I do I thoroughly enjoy Alys Alinor and Aly’s daughter Sarah as they struggle to become independent businesswomen in a society and a world that is reluctant to accept them Ned returns in the story as well although again separated from “Tidelands” he seems completely irrelevant to this plot For someone who read Gregory’s previous novel I enjoyed Ned’s struggles less than the rest of the Reekie family but I was still intrigued enough to persist Gregory’s writing is timeless creative and engaging and I always enjoy her historical fiction This one also is not based on any members of any of the past Royal Families which is how Gregory earned her notoriety but her writing is definitely on par with her famous novels

  2. Samantha Sophia Samantha Sophia says:

    That first book was a depressing slow drag and ode to toxic masculinity Phillipa had better redeem herself and give Alinor joy healthy love and prosperity I will change this rating based on the outcome of the next book I hope Alice is not still trash I hope James Summer stops being trash or stays all the way on the opposite side of this world I hope he is hit with the full realization of how wrong and horrible his self righteous self was in the Tidelands I hope Alinor’s husband is found deadI know history is horrible to women in Europe I know that women with thought and talents have it extra hard But why was Alinor forced to face every indignity? Where was the balance?

  3. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    Dark Tides the seuel to Tidelands suffers from a number of flaws — namely poor characterization no atmosphere which she actually had going for her in Tidelands and the most transparent preposterous and convoluted storyline imaginable If there's a third in this series I will not be returning for it This makes me uestion Gregory's other works — which I have not read but heard so much aboutFirst there's such a slow start to Dark Tides in addition to constant back and forth between the two settings London and New England Gregory would've done better to not chop it all up especially at the beginning into such tiny segments of changing points of view to set up the novel In fact I really don't think Ned's storyline was necessary at all Adventures with Ned and his Chain of Ethical Issues on how English colonists should get along with American Indians instead of trying to cheat them or drive them out of their own lands with which most of us agree by now and which was not common viewpoint back then that he drags around with him was so clearly draped across his shoulders by the author The weight of what basically amounts to an essay is a lot to carry especially when all the plot is actually happening across the ocean in London His story is dull dry and entirely predictable dropping the history lesson like a piano in a cartoon The characters themselves suffer from no development particularly since Gregory once again favors telling and not showing And no one grows over the course of this book Static characters Twenty years has passed and no one seems to have experienced any growth — aside from the deceptive first ten percent of the book when Gregory lays out some loose groundwork that is meant to do all the heavy lifting for the rest of the book Alys should be a savvy businesswoman yet she falls so uickly into allowing herself to be duped that it is wholly unbelievable How is she naïve than in the first book? And James with all his talked about heartache and pain should have experienced than just passing disappointment once he believes that he has no son and never did Apparently he never truly loved Alinor; for all his twenty years of pining with letters sent every year his feelings seemingly disappear within an instant's noticeAlinor should be a much wiser woman given her age her experiences and her belief in her gift — she was never a dummy to begin with And while she's not acting much out of character in this installment I have to say it's mainly because she's hardly in this book She's shoved into the corner barely playing a role The biggest blow to Alinor's character is actually her relationship with Alys It is entirely muddied and mishandled Throughout the book Alinor continues to keep her feelings hidden from Alys as though Alys wouldn't understand or believe her As though they have not lived together Alys's entire life — have not remained close and even gotten closer It's confounding and disappointing What a missed opportunity to really display a bond between these two women — having raised two children together — in this time period of historySpeaking of the children Johnnie and Sarah they play strange roles within the story his basically disappears but Sarah really shines brighter later on when Alinor sends her on a secret mission to Venice While the Venice section really picked up the pace in a much needed way it only added to the absurdity by the end of the book Sarah herself wasn't much of a character beyond what was needed for the direction of the plot — and she had some conveniences with which I really struggled accepting Mainly this is centered around Sarah's multilingualism and literacy I'm willing to accept her level of literacy seeing as how she's her mother's daughter and whatnot — fine However Sarah flippantly remarks that she can speak some Italian and when in Venice she acts as though she understands some words only because of her understanding of French How in the world does this young woman who is an indentured servant and apprentice in a milliner's shop in 1670 London know than one language on top of being able to read and write with no problems? We are repeatedly told of how poor they are and how they barely scrape by I found her character to not only be hard to believe but to be just a game piece on the board being moved around by the author She felt completely out of the storyAnd then there's Livia She's obvious from the start and in such a painful way Utterly transparent she was exhausting and so thinly developed that she may as well have had an evil cackle she accidentally let loose once in a while I found it increasingly hard to believe that anyone would fall for her nonsense — not just from the start but continually so It only worked because Gregory conveniently has all the characters refusing to talk to each other about things that are happening — it was like a damn YA novel where the main character refuses to ask for help and if she had all the problems would've been solved and there would've been no storyHowever on top of that I have a real issue with the pseudo relationship between Alys and Livia Livia clearly works at seducing Alys into trusting her capitalizing on her years of loneliness But the vagueness with which Gregory leaves their scenes hanging you have to simply guess at what exactly happens in their shared bed How far does Livia take the deceptive relationship? How far does Alys allow it to go? And for someone who dropped the word ‘cock’ without hesitation in Tidelands I find it hard to imagine that Gregory simply wanted a nondescript let's say scene Was it just because it was two women? Disappointingly unbalanced And what does that say about Livia? She's another villainous LGBT person who wields her sexuality any which way she wants? What does this say about Alys? Is she bisexual? Was she just manipulated with very little effort? What are we doing here?Regardless the book loses itself halfway through once James proposes to Livia — at that point it completely stops making sense Telling and not showing strikes again I typically don't like being so far removed from the characters but having a baffling storyline on top of that made for a frustrating and painful read I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This affected neither my opinion of the book nor the content of my review

  4. Asheley Asheley says:

    My most anticipated read of the year And it was SO GOOD 455Alinor Reekie used to be a midwife and herbalist like her mother and grandmother before her Years ago she fell in love with a man she shouldn't have and her life fell apart Now she is an entirely different woman sickly and frail living with her daughter Alys Stoney by the dirty waters of the river It has been twenty years since Alinor and her children Alys and Rob left their beloved home in the tidelands At the beginning of this story a beautiful and mysterious Italian woman named Livia arrives at their door with baby in tow dressed in black mourning clothes claiming she is Rob Reekie's widow Alys welcomes her in but Alinor isn't convinced her son is dead Also Out of the blue James Avery shows up to outrage and no fanfare whatsoever after twenty long years of no word at all He desperate to make amends with Alinor after allowing unspeakable horrors to happen to her long ago But none of these women nor their circumstances will make it easy for him to reacuaint with Alinor Before anything else I want to say that I LOVE the way Philippa Gregory writes women The women in this series are such badasses At first glance they don't seem to have much and they seem like their lives matter very little But these women have a strength that is larger than life and they can handle far than anyone in their world wants to give them credit for This story is not at all like Tidelands in terms of atmosphere and tone The main POV's have shifted around a little bit and the world is much larger The first story took place in a very small community in England but this story has spread to London Venice and New England It was super compelling and all I wanted to do was read it I thought about it nonstop when I couldn't be reading The chapters are short which made it easy for me to sneak a few pages here and there throughout the day while I was in the line at the grocery store while dinner cooked in between subjects while homeschooling my kids Here's the thing I had a hunch that something was up with Livia from the beginning She was coy and her story often didn't line up with reality I loved to hate her I kept hoping everyone would wise up to what I assumed were her schemes and then when things really picked up I couldn't wait to see how everything would unfold for these characters GAH it's going to be a long wait for the next part of the story The ending thankfully isn't a cliffhanger but there is definitely story to be told I'm really happy for some of these characters and I really feel like some of them got what was coming to themSidenote I can't wait to reread Dark Tides via audiobook Right before I started this one I reread Tidelands via audiobook and it was fantastic Louise Brealey narrated and did such a fantastic job Her accent is beautiful and I cannot wait to hear her bring Dark Tides to life I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Thank you Atria Books

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    I read this book not realizing it was the second book in a series Normally this would not be an issue as books in a series usually give you the backstory of the previous characters from the previous book so you understand why the characters are living as the do This book was not like this There were tons of references to a previous story between characters but nothing was explained I wanted to like the characters and I thought I would like Alys but she uickly went from a strong independent hard working woman to a weak woman that would risk her business and her families home for the sisterly love she felt for Livia It was like I turned a page and the character became a different person It seemed the characters fell under the spell of the conniving woman from Venice at the drop of a hat It just came across as unbelievable I love historical books as it always opens my eyes to how people really lived during those times This one did show the difference of living in one side of the Thames compared to the other but that was all it really touched on historically The opportunity to explain why the Jewish man was so scared to meet Sarah alone and for her to touch him was left unexplained There was a uick mention of the ghetto and the star seen on their clothes but it made no sense to mention that if there was no explanation Seeing as this is a series I understand why some stories did not end properly but a good series leaves you wanting to know about the characters’ future not holding a book and having a dozen uestions I appreciate the opportunity to read this ARC and this author has written some lovely books sadly this is not one of them

  6. Sherri Sherri says:

    I received an advanced e copy of the book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest reviewThis book takes place twenty one years after the end of Tidelands I re read that just to remind myself how it ended so now I can remind you It ended with the town attempting to drown Alinor Reekie for being a witch after the miller's wife discovered money missing and some of the trinkets Alinor collected in its' place It turned out Alinor's daughter Alys had taken the money because she was short on her dowry and it was her wedding day she knew the family would not allow her to marry their son without the full payment After the town tries and fails to drown Alinor Alinor and Alys escape and leave for London to start overNow twenty one years later James Avery shows up once again this time eager to claim the child that Alinor was carrying when they tried to drown her He needs an heir to his estate and he is a widower with no children so he is ready to accept Alinor and his offspring At the same time a beautiful Italian woman in widow's garments shows up carrying a baby saying she is the widow of Alinor's son Rob She claims he drowned and she is penniless and has nowhere else to go Alinor refuses to believe Rob is dead and feels something is off about Livia but she isn't sure what just yet It is obvious through the entire book that Livia is up to something shady something to do with her antiuities or possibly she isn't even who she says she is but you are not sure what Livia immediately begins sinking her hooks into James Avery after realizing he is a wealthy man and I spent the rest of the book on the edge of my seat as she built her shady house of cards hoping something would happen to expose her before it was too lateInterspersed throughout the book are parts about Ned who has also left the tidelands and is now in New England where he is living among the Indians and trying to adapt to the new way of living over thereI have to say I enjoyed the first book but this one was still good I felt like this seemed to drag at times Also I really Like Alinor and there was not much of her in this book and Alys is very unlikable and she is one of the main characters in this one I really enjoyed Aly's daughter Sarah though She had a lot of spunk and I hope to see of her in future books in the series

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    I received this as an ARC from NetgalleycomFirst line The ramshackle warehouse was on the wrong side of the river the south side where the buildings jostled for space and the little boats unloaded pocket size cargos for scant profitSummary Twenty two years have passed since the events at Foulmire Alinor and Alys have established themselves in a warehouse along the Thames with a decent income from sailors and merchants But on the same day two people happen into their lives that will change it once again Sir James who has spent years in exile is looking for his child And Rob’s widow from Venice arrives with their young son The women try to deal with these changes the best they canOn the other side of the ocean in New England Ned has traveled in the hopes of starting a new life where he is free and far from the reaches of the King he hates But even with an ocean between his old and new life he finds that things are still the same He has befriended the native people and learned much from them but he is looked down upon for this from his fellow Englishman He is stuck between two worlds and doesn’t know which side to chooseMy Thoughts Once again Philippa Gregory writes a stunning book I loved this just as much as the first one in the trilogy but for different reasons The first part was very character driven and where the landscape plays an important role This one is plot driven but has strong characters and amazing locations From the very beginning I was strongly invested in the story At one point I had to put the book down because I was so frustrated with the characters I loved being back with Alinor even though she was not the main character any This centered on her brother daughter and granddaughter A new generation of the Reekie family in a new time The picture of these poor women striving for a living along the Thames is perfectly done And then we visit Venice in the second half of the story I can picture the canals gondolas and beautiful buildings I visited Venice years ago and loved the city on the waterNed’s life in New England reminded me so much of Gregory’s book Virgin Earth with her beautiful descriptions of the forests of America before the settlers cleared the lands The plants the people and wildness of the land comes alive in her telling It is so hard to read about the past at times when you see all the injustices that were done Settlers took advantage of the natives and treated them terribly FYI This is book two in the Fairmile Trilogy

  8. Anne Wolfe Anne Wolfe says:

    Philippa Gregory is one of my favorite authors It therefore makes me sad to say that I had to give up on this book 34 of the way through Blame it on the enforced uarantine that has left us with little to do but read or say that the repetition of the two narratives that make up this novel became to much to endureIn Tidelands the first book in this series we left Alinor and Alys 25 years ago both pregnant with bastards Alinor nearly died after being drowned as a witch and she and her daughter escaped to London Alinor's brother Ned the Ferryman has gone to the Massachusetts Colony where he lives closely with both the colonists and the Native tribesAlinor and Alys run a wharf and storage facility and work hard for their living Her son's widow arrive s with his baby and moves in Alinor doesn't trust her or believe her when she says her son Rob drowned She's also not too sure that baby is her grandson The widow is up to no good We all know it won't end well She makes a play for James returned to make things right with Alinor for his betrayal of her and to acknowledge his son and heir Neither will it end well for Ned in his half of the narrative So it goes on and on until you simply don't care any I gave it up My sincere apologies to the author It's probably my faultThanks to Atria for an ARC copy of this book to read and review

  9. Christina Christina says:

    I wanted to love “Dark Tides” because I love Philippa Gregory’s lyrical style deft storytelling and famous attention to detail Given that I loved book 1 right up until it became a cliffhanger for book 2 and everyone’s character seemed to do a 180 I was determined that Gregory would make all right in book 2 All the elements are here intrigue well drawn characters and a plot that weaves in and around London to Italy and back to Londonbut goodness it is slow bloated Also there is the alternating story of Alinor’s brother Ned Ferryman who has gone to New England to start anew Which felt disjointed from the London story and read like it should have been a different book entirely—if only I had cared about any of those characters Anyway what I found most frustrating about this novel was that it is obvious from the beginning to Alinor and Alys to me that the widow from Italy is not telling the truth about Rob’s death yet she is welcomed into the house almost at once Add to that Sir James Avery for all his returned lands and title is still the same wet noodle he turned out to be in book 1–and despite how much I wanted Alinor to find true happiness it was not to be in this novel Thank you Simon Schuster Atria Books for this advanced copy via NetGalley from one my favorite authorsJust not my favorite book

  10. Donna Hines Donna Hines says:

    Interfaith marriages Lovers Denounced by your own wifeWell alrighty then Count me inThis was a slow burn but it wasn't too bad as the Dark Tides are coming in and they don't truly care who is in their pathSeveral of the characters weren't as appealing as I'd hoped for which made me lose interest rather early but it did pick up near the endThe legalities of interfaith marriages was of special interest to me as well as the engagement being offeredA good and solid read by Philippa GregoryThank you to NetGalley the pub the author for this lovely read

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