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The Lucky Ones For Fans Of Thirteen Reasons Why, This Is How It Ends, And All The Bright Places, Comes A New Novel About Life After How Do You Put Yourself Back Together When It Seems Like You Ve Lost It All May Is A Survivor But She Doesn T Feel Like One She Feels Angry And Lost And Alone Eleven Months After The School Shooting That Killed Her Twin Brother, May Still Doesn T Know Why She Was The Only One To Walk Out Of The Band Room That Day No One Gets What She Went Through No One Saw And Heard What She Did No One Can Possibly Understand How It Feels To Be Her Zach Lost His Old Life When His Mother Decided To Defend The Shooter His Girlfriend Dumped Him, His Friends Bailed, And Now He Spends His Time Hanging Out With His Little Sisterand The One Faithful Friend Who Stuck Around His Best Friend Is Needy And Demanding, But He Won T Let Zach Disappear Into Himself Which Is How Zach Ends Up At Band Practice That Night The Same Night May Goes With Her Best Friend To Audition For A New Band Which Is How May Meets Zach And How Zach Meets May And How Both Might Figure Out That Surviving Could Be An Option After All

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Liz Lawson is an author, a music supervisor, a wife, a mom, and a bunch of other things, too She s been writing for most of her life in one way or another in high school her SAT II essay about gopher throwing was awarded a perfect score, and in college she held a position on the editorial board of the campus newspaper Since college, she s written for a variety of publications, including PASTE

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    An effectively intense, emotional, heart wrenching, mind bending, sad, poignant, depressing debut novel shakes you to the core and making you non stop sob, walking around with your teary red eyes and running nose This is not only about the school shooting, massacre and terror the perpetrator created, innocent victims who unexpectedly lost their lives, this book is about the people WHO ARE LEFT BEHIND They could be named as LUCKY ONES because they didn t die that day, right But what if they choose to die slowly instead of instantly like the other victims, lost the most import parts of them at very same day THEIR HOPE and THEIR LOVE OF LIVING AND CARRYING ON This is the story of Maya who is left behind and Zach whose life changed forever when his mother decided to be lawyer of the shooter.Maya survived that day, by hiding in a closet when the shooting started At the very same day, she lost her friends, her favorite teacher and HER BROTHER She is not thankful to stay alive because she lost her family who are drifting apart and having hard time to process their grief She alienated her own friends because of her boiling anger and self hatred She s expelled from her school because of her self destructive attitudes, dumping her boyfriend Only Lucy, ex addict, her loyal friend knows how she feels and tries all she could to keep Maya s head above water and help her not to get drawn Zach didn t alienate people They chose to leave him alone because they thought he was the traitor They blamed him because his mother s choice to defend the killer His girlfriend dumps her and starts dating with some of his friends People stop to talk with him Only Conor, his only loyal friend pushes him hard to keep his chin up and stay alive against the hostility of his inner circle He also lost his family His father never leaves home, doing nothing, hanging out in his pajamas and his mother is never at home, fully focused on her new case He takes care of his sister who is also traumatized because they re threatened by vandals, spraying walls of their houses Guess, who is the vandal Bingo Maya finds a way to reflect her boiling anger Maya and Zach, two victims of different circumstances meet with each other As soon as both of them learn their identities, Maya gets volatile but at the end she cannot deny her attraction to Zach and surprisingly she starts to share her untold feelings with him that she never shared with anybody, even with Lucy But Maya has very big secret that she never shared with anybody and this secret can change everything and open the Pandora box about the truths of the shooting day When this secret comes out Zach and Maya s lives will never be the same This is beautiful, sad, heavy story breaks your heart several times The author s realistic approach and the characters inner fights, vulnerabilities because of the circumstances they ve found themselves, obstacles they had to endure even though they were too young to face them are heart wrenching but objectively told without any exaggeration I loved the honesty of the words and conclusion of the story.I loved the writing, realism, characters, approach of the author to tell how people give different reactions and handle the grief in different ways At some parts, the story was too heavy and suffocating but not because of the writing, it was about the subject choice It was too much depressing and soul shaking experience for me but I still loved Maya, Zach, Lucy, Connor and the other survivors of this story It was impossible not to feel for them.Special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Delacorte Press for sharing this emotional, fantastic ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review.

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    Pages 352 Expected publication April 7th 2020The Aftermath Extremely good and emotional book It was a bit of a tearjerker, but not quite as bad as I expected It deals with what happens in the aftermath of a school shooting, not so much the shooting itself It doesn t go in depth into the why it happened or what the shooter was going through, but focuses on a girl that survived while her twin brother didn t Especially concentrating on her PTSD and survival guilt The book takes place nearly a year after the shooting occurred and May McGintee is returning to public school after being homeschooled for six months After the shooting she had returned to school but was eventually kicked out due to the fact that she got in too many fights Her anger was out of control and it still is growing inside her and she struggles to keep it in Only a few days after she was kicked out of school, the school board decided that having the students attend the same school where the shooting occurred was toxic, so they closed it Now the kids from Carter High School were moved to another school in the valley called Quincy Adams High School It is overcrowded and the halls are packed solid in between classes The Carter Kids all hang together and the QA kids hang with their own so the kids are a bit segregated in that way.May is angry at just about everything, but one thing her anger is really focused on is the lawyer who is defending the shooter Most of the kids from QA have either ignored or have been outright hostile to Zach Teller since his Mom decided to defend the shooter Zach is just as mad at his Mom s decision as everyone else, but that doesn t seem to matter to anyone besides his best friend Connor who won t give up on him.Conner is still popular, he has the kind of personality that everyone is drawn to and he is also in a band that is gaining popularity around town The band just lost their drummer and is holding tryouts for a new drummer, and Conner forces Zach to come along with him and though Zach usually backs out, Conner won t let him this time.May s best friend Lucy has been a drummer since she was very young and has been in different bands over the years, but is sick of her current band so is planning to go to the tryouts She bribes May into coming along with with her and that is how May and Zach meet each other They get along and like each other, though May doesn t yet know that Zach s last name is Teller and he is he son of the lawyer she hates so much.The book is awesome, the world building is spectacular, characters are deep and we see into their minds and their struggles Both Zack and May are dealing with so much, not only within themselves but within their families Their friends struggle to help them as well though they also have their own issues, and many other people at the school have issues as well The author, Liz Lawson, does a terrific job of showing how this incident has affected so many different people Though of course May s story is the most poignant since she not only lost her twin, but was in the band room where the other kids were shot and was the only one to make it out alive She suffers from recurring nightmares, she is getting strange mail, she feels so much guilt and you just can t help but put yourself in her shoes when she is missing her brother It is hard to believe that the massacre at Columbine High School happened over 20 years ago now and there are still school shootings happening all the time In a CNN article, by Michelle Lou and Christina Walker, on July 27, 2019, it was reported that so far in 2019 there have been 22 shootings at US schools in which someone was hurt or killed A scary time to send your kids to school.I voluntarily read reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub

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    Book description For fans of Thirteen Reasons Why, This Is How It Ends, and All the Bright Places, comes a new novel about life after.Me I WANT I WANT THAT.

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSo I went into this expecting something like EVERY MOMENT AFTER by Joseph Moldover or HATE LIST by Jennifer Brown a book that looks at the uncomfortable topics of school shootings and survivor s guilt, but in a really nuanced and complex way Instead, I got a book that falls into the genre of what I call mental illness tourism, which basically hinges the usual teen romance formula on an over dramatized portrayal of teens who are either neurodivergent or suffering from mental health disorders.THE LUCKY ONES does some things right, in that it shows how we can blame ourselves over things we have little to no control over, and look for meaning in things that sometimes defy any semblance of rational explanation It also brings attention to a national crisis how easy it is to get guns, and how devastating the consequences of that can be to a community if a gun falls into the wrong hands.I really did not like the portrayal of either of these characters, though The two characters are May and Zach Zach is the son of the lawyer who is defending the shooter and May is the only survivor of the classroom that was brutalized The two of them end up falling for one another but only after a hiccup in which May gets really angry at Zach for being the son of her enemy I m not going to lie May was completely unbearable for the first 100 or so pages And I am saying this as someone who used to get pretty bad panic attacks I did not like how this was repped It felt needlessly dramatic, a point underscored by the fact that the EVIL faculty members at her so called school actually force May to give a speech about her bravery or some garbage like that, only to provide a platform for a public breakdown.That s a trope I really hate, FYI It seems like in books like these, characters are always put into really uncomfortable positions, just so they can break down before an audience At that point, it almost becomes about the illness and less about the person, if you know what I mean.Lastly, in the author s note, the author says something about how a teacher she knows learned to fire guns to defend herself and her class in case there was an actual shooting and then says that knowing how to shoot a gun should not be a prerequisite for an educator I found that really upsetting because it felt like it was falling into the whole, we need good guys with guns to defend against bad guys with guns argument, when actually, the problem is that we have too many people with guns period.The whole book just felt really inconsistent in tone to me I do believe the author was coming from a good place but I don t really feel like she did the message justice, maybe because it comes into conflict with her own personal views The portrayal of PTSD and anxiety was cringe, and I don t feel like Zach s lawyer mom was really given enough page time to explain why she was doing what she was doing, and why Zach really took issue about it he said he was worried about bullying, yes, and what it would mean for his reputation, but the underlying reasons the politics were not discussed.Also, on that note, for a book about gun violence, there was very little talk about guns or gun control This was also semi addressed in the author s note with a not all mentally ill people are violent PSA, but again, mental illness isn t the reason that there s gun violence it s the guns Europe and the UK have mentally ill people, some of whom are a danger to themselves and others, but again they don t have gun violence because again they don t have guns If this was an exercise to try to be open minded and address serious issues that are very current right now, good for her But I thought she did a really bad job, and that s my personal opinion, biased in part by my own beliefs on gun control and the representation of mental illness as an actual anxiety panic attack sufferer.Your mileage may vary Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 1.5 to 2 stars

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    How pretty is this book A giant thank you to the lovely Liz Lawson for sending me this beautiful copy I just had to show it off here

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    WOW wow. wow. this book This book was heavy, intense, emotional, and rips to your core in the best way This book is extremely important in every way I feel like we have way to many school shootings today and give Liz extreme props for writing a book about such tough topic We follow two teens who are struggling with the aftermath of a school shooting These two teens are forever connected to one another and struggle grow in different ways Trauma has impacted these two teens and they find one another with the power of connection It s beautiful how truly resistant kids can be I see it every day in my line of work Liz, you are quite the talented writer and broke my heart I fell in love with May and Zach s story and recommend to all readers to join this impeccable journey.4 stars Huge thank you to Random House Delacorte Press for the arc in exchange for my honest review.Publication date 4 7 20Published to GR 12 14 19

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    Remember the name Liz Lawson Told from two POVs, THE LUCKY ONES tells the story two students in the aftermath of a school shooting May, whose brother was killed, and Zach, whose mother is defending the shooter.Gutting from the first page, THE LUCKY ONES is an unflinching look at the relentless grief we heap upon ourselves when we feel responsible directly or indirectly for the harm we ve brought upon those we love Liz Lawson takes what could ve been a straightforward story about sorrow and digs deeper, creating a story of survivor s remorse unlike any I ve read before There s some kissing too And rock music Liz reeeeeaally wanted to make the characters huge Post Malone fans, but don t worry, I talked her out of it.

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    This book is intense, difficult, important I m fortunate to have read this story pre publication and admittedly, this genre is very outside my lane I avoid contemporary because of FEELINGS and reality But the voice grabs you from the beginning, and it s so emotionally impacting, you can t put it down The POVs of Zach and May are heartbreaking as they move through guilt, grief, and healing, but hopeful I can imagine this resonating with readers, especially American teens that want books reflecting the current climate and issues they face in the world.

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    So excited to start this With all that can happen in LifeGrowing Pains for Teens shouldn t be So ComplicatedAs Adults, We ve All Been There, Done ThatBut then Something Happens to these teensSomething We Never had to deal withExamining the All Too Timely subject of School TragedyLiz Lawson s The Lucky Ones takes a look at just thatThose who are considered the lucky ones How do they handle it allWill they Find the Light left in the WorldAnd come out the other side The Lucky Ones April 7, 2020 For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    Hi there,Now that ARCs are heading out into the world, I wanted to take a moment to write a quick note to readers.Schools are now regularly equipped with metal detectors and security, and practice active shooter drills As May McGintee says in this book, Now they are one and the same, the frightening places and the daily places This is every day reality.I wrote this book for all the kids who are faced with this reality, day in and out I wrote it for the kids who have lived through the shootings that are mentioned above and the many other shootings that aren t, and for those who fear that they might endure a similar fate someday For those who have made their way through painful, heartbreaking times and managed to find their way through to the other side May s story is one of pain and fear and loss, but also one of hope Without hope, we are lost CONTENT WARNINGS Although the book is about the aftermath of a school shooting, there isn t anything graphic described in relation to the event A couple scenes where it mentions blood, but nothing on the page that depicts in a graphic way Stalking is alluded to a few times PTSD and survivors guilt is dealt with throughout A character has two panic attacksMild bullying One fight, but not described in any sort of graphic wayYou do see the shooter in scene but he s in jail.__________________________I m a HUGE fan of this book.

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