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Moonflower Murders [Reading] ➸ Moonflower Murders By Anthony Horowitz – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Featuring his famous literary detective Atticus Pund and Susan Ryeland hero of the worldwide bestseller Magpie Murders a brilliantly complex literary thriller with echoes of Agatha Christie from New Y Featuring his famous literary detective Atticus Pund and Susan Ryeland hero of the worldwide bestseller Magpie Murders a brilliantly complex literary thriller with echoes of Agatha Christie from New York Times bestselling author Anthony HorowitzRetired publisher Susan Ryeland is living the good life She is running a small hotel on a Greek island with her long term boyfriend Andreas It should be everything she's always wanted But is it She's exhausted with the responsibilities of making everything work on an island where nothing ever does and truth be told she's beginning to miss LondonAnd then the Trehearnes come to stay The strange and mysterious story they tell about an unfortunate murder that took place on the same day and in the same hotel in which their daughter was married—a picturesue inn on the Suffolk coast named Farlingaye Halle—fascinates Susan and piues her editor’s instincts One of her former writers the late Alan Conway author of the fictional Magpie Murders knew the murder victim—an advertising executive named Frank Parris—and once visited Farlingaye Hall Conway based the third book in his detective series Atticus Pund Takes the Cake on that very crime The Trehearne’s daughter Cecily read Conway’s mystery and believed the book proves that the man convicted of Parris’s murder—a Romanian immigrant who was the hotel’s handyman—is innocent When the Trehearnes reveal that Cecily is now missing Susan knows that she must return to England and find out what really happenedBrilliantly clever relentlessly suspenseful full of twists that will keep readers guessing with each revelation and clue Moonflower Murders is a deviously dark take on vintage English crime fiction from one of its greatest masterminds Anthony Horowitz  .

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  1. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    This is the seuel to Anthony Horowitz's Magpie Murders another homage to the classic golden age of crime replicating the same structure of a book within a book and the return of publisher Susan Ryeland operating as an amateur detective once again After the fallout from the last book Susan is no longer working in publishing and is instead jointly owning and running a hotel in Crete with her long term Greek boyfriend Andreas Patakis It is not uite the idyll that might have been expected it is hard work from morning to night every single day with never ending problems along with some awkward and opportunistic guests and Susan goes to bed exhausted and what is worse they are in debt There is little in the way of job satisfaction running a hotel is Andreas's dream that she invested in but now she is not so sure about her relationship with him and the truth is that she is missing England and her former profession as an editorSo when Susan is approached by wealthy couple Lawrence and Pauline Trehearne to return to England and their exclusive Suffolk hotel Branlow Hotel to look into the disappearance of their daughter Cecily it feels like just what she needs to do with the bonus of being paid Eight years ago a hotel guest Frank Parris had been brutally hammered to death on Cecily and Aidan MacNeil wedding day for which ex offender Stefan Codrescu was arrested and charged by Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Locke there was plenty of evidence for which he received a 27 year prison sentence Cecily had phoned her parents the day before she went missing telling them there had been a miscarriage of justice and after reading the late Alan Conway's Atticus Pund Takes the Case featuring his post war German detective an obvious story based on the Parris murder she knows who the real killer is Susan examines a host of suspects in the present and their possible links to Frank's murder before re reading Conway's novel in her hunt for a dangerous double killerAs usual Horowitz writes two intricate and complex murder mysteries inserting Conway's Pund novel for the reader in the middle a Conway who is known for his clever twists hints and clues his little jokes and anagrams and characters cruelly but clearly drawn from those involved or present in the time period of Frank Parris's killing Once again the author entertains and engages with a compelling and riveting book in a book crime mysteries resurrecting an unusual detective in Susan that ends in the classic tradition with all the suspects gathered for the final reveal of the murderer Those who loved Magpie Murders are likely to enjoy this too Highly recommended to all crime fiction and thriller readers Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC

  2. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    EXCERPT 'So let me get this straight' I said I had the sense of facts tumbling on top of each other yet I knew there was something they hadn't told me 'You believe that maybe despite all the evidence not to mention the confession Stefan Codrescu did not kill Frank Parris and that Alan Conway came to the hotel and discovered in a matter of days who the real killer was He then somehow identified that person in Atticus Pund Takes the Case''Exactly''But that makes no sense at all Pauline If he knew the killer and there was an innocent man in prison surely Alan would have gone straight to the police Why would he turn it into a work of fiction?''That's precisely why we're here Susan From what Sajid Khan told us you knew Alan Conway better than anyone You edited the book If there is something in there I can't think of anyone likely to find it''Wait a minute' Suddenly I knew what was missing 'This all started when your daughter spotted something in Atticus Takes the Case Was she the only one who read it before she sent it to you?''I don't know''But what was it she saw? Why didn't you just call her and ask her what she meant?'It was Lawrence Treherne who answered my uestion 'Of course we called her'he said 'We both read the book and then we rang her several times from France Finally we got through to Aiden and he told us what had happened' He paused 'It seems that our daughter has disappeared'ABOUT MOONFLOWER MURDERS BY ANTHONY HOROWITZ Retired publisher Susan Ryeland is living the good life She is running a small hotel on a Greek island with her longterm boyfriend Andreas It should be everything she's always wanted but is it? She's exhausted with the responsibilities of making everything work on an island where nothing ever does and truth be told she's beginning to miss her old life in LondonAnd then a couple the Trehernes come to stay and the story they tell about an unfortunate murder that took place on the same day and in the same hotel in which their daughter was married is such a strange and mysterious one that Susan finds herself increasingly fascinated by it And when the Trehernes tell her that their daughter is now missing Susan knows that she must return to London and find out what really happened MY THOUGHTS I simply devoured Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz the second in the Susan Ryeland series This is an intricate and ingeniously plotted murder mystery; one murder mystery contained within another or if you like two books for the price of oneThe first mystery that of the Treherne's daughter's disappearance is set in the present time The second murder mystery contained in Alan Conway's novel Atticus Takes the Case is set in the 1950s before the advent of the internet and the mobile phone Conway was of the opinion that the internet was the worst thing ever to happen to detective fiction which is why he set his own works in the fifties He believed that it was hard to make your detective look clever when all the information in the world is instantly available to anyone who cares to look for it Conway as I mentioned in my review of Magpie Murders likes to insert his own little jokes into his manuscripts which are full of anagrams play around with the name 'Atticus Pund' and see what you come up with codes and cruel caricatures of people he has met Again there are literary references aplenty particularly with regard to Agatha Christie whose work he plundered mercilessly In the current time Susan and Andreas are again at a crossroads and she leaves Crete both to gain a little perspective and in order to inject £10000 into their struggling hotel There is a brilliant cast of characters in both books but I particularly enjoyed the two sets of sisters Cecily Treherne who is missing and her sister Lisa are sisters at war They have fought about anything and everything all their lives to the point where Cecily once threw a knife at her sister and Lisa was left with a permanent scar on her face Lisa is cold blooded and determined while Cecily is uieter and likes to please Diametrically opposite to this pair is Susan our intrepid editorhotel proprietoramateur sleuth and her sister Katie who have absolutely nothing in common other than their enduring fondness for one another Susan has never married and is childless although she is in a relationship with Andreas while Katie's life is traditional with an accountant husband the reuisite two children the house the garden and the community work Trouble will not confine itself to the warring sistersMoonflower Murders is a fun and fulfilling read I love the clues that are scattered throughout take note of the missing Mont Blanc pen and of the dog who barked in the night and even the denouement which is classic Christie with everyone suspects and otherwise gathered together for the big reveal I hope that there are going to be many books in this wonderful series If embarking on this series I strongly recommend that you begin at the beginning with Magpie Murders as there are references and a spoiler contained in Moonflower Murders ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐#MoonflowerMurders #NetGalley 'The greatest evil occurs when people no matter what their aims or their motives become utterly convinced that they are right'THE AUTHOR Anthony Horowitz's life might have been copied from the pages of Charles Dickens or the Brothers Grimm Born in 1956 in Stan Middlesex to a family of wealth and status Anthony was raised by nannies surrounded by servants and chauffeurs His father a wealthy businessman was says Mr Horowitz a fixer for Harold Wilson What that means exactly is unclear — My father was a very secretive man he says— so an aura of suspicion and mystery surrounds both the word and the man As unlikely as it might seem Anthony's father threatened with bankruptcy withdrew all of his money from Swiss bank accounts in Zurich and deposited it in another account under a false name and then promptly died His mother searched unsuccessfully for years in attempt to find the money but it was never found That too shaped Anthony's view of things Today he says I think the only thing to do with money is spend it His mother whom he adored eccentrically gave him a human skull for his 13th birthday His grandmother another Dickensian character was mean spirited and malevolent a destructive force in his life She was he says a truly evil person his first and worst arch villain My sister and I danced on her grave when she died he now recallsA miserably unhappy and overweight child Anthony had nowhere to turn for solace Family meals he recalls had calories running into the thousands I was an astoundingly large round child At the age of eight he was sent off to boarding school a standard practice of the times and class in which he was raised While being away from home came as an enormous relief the school itself Orley Farm was a grand guignol horror with a headmaster who flogged the boys till they bled Once the headmaster told me to stand up in assembly and in front of the whole school said 'This boy is so stupid he will not be coming to Christmas games tomorrow' I have never totally recovered To relieve his misery and that of the other boys he not unsurprisingly made up tales of astounding revenge and retributionAnthony Horowitz is perhaps the busiest writer in England He has been writing since the age of eight and professionally since the age of twenty He writes in a comfortable shed in his garden for up to ten hours per day In addition to the highly successful Alex Rider books he has also written episodes of several popular TV crime series including Poirot Murder in Mind Midsomer Murders and Murder Most Horrid He has written a television series Foyle's War which recently aired in the United States and he has written the libretto of a Broadway musical adapted from Dr Seuss's book The 5000 Fingers of Dr T His film script The Gathering has just finished production And oh yes there are Alex Rider novels in the works Anthony has also written the Diamond Brothers seriesDISCLOSURE Thank you to Random House UK Cornerstone Century for providing a digital ARC of Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions For an explanation of my rating system please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom This review and others are also published on Twitter Instagram and my webpage

  3. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    It's now two years since the events that took place in Magpie Murders leading up to the death of Alan Conway author of the popular murder mystery series featuring investigator Atticus Pünd After nearly dying too Alan's editor Susan Ryland is now living in Crete managing a seaside hotel on the coast with her partner It's not uite the dream she imagined involving a lot of hard work and rising debt as they struggle to make the hotel profitableWhen Susan is rung by an elderly couple who run a country hotel in Suffolk asking if she will investigate the disappearance of their daughter Cecily she jumps at the chance to have a break and earn a fat fee at the same time Just before she disappeared Cecily had contacted her parents to tell them she had just read an Atticus Pünd novel that Alan Conway had based on a murder that happened at their hotel She claimed that the novel proved that the wrong man had been convicted of the murderAs with Magpie Murders the novel once again contains a book within the book with the Atticus Pünd novel based on the murder occupying a large proportion of the novel Although Conway had changed the location of his murder mystery the characters retained the same initials and could be easily identified He also had his usual fun dropping in anagrams and clues hidden inside 'Easter eggs' Susan makes for an unusual and interesting investigator and I liked her parts of the book much than I like the Atticus Pünd novel which I found a bit tedious to read in it's entirety before being returned to the much enjoyable current day plot although well written I found the Atticus Pünd plot a bit wooden and was never uite sure whether it was meant to be a homage to or a parody of Agatha Christie and the Golden age While Susan's current investigation was also uite complex with many characters up to no good and plenty of red herrings to keep the reader guessing it was entertaining and fun wrapping up the crime with a Poirot like gathering in the hotel dining room to announce the killer While I'd like to see of Susan Ryland in the future I'd prefer to see her move on from Alan Conway and Atticus Pünd or if she is to revisit the crimes in the novels to not have the novel included in it's entirety but maybe woven into the current plot in sections With many thanks to Random House and Netgalley for a copy of the book

  4. Herbie Herbie says:

    It's safe to say I was extremely excited to get my hands on a copy of Moonflower Murders It may not have blown me away uite as much as Magpie Murders which was one of my top reads of 2019 but it was extremely clever nonethelessWe have the same format of a book within a book Personally I found the premise of Susan Ryeland investigating a bit weak she's a publisher after all not a detective but the story itself whizzes by Anthony Horowitz style of writing is exceptionally easy to read and of course I did not see the ending comingA thoroughly enjoyable read but if you've read Magpie Murders and were blown away by it as much as me then don't go in with super high expectations to save disappointment

  5. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I wish to thank NetGalley and HarperCollins Canada for the ingenious Moonflower Murders Arc by Anthony Horowitz This book and the previous one The Magpie Murders feature amateur detective Susan Ryeland These books are a superb homage to the Golden Age of British mystery exemplified by the writings of Agatha Christie Like the previous book The Moonflower Murders is clever and original in its construction and it works well as a stand alone We get an old fashioned mystery set in the early 1950s within a modern mystery story Who doesn't enjoy a two for one deal? Susan Ryeland was a book editor in England but retired and moved with her boyfriend Andreas to Crete They are running a seaside hotel which is not prospering It is exhausting work and their debt is increasing Susan is being to have doubts about their personal relationship and their stress keeping the hotel running She is missing England and her previous work for a book publishing company She is approached by a wealthy British couple the Treharnes who own an exclusive Suffolk hotel Eight years ago a hotel guest named Frank Parris was brutally murdered in his room during the wedding of their daughter Cecily The handyman was convicted of the murder and imprisoned Recently Cecily read a mystery book by the late author Alan Conway The book titled 'Atticus Pund Takes the Case' was one of his best selling series set in the early 1950s The book was loosely based on the murder that disrupted Cecily's wedding along with the hotel staff and members of the wedding party Conway's series featuring Detective Atticus Pund contains hidden clues anagrams and other word puzzles Cecily told her parents that she knew who committed the murder of Frank Parris from clues embedded within the story and that the wrong man had been convicted She vanished before revealing what she had discovered Her disappearance was probably connected to her figuring out who committed the murder This put her life in danger Her parents want to hire Susan to find out their daughter's fate Because she edited all of Conway's detective series they feel Susan is the person to figure out what clues Cecily found in the book that identified the true killer Susan returns to England She has been offered a large sum of money by the Treharnes and lodging at their luxury hotel She has the eight year old murder to solve as well as Cecily's recent disappearance She realizes there are many members of the wedding and hotel staff to interview There were a number of suspects with reason to want Frank Parris dead At this point Susan begins to reread 'Atticus Pund Takes the Case' searching for the hidden clues and having no luck She smartly takes notes about each character their relationships their location and the timeline for the murder I wish I had done the same There were so many names of subjects in both storylines that it took much concentration to keep the characters straight This added to the complexity of both stories When the tangled relationships and motives were explained everything made sense in a believable manner proving how well the plots were planned and executed I found the writing style and tone very similar in both stories except for the mention of modern technology in the present day tale Both Susan Ryeland in modern times and Atticus Pund the 1950s detective call all the relevant cast together in a room to explain their conclusions a tribute to Christie and all Readers who enjoy traditional old fashioned style mysteries should find this book enjoyable and a pleasure to read

  6. Nadia - on a break Nadia - on a break says:

    Similarly to the first book Magpie Murders I thoroughly enjoyed reading Moonflower Murders featuring the famous detective Atticus Pund Compared to the first book we get a bit backstory in Moonflower Murders with the former editor Susan Ryeland investigating the disappearance of Cecily Trehearns a daughter of a couple owning a hotel in Sussex Cecily believed that one of the Atticus Pund books edited by Susan held clues to solving a murder that took place in her parents' hotel 8 years ago And so Susan investigates and reads the book again to help her discover the killer and to find out what happened to CecilyThis book is genius I think writing a book that's engaging is a great challenge already but to be able to pull 'a book within a book' reuires real writer skills Atticus Pund is as I remembered him a peculiar German detective with sharpness and methods not too dissimilar from Agatha Christie's Poirot This is an intriguing atmospheric whodunit with a great cast of characters that is highly enjoyable to read Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy in exchange for an honest review 

  7. Anna Luce Anna Luce says:

    2 ½ stars “Can you tell me what happened on the night of the murder? I asked and even as I uttered the words I felt slightly ridiculous They sounded so old fashioned so clichéd If I'd seen them in a novel I'd have edited them out” Anthony Horowitz excels at labyrinthine whodunnits that pay homage to Golden Age Detective fiction Sadly I couldn't help but noticing that Horowitz has written yet another book that casts homosexuality in a negative light In Moonflower Murders readers will be reunited with Susan Ryeland a former editor who now runs a small hotel in Crete with her partner Andreas Running a hotel is exhausting and Susan nostalgic about her old life years for a break It just so happens that she's approached by a couple the Trehearnes own a five star hotel Branlow Hall in Suffolk Eight years previously a guest was brutally murdered in his room Susan just so happens to have edited a book that was inspired by this murder Alan Conway's Atticus Pünd Takes the Case The Trehearnes' daughter Cecily disappeared after telling them that Alan's novel holds the truth behind the 2008 murder The Trehearnes hire Susan hoping that her knowledge of the book and her ties to the now deceased Alan will shed light on Cecily's disappearance Similarly to Magpie Murders the novel is divided between Susan's narrative and Alan's novelWhile it does take a stretch of the imagination to believe that the Trehearnes would hire Susan and not a private detective to find what happened to their daughter I soon fell into the flow of story Susan's presence at Branlow Hall ruffles uite a few feathers There is Cecily's icy sister the various hotel employees Cecily's husband and their nannywe have uite a large cast Some of them hold Susan accountable for Alan's novel others simply don't like the idea of her 'snooping' around Yet Susan who is determined to find out what happened to Cecily knows that her disappearance is tied up to that fateful night in 2008 While I did like the story within the story techniue in Magpie Murders in this novel I was far invested in Susan's 'reality' than Alan's book In fact as much as I like I Horowitz's writing I did dislike Alan's I found myself agreeing with Susan's comments about Atticus Pünd Takes the Case Alan's narrative is populated by cruel caricatures of the 'real' people from Branlow Hall I just didn't particularly care for Pünd and his investigation Alan's novel seems a clumsy attempt at imitating Agatha Christie His dialogues lack her wit and his detective is forgettable I wish that Horowitz had also included a few relevant chapters from Alan's novel rather than giving us the whole thingWhile many of the easter eggs and allusions in Alan's novel went over my head was all that kerfuffle with the names truly necessary? I knew the identity of the killer early onwhich is perhaps inevitable given that Alan tries so hard to emulate the ueen of Crime view spoilerthe whole 'phone call' brought to mind The Murder of Roger Ackroyd hide spoiler

  8. NZLisaM NZLisaM says:

    Another of Alan Conway's infamous detective series stories is at the centre of a baffling and intriguing mystery in Moonflower MurdersConway's former editor Susan Ryeland is now a hotel proprietor living in Greece It's been two years since the life altering events of Magpie Murders which saw Susan turning her back on the publishing world for goodThen two English strangers Lawrence and Pauline Treherne approach her at work to ask for her help Their daughter Cecily has been MIA for several days and they are out of their minds with worry It all started eight years ago when a guest at their five star hotel Branlow Hall in Suffolk Frank Parris was beaten to death in his room during the weekend of Cecily's wedding When maintenance man Stefan Codrescu was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder Cecily had strong doubts that he was guilty but admitted defeat when the evidence against him proved overwhelmingBut now Cecily has vanished and her last words to her parents was an ominous phone call to their holiday home in the South of France Cecily had just finished reading Alan Conway's third novel Atticus Pund Takes the Case and within its pages had discovered something startling that had convinced her that Stefan Codrescu was innocent after all The author in uestion had stayed at Branlow Hall six weeks after Parris' murder and had asked endless uestions about the man's death Cecily excitedly informed the Treherne's that she'd send them a copy to see the link for themselves but upon reading it they find nothing out of place When they ring Cecily for further explanation they are shocked to discover she has been reported missingIs it conceivable that in the space of the few days Conway spent at Branlow Hall he uncovered the identity of the real killer but instead of going to the police chose to include it in his fictitious novel? Susan is determined to get to the truth whatever it takesOnce again Anthony Horowitz has delivered on all counts – Moonflower Murders was intricate carefully plotted addictive and a pleasure to read from start to finish Fans of Magpie Murders will be just as floored by the second installment and if you are new to this series I would advise you to start with Magpie as there is one major spoiler in MoonflowerJust like Magpie Moonflower contains an entirely separate book within the narrative structure of the main story The first twenty odd chapters were conveyed in Susan's first person POV as she investigated Cecily's whereabouts and learnt all she could about Parris' murder Then at the 37% mark she delved into Atticus Pund Takes the Case set during the golden age of mystery stories which gave us readers the opportunity to search for the clue to Parris' actual killer alongside Susan Unlike Magpie Murders this Atticus Pund installment was a published novel rather than a manuscript so I found it cool that it had its own cover complete with artwork copyright and publishing information as well as cast of characters listed in front Anthony Horowitz never fails to go that extra mile Moonflour Murders has deservedly knocked all my other books aside and earned the coveted title of ‘My Favourite Book of the Year’ Finally something amazing has happened in 2020 I'd like to thank Netgalley Random House UK – Cornerstone and Anthony Horowitz for the e ARC

  9. Pat Pat says:

    45 starsAnthony Horowitz does this so well the book within a book thing Susan Ryeland from Magpie Murders is back Two years after her star author Alan Conway died along with her editing career she and Andreas are living in Crete and running a small hotel An English couple approach her for help Lawrence and Pauline Treherne run a boutiue hotel in Sussex Branlow Hall Their daughter Cecily who works at the hotel has recently disappeared What has this got to do with Susan? Well Cecily had just read Conway's third book Atticus Pünd Takes The Case Aspects of the story are loosely based on the real life murder of Frank Parris who was brutally bashed to death with a hammer at Branlow Hall eight years ago One of the staff a young Romanian man called Stefan Codrescu was charged with the murder and has been in jail ever sinceCecily had always doubted his guilt When she read the book she saw something that convinced her that Stefan was innocent and that pointed to the real murderer She rang her parents and told them this without naming names That afternoon she disappeared never to be seen again Susan who as Conway's editor knew of his foibles and writing style he had a habit of including cryptic details within his writing was considered well placed to find what was hidden in the book The promise of a generous payment sweetened the deal as the Cretan hotel needed many repairsSusan heads of to England to investigate And that is where I will leave it This was a long complex book with many characters that took some concentration to read It is after all two books in one But it was well worth the effort Horowitz's Susan Ryeland books pay homage to Agatha Christie and fans of the grand dame of whodunits should really enjoy this The pace is not that fast but the story presents an intriguing mystery that you cannot help but try to solve as you read along Sadly I didn't crack it Will you take the challenge? For me it was a very enjoyable journey into something different to my usual genre Thanks to Netgalley and Anthony Horowitz for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review

  10. Javier Javier says:

    The greatest evil occurs when people no matter what their aims or their motives becomes utterly convinced that they are right 45⭐️ When I found out about the existence of Moonflower Murders I think I gave a little shriek Follow up to Magpie Murders one of my favorite books of the last years I even tried to bribe the author on Twitter to get my Netgalley reuest approved Shameless Me not him He didn't even respond to my pathetic bribery attemptWhen after several weeks pending my reuest was finally approved I decided to read it inmediately even though it will be published in August and I'm so glad I did I enjoyed it tremendouslyTwo years after Magpie Murders events retired publisher Susan Ryeland is living in Crete running a small hotel with her boyfriend Andreas When a british couple visiting ask her for help with their daughter's disappearance and its possible link to a murder eight years before she goes back to England to investigateI absolutely love the author's writing style and his obvious homage to the Golden Age of detective fiction Once again he delivers a book within a book I would gladly read all the Atticus Pünd novels with such an ingenious plot that it's not till the last pages when all the clues are revealed And you have to be a good storyteller to be able to tie the clues of not only one but two different murder mysteries independently and between each otherIf I'm rating this 45 ⭐️ instead of 5 is because the Atticus Pünd story took a little time to take offWe're just in June but I can say now without fear of being wrong that Moonflower Murders will be one my top 10 books of the yearWaiting anxiously to meet back Susan Ryeland very soonThanks to Netgalley and Random House UKCornerstone for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review

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