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The Haunting of Brynn Wilder [BOOKS] ✯ The Haunting of Brynn Wilder Author Wendy Webb – After a devastating loss Brynn Wilder escapes to Wharton a tourist town on Lake Superior to reset Checking into a uaint boardinghouse for the summer she hopes to put her life into perspective In her f After a devastating of Brynn MOBI ñ loss Brynn Wilder escapes to Wharton a tourist The Haunting Kindle - town on Lake Superior to reset Checking into a uaint boardinghouse for Haunting of Brynn PDF/EPUB ã the summer she hopes to put her life into perspective In her fellow lodgers she finds a friendly company of strangers the frail Alice cared for by a married couple with a heartbreaking story of their own; LuAnn the eccentric and lovable owner of the inn; and Dominic an unsettlingly handsome man inked from head to toe in mesmerizing tattoosBut in this inviting refuge where a century of souls has passed a mystery begins to swirl Alice knows things about Brynn about all of them that she shouldn’t Bad dreams and night whispers lure Brynn to a shuttered room at the end of the hall a room still heavy with a recent death And now she’s become irresistibly drawn to Dominic—even in the shadow of rumors that wherever he goes suspicious death followsIn this chilling season of love transformation and fear something is calling for Brynn To settle her past she may have no choice but to answer.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 287 pages
  • The Haunting of Brynn Wilder
  • Wendy Webb
  • English
  • 22 March 2014

About the Author: Wendy Webb

WENDY WEBB's novels of Brynn MOBI ñ are mysteries about long buried family secrets set The Haunting Kindle - in big old haunted houses on the Great LakesTHE END OF TEMPERANCE Haunting of Brynn PDF/EPUB ã DARE Lake Union is set in a former tuberculosis sanatorium on Lake Superior now a renowned retreat for artists and writers When Eleanor Harper takes the helm as its new director and her first batch of visiting artists arrives she begins to suspect t.

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  1. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Kindle First October Everyone is haunted by something A road not taken A hurt carried deep inside Harsh words that echo long after the sting of them is carried away on the wind Some of us are haunted literally We’ve seen and felt and heard what simply cannot be but is A low moan coming from the corner of a darkened room A glimpse of an ethereal shape A tangible encounter with something A passer through As I sit alone with my thoughts in this empty house in the dark a fire crackling in the fireplace and snow falling outside it all comes back to me And I’ll let it come God help me I will let it come Omg First off this book isn’t scary it has some creepy parts but I’ll leave it at that I enjoyed the characters a lot I thought I had some ideas of what was going on but it was bigger than I thought I had a tear slide down my face at the end But that’s me I cry at things Anyway I really enjoyed the bookHappy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾BLOG

  2. Renee (The B-Roll) Renee (The B-Roll) says:

    What a gorgeous piece of gothic fiction in the classic Wendy Webb style Ghosts haunted houses mysterious pastswhat could you want? Honestly I was curious to see how it was going to wrap up so uickly when I just had a few chapters left but I will say that the ending was excellent and the twist at the end got me I loved reading this just as every other book she has written and enjoyed being back in Wharton

  3. Daisy Mae Daisy Mae says:

    DNF 35%Yikes I’m disappointed in how big of a let down this wasOne thing I really did enjoy though was the narration This was my first audio book since my early years in primary school and I can say it won’t be my last The voice was soothing full of emotion when it needed to be and it makes me want to hire Xe Sands as a perma bedtime reader Sadly Webb’s writing was just too tropey for me It felt like every romantic fan fiction tied into one plotline— oh and let’s add a spooky part so we can call it gothic No thanks I’ll stick to the actual Illustrated Man Big thanks to Brilliance Publishing for letting me have early access to this audiobook in exchange for an honest opinion

  4. Lesley Kagen Lesley Kagen says:

    I was lucky enough to get an early peek at Ms Webb's new novel and it's sensational

  5. Amber Slagle Amber Slagle says:

    This is not at all what I was expecting but that isn't a bad thing I definitely got spooked with the ghosts but I didn't expect to cry at the end of this book This was so well written in typical Wendy Webb fashion but the characters had such a tragic backstory which I didn't expect I had a hard time putting this book down just like all her other books I can't wait for her next book

  6. Leigh Anne Leigh Anne says:

    I read this on Kindle via 's First Reads and did not receive any form of compensation for this reviewOf grief and ghostsBrynn Wilder's come to Wharton to heal from a rough year She doesn't expect to find much of anything in this cozy little town on Lake Superior Certainly not friends Definitely not romance And aboslutely positively not ghosts And yet she gets all three when she checks in to her boardinghouse and starts getting to know the Wharton locals and her fellow boarders One of the rooms hasn't been rented this year because a woman died there over the winter; however someone or something keeps drawing Brynn to the mysterious Room Five Who is this ghost and what is she trying to tell Brynn?This book deals with some heavy themes so readers should know up front that there's a lot of death in this book Not gore death as in the kind that rips your heart out coupled with grief as in the kind that keeps you stuck for ages The genre is called gothic not just for its supernatural elements but for its willingness to dive into the harder human emotions and wrestle with what we find there Brynn has been through a LOT than I went through in that horrible span of time known as four deaths and a cancer scare and that's saying something So if you're grieving andor just in general not feeling up to that burden save this for another timeEveryone else is in for a real treat Webb's work succeeds because the down to earth believable town and its residents accept that the place is haunted and just learn to live with it Brynn has a lot of lucid dreams that serve to advance the plot and her romance with the mysterious Dominic is believable when it shouldn't be because he's just so darned nice He's also tall dark and straight out of Ray Bradbury what with the stunning array of tattoos Brynn feels so comfortable with him as if she's known him all her life and it turns out she hasjust not this one Still with me? When you're not sniffling over past life flashbacks or shuddering over one character's uncanny prophecies you're openly bawling because Webb really gets loss Like really gets it I hope that's just good writing and not first hand experience but either way it comes out the same Some readers may guess who Brynn's ghost is but by the time you get to the end it won't matter one way or the other After all you've spent some sweet healing spooky time in a cozy environment with some mostly charming people And when I say cozy and charming I'm not joking the spice level here is a very gentle 1 and while there's a random swear word here and there this is 99% clean which is good to have on hand given that patrons do ask for thatThere are some callbacks to Webb's other Wharton novel Daughters of the Lake but you don't have to have read it to enjoy this one Call it a gentle weeper one of those books you can pull out when you just need to read something sad and yet hopeful to be comforted Kind of a niche but a necessary one especially as you get older and the thought of your own mortality is never than a whisper away Recommended for fans of gentle supernatural mysteries as well as medium to large public library fiction collections

  7. Darcia Helle Darcia Helle says:

    This book was listed as Gothic Fiction in 's First Reads choices for October That label is a stretch at best What we have is mostly a love story along with an intense exploration of loss and griefI couldn't buy into the instant connection with all the characters who go from being absolute strangers on vacation to being best friends who confide all their secrets within a matter of days These people are a Lifetime movie cast all way too nice with their sunshine bright personalities casting a loving glow over everythingThe setting and the mysterious tattooed man intrigued me and I so wish we'd focused on this storyline Sadly this aspect is never fully explored or explainedMost of the book is a meandering almost sluggish pace due to repetitive introspection and day to day minutiae For instance we have uite a few pages about a fish fry right down to detailed instructions on how to cook it properly while the atmosphere hauntings and eeriness earn a few lines here and thereThe pacing picks up marginally as things finally come together late in the book and then it abruptly ends with a fast forward wrap up We're left with a lot of dangling threads and some unanswered uestionsIf you're a fan of paranormal romance you might love this book If you're expecting an atmospheric eerie Gothic suspense novel you might be disappointed

  8. M M says:

    Leisurely paced character driven chick lit women’s fiction mashup but with many other genres 25 starsIn October I seek books suitable for Halloween so this gothic fiction with a haunting seemed perfect But I found myself reading chapters filled with character introductions—whilst trying to find a plot I also hunted for horror haunts frights etc but only found wimpy nightmares After 50 pages I almost gave up on the chick lit women’s fiction and romance However I made a NY resolution to finish every book I started so I plowed on At approximately page 75 I grasped a wisp of the paranormal The pace picks up a bit when the book morphs to supernatural but there’s little darkness and no horror At best this is gothic lite For genre confusion there’s also Samhain like thinning of the veil; prescience and clairvoyance; seeing souls and auras; time traveling; reincarnation and a touch of science fiction with Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man” The ending is too treacly and several uestions are left unanswered Plus I want to know why the police didn’t fingerprint the dead unknown person to identify her I’m in the minority of reviewers probably because this book was not what I expected Please read my review with a shaker of salt

  9. RedRedtheycallmeRed RedRedtheycallmeRed says:

    A ghost story seems kind of perfect for October but this wasn't as dark as I was hoping I see now that it's listed as Paranormal Angel Romance which is much aptBrynn is still grieving the loss of her mother to cancer Brynn was her caretaker and just wants the summer to figure out her life She comes to a small town on Lake Superior where all the residents are all up in each other's business While entertaining it's definitely not a town for introverts shudderShe uickly meets the most handsome man she's ever seen and then the book seems like a romance than anything else I'm not knocking romance that's just not what I thought this would beThere's a woman with Alzheimer’s who seems to know things she shouldn't and Brynn had some weird dreams but that stuff was too few and far between However I did enjoy the uirky townspeople and the settingThe ending was a little jarring and then there's an ohhhhh moment that ties everything together and I found that rather sweet

  10. Patricia Patricia says:

    I got The Haunting of Brynn Wilder as my First Reads I haven’t read a ghost story since I was a kid but I decided to try something new and give this book a chanceThis book started slow for me Additionally I wasn’t connecting to Brynn despite having a lot in common with her—I too had given up my job to be my mother’s caretaker and recently lost her which sent me on a tailspin Even now the thought of a summer away to regroup sounds wonderful So It was surprising to me that I was considering this book a “miss” and wasn’t sure I would even finish reading it But I stuck with it and I’m so glad I didAt about 30% I was hooked and didn’t want to put the book downI love books about reincarnation and the hint of that was appealing as was the spooky level which was just right for meI had theories about what was going on and I was right but that didn’t take away any of the enjoyment of the readPoints taken away for the slow start and a few unanswered uestions but ultimately a good read

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