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  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    WowzaThis is hilarious extremely entertaining ultra smart sassy sarcastic sensational My cheeks hurt to laugh too much I’m still wiping my tears but another blasting laughter comes out again Each time I remember the tinder date part of Josh our hero with his parents’ participation or discount birthday rendezvous part of the book I start laughing I cannot help myself This is well deserved creative and needed to be adapted on screen kind of brilliant story Yes Hulu Netflix HBO Max here’s a great adaptation opportunity for you I loved Josh I loved his wonderful uirky family I adored Nan and Pap I loved two Jakes and badass Jessie And of course I loved Sunflower girl which reminded me of singing Sunflower from Post Malone and which made my husband puke who told me shut up if I wouldn’t want him hurt himself because of ear bleeding If you want to spend uality time with a witty romantic uplifting feel good enjoyable heartwarming self discovery friendship love story this is the best fit for your needs The story starts with Josh’s tragicomic situation who recently bought a proposal package and trapped himself inside a glass capsule with 443 feet above ground which is called “London Eye” giving spectacular 360 degree view of London with its highest rotation points He is on his knees to propose but he gets rejected by his long term girlfriend who tells him she’s seeing another guy behind his back And yes they have to spend 28 minutes till their tour ends What a beautiful way of celebrating your New Year’s Eve Yay And I have to add his girlfriend Jade is also his big boss’ daughter which means he has to resign from his job and let’s not forget he also shares a loft with her Oh sorry he doesn’t share That’s his girlfriend’s flat So he is dumped jobless returning back to his parents’ house who celebrate his postponed engagement party with a huge crowd from neighborhood Yeshis life couldn’t be absurd and miserable could it?As he sneaks out from party to watch a movie with his Pap his Pap gives him idea to choose which movie they will watch by flipping a coin From now on he will make his decisions by flipping a coin for a year Because he already regrets his decisions he’s made before and he needs a fresh start by changing direction of his life He has nothing to lose Right?Even though his besties Jack and Jessie tease him a lot about his decision the coin idea slowly grows on them Each flip ends with uniue results like finding himself getting wasted thrown away from indie bar competing at uiz show on tv chasing a girl he even doesn’t know her name all around the Europe Throughout his journey he makes mistakes he learns about himself he gets humiliated entertained hurt wasted suffered from loss heartbreak discovers different shades and variable opportunities of his life with the help of his friends anecdotes of his Pap He learns how to have a fulfilled life by taking chances No words Five funny sweet emotional glorious laughing out loud uniue intelligent stars coming up Don’t read this book just one time You buy it and every time you feel lost down upset sad suffer from dark mood you just grab it and reread it That’s one of those books which are feeding your souls and warming your hearts Special thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Publishers William Morrow Paperbacks for sharing this epic Arc with me in exchange my honest opinions Special congrats to James Bailey for his debut I already got addicted to his writing style and looking forward to read his upcoming worksbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  2. Gary Gary says:

    Flip Side' is the debut novel by author James Bailey and is sure to be a success This is far from my normal Mystery Crime novels but was such a great read This Romantic comedy was an instant hit with me and I rapidly consumed it wanting to see how it finished It was very light compared to my usual books but nevertheless was gripping and funny with true laugh out loud momentsA simple plot but many good novels are like that where twenty eight year old Josh decides to toss the coin for every decision in his lifeThis comes after a disastrous romantic failure and Josh decides that with his bad decisions a toss of the coin couldn't fair any worse What follows is a year in Josh's life where his fate is determined by the toss of his 50 pence pieceThe book is full of humour with Josh and his friends Jessie and Jake who constantly tease him for his bad decisions and the fact that he lives with his parents The fact that it is a light romantic comedy you may feel that you already know how it is going to end but there is so much to this book with the escapades undertaken along the way by JoshEnjoyable characters and a great summer read that will bring a smile to your faceI would like to thank both Net Galley and Penguin Michael Joseph for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review

  3. Katie B Katie B says:

    35 starsI might end up bumping this up to 4 stars A lighthearted romance is what I needed coming off a previous read that was mentally draining Thankfully this one really was a cute and fun story Maybe not perfect but definitely good enoughFull review coming soon

  4. Sophie& Sophie& says:

    45 STARS Josh is a 28 year old guy who proposed on New Year's Eve to his girlfriend and she rejected him Not only that but they break up and walk their seperate ways Since Josh was working at her family business and he was living at her place he ends up unemployed and homeless Since he's on this tough road he decides to make decisions for the rest of the year based on a coin he tosses This current situation plus his coin decisions will definitely affect his life and the route it's going to take At first his story sounds very typical and maybe common but as it progresses we face very uniue situations and the scenes are hilarious I found some things over the top like his parents and their uniue characteristics that kept going until the very last pages of the book I felt like they were fun at first but at some point that we had gotten the drill I wished that it would tone it down However this was such a pleasant story The secondary characters and their sennanigans were a blast the dialogues were amusing and the romance was adorable as well To be honest it surprised me because I didn't see it coming For some reason I thought it would walk on another way so I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't I loved Josh and his adventures his crazy family and his best friends who stood by him whenever he needed them Definitely recommend this one You will smile you will laugh you will feel all kinds of emotions Such a cute read that it left a smile on my face in the end ARC was provided through Netgalley from the publishing house in exchange for an honest review

  5. Laura Laura says:

    Would you let the flip of a coin make all your decisions for a whole year? One flip heads or tails one choice or anotherThat’s the premise for James’ debut novel The Flip Side which follows Josh and his fate deciding fifty pence After proposing to his girlfriend and being brutally rejected Josh finds a fifty pence and decides to bestow upon it the power to make all of his decisions; because all the ones he’s made alone have ended terribly What follows is the story of Josh his fifty pence a girl Van Gogh’s sunflowers pigeons and a road trip with Jesus For a debut novel this is a blinder James’ humour is present from the first page to last and the pages are alive with the wonderfully drawn characters The protagonist Josh is funny instantly likeable and I was rooting for him from the beginning The situations he finds himself in after flipping the coin are hilarious and at times very moving There’s a lovely balance between the genuine laugh out loud humour and serious heart warming scenes I devoured this book in a few hours and couldn’t put it down it was compelling paced perfectly and had a cast of characters I became hugely invested in It is really refreshing to read a genuinely funny and warm romantic novel that is told from the point of view of a male character It’s been a long while since I’ve read one of those The book is infused with such astute and witty observations situations and characterisations that make the whole book so brilliant The Flip Side is a laugh out loud heart warming romantic comedy that will leave you pondering whether you could ever leave fate up to the flip of a coin

  6. Alison Alison says:

    DNF at 43% I should have realised when it was described as the laugh out loud comedy of the yearJosh thinks he is living his best life living and working with his girlfriend Then he proposes and she says no Suddenly his world falls apart he's out of work and back living with his parents Disappointed with his life choices Josh decides to live his life on the flip of a coin like the DicemanI think this sort of novel works better in a bigger American setting or maybe with a likeable MC generally Josh's decisions are things like should he go on a blind date set up by his mum or should he go to the pub uiz or to his ten year school reunion nothing earth shattering or frankly interesting He's jobless clueless and like a 13 year old than a 28 year old man He meets a girl randomly in the National Gallery fails to find out anything about her and lets down his friends I just didn't like him and didn't care whether he turned his life around I didn't find it funny I think it's like Marmite or Father Ted you either love it or loath itI received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review

  7. LianaReads blog LianaReads blog says:

    The flip side by James Bailey was such a fun and great story to read I enjoyed the writing the characters and the overall life experience of Josh with his turning point in life when the decisions he has to take aren’t uite the best thing he ever has done in his life I loved the banter and how reliable the situations are how sometimes he left a downhill moment to take over his life and how the author has managed to show both sides of the coin with the good and bad things that can come from that fear of taking each chapter as it comes I highly recommend this book and it’s just perfect for the long summer nights

  8. Annie Annie says:

    When Josh gets dumped on New Year’s Eve after proposing to his girlfriend on the London Eye he thinks his life is over and when subseuently this means he has to move back in with his parents he realises something has to change Despite some initial mocking from his two best mates Josh decides that with nothing else left to lose he will flip a 50p coin to make any decisions for the next 12 months and the events that follow may just change his life foreverI absolutely loved The Flip Side it was a contemporary romance with heartfelt honesty and hilarious moments As a 25 year old I found the characters were so relatable and Josh’s constant companions Jake and Jessie were the best sidekicks and their friendship was just so normal and entertainingThe storyline was a real page turner because I always wanted to know where Josh’s coin flipping would take him and I really like the fact this character left everything down to fate it actually had me thinking about the aspect of fate for ages after I finished this book I’d love to be able to revisit these characters in another book they just seem to have so much to give and I’d love to read from Bailey as I really liked his writing styleFor those looking for an enjoyable easy read which will make you laugh out loud with relatable and likeable characters then this is for you Go and read it I’d highly recommend Thanks so much to michaeljbooks for the gifted digital copy of this book and also including me on the blog tour

  9. Diamond Diamond says:

    First of all thanks to NetGalley The Publishers and The Author for providing me with ARC When I read the description I thought well that sounds interesting and I wasn't wrong The first half of the book was a bit slow paced and the events were just so repetitive But the rest was really hopeful and positive I am glad that everything turned out good in the end After all we all face ups and downs in life

  10. Novel Novice Novel Novice says:

    I really wanted to like this book it had such a charming premise some good comparisons As it started I even liked the narrative voice But I DNF'd the digital ARC at 23% I just couldn't keep torturing myself with the whiny white guy narrative I don't need whiny dude books in my life thanks And if this is truly a rom com the romantic plotline was still missing as of 23% I generally like to give books a bit longer to warm up for me but I just can't with this one

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The Flip Side ➾ [Download] ➾ The Flip Side By James Bailey ➳ – Penny wise or pound foolish A heartbroken young Brit decides to turn his love life over to the flip of a coin—in this delightfully British rom com in the vein of Jenny Colgan Rosie Curtis Nick Hornb Penny wise or pound foolish A heartbroken young Brit decides to turn his love life over to the flip of a coin—in this delightfully British rom com in the vein of Jenny Colgan Rosie Curtis Nick Hornby and David NichollsTo coin a phrase Josh is suffering a uarter life crisis He just broke up with his long term girlfriend lost his job and moved back home with his parents shudder Welcome to rock bottom in Bristol As Josh starts uestioning all his The Flip ePUB ´ life choices he has a mad thought Maybe he would just be better flipping a coin After all careful planning has landed him homeless jobless and singleWhat starts as a joke soon becomes serious and Josh decides to start putting his faith in the capriciousness of currency He doesn’t have anything to loseBut when the chance of a lifetime and the girl of his dreams are on the line will the coin guide him to a rich love life or leave him flat broke.