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The Law of Innocence ➸ The Law of Innocence Free ➮ Author Michael Connelly – Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller is back in the heartstopping new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael ConnellyDefense attorney Mickey Haller is pulled over by police who find the bo Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller is back in the heartstopping new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Michael ConnellyDefense attorney Mickey Haller is pulled over by police who find the body of a client in the trunk of his Lincoln Haller is charged with murder and can't make the exorbitant million bail slapped on him by a vindictive judgeMickey elects to defend himself and must strategize and build his defense from his jail cell in the Twin Towers Correctional Center in downtown Los Angeles all the while looking over his shoulder as an officer of the The Law PDF/EPUB or court he is an instant targetMickey knows he's been framed Now with the help of his trusted team he has to figure out who has plotted to destroy his life and why Then he has to go before a judge and jury and prove his innocenceIn his highest stakes case yet Mickey Haller fights for his life and shows why he is a worthy colleague of Atticus Finchin the front of the pack in the legal thriller game Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    Michael Connolly brings back defence lawyer Mickey Haller the half brother of Harry Bosch a Los Angeles set nail biting legal thriller a compulsive courtroom drama that sees Haller becoming uncomfortably closely acuainted with his clients experience as he finds himself framed for murder Haller is stopped by a police officer due to his missing rear licence plates When the officer opens the boot of the car there is a dead body which turns out to be a former client of Haller's the multiple convicted con man Sam Scales a man Haller had eventually stopped representing owing money Haller had given up on Before he knows it Haller finds him incarcerated in a jail cell in the Twin Towers Correctional Centre under constant threat paying for protection from black prisoner Bishop In a situation where the stakes have never been higher Haller opts to defend himselfWith the prosecution led by Dana 'Death Row' Berg Haller has a supporting team who are rock solid in their belief in his innocence his law partner Jennifer Aronson investigator Dennis 'Cisco' Wojciechowski and later joined by Harry Bosch lending his considerable expertise Haller needs all the help he can get he is hamstrung by being in jail which takes a considerable toll on his health as the weight begins to drop off his body Haller is surprised by just how much support and loyalty he receives including a grateful former client offering to pay bail his law student daughter Hayley and his ex wife prosecutor Maggie McPherson With Berg intent on doing everything she can to ensure he is convicted of murder with what appears to be a slam dunk case Haller has to work out who set him up amidst all the obstacles that litter his path his life in constant dangerAs always Connelly's research is impeccable illustrated with his attention to detail the legal process in the American justice system and the courtroom is riveting as it is applied to Haller Haller is not just chasing a not guilty verdict he needs to apply the law of innocence which states you not only have to prove you are innocent but identify the actual guilty party of the crime of which you stand accused In the novel the first inklings of the horrifying Covid 19 pandemic beginning at Wuhan in China that will go on devastate the country and the world are interspersed in a narrative that concludes with self isolation and lockdown Connolly can be relied on to write a compulsive entertaining and riveting crime thriller as he demonstrates once again here with well plotted and adrenaline fuelled storylines that had me glued to the pages until I had finished Many thanks to Orion for an ARC

  2. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    Mickey Haller never thought in a million years that he’d have to defend himself That day however has arrived When Mickey Haller is stopped during what appears to be a routine traffic stop he initially thinks nothing of it until a search of his trunk reveals the dead body of one of Haller’s former clients insideThe next thing Haller knows he’s in prison garb and awaiting a speedy trial Fortunately for Haller he has an entire team on his side including two ex wives and his half brother and retired Police Detective Harry Bosch Now he just has to prove “The Law of Innocence” meaning that in order to prove that he didn’t do it he has to prove who did The court battle ensues with Haller his law partner Jennifer and his ex wife Maggie McPherson on his side against the prosecution which has it out for him from the get go The arguments are brilliantly plotted and the action is wholly compelling For those who love courtroom thrillers The Law of Innocence delivers What I loved most besides the appearance of Harry Bosch was how the predicament Haller was put in changed his persona Haller is known for being big brash and larger than life He is a showman in the courtroom he often throws in a lot of antics and they tend to work to his advantage Here because he’s framed for a murder he didn’t commit he understands the perspective of the clients he has represented all his life That turn of events shows a softer humane side of him and it made me like him as a character I have never uite liked Mickey Haller and yet the way he was portrayed in this novel endeared him to me I loved seeing him interact with his ex wife Maggie and have high hopes for the two of them For me the characters truly brought this novel home I have read every single book Michael Connelly has ever written having started in the late 90’s and I feel like I know the characters really well and think of them as friends Can I just say that the reappearance of Maggie McPherson was something else? What I also really appreciated about this novel is the fact that it is the first one I’ve read that includes Covid 19 in the storyline Michael Connelly incorporated the virus in a very realistic way which I must give him kudos for I hope that other authors will follow suit A huge thank you goes out to Edelweiss Little Brown and Company Hachette Book Group and Michael Connelly for the arc of this book which will be published on November 10 2020Review originally published in Mystery and Suspense Magazine on 10220Also published on Edelweiss and Goodreads on 10420

  3. Liz Liz says:

    Michael Connelly is one of my favorite authors I’m a fan of each of his main characters This is the first time we’ve heard from Micky Haller in a while although he’s made appearances in others of MC’s series This time he’s in uite a fix He’s pulled over for a traffic stop and a body is found in the trunk of his car He’s obviously being framed but by whom? The book moves at a super swift pace With Connelly you never know where he’s going to take you It’s never a straight line to the finish And even as he hones in on who may be to blame how will he prove it? Because let’s face it just because he’s innocent won’t mean he couldn’t be found guilty “The only way to prove I didn’t do it is to prove who didthat’s the law of innocence”Harry Bosch even makes an appearance investigating angles to help his half brother There’s lots of legal meat here in addition to the mystery aspect It worked perfectly to keep my interest no mean feat these days I tore through this book in less than two days I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an engrossing legal thriller In an interesting turn this is the first fiction I’ve read that incorporates the Corona 19 Virus It makes me wonder how many will as time goes on My thanks to netgalley and Little Brown for an advance copy of this book

  4. Mandy White Mandy White says:

    2 new Michael Connelly books in 2020 yes please Especially when they both bring back characters that we haven't seen for a while Fair Warning earlier this year saw the return of Jack McEvoy and now we have a new Mickey Haller book who said 2020 was all bad?The Lincoln Lawyer is back After a night celebrating another not guilty verdict Mickey Haller is heading home He is soon pulled over by police for an apparent missing license plate But the cop sees something dripping from the boot of the Lincoln and opens it up Mickey is arrested for murder and finds himself on the other side of the bars Unable to make bail he works his own case from inside the walls of Twin Towers with the help of his teamThe Law of Innocence sees the whole gang together Harry Bosch Mickey's half brother Cisco and his ex wife Maggie just to name a few As always he is fearless in his pursuit for the truth even so seeing as it is his life on the line Set just before the global pandemic of 2020 it is a fast paced page turner and this long time Michael Connelly fan was in heaven This one might be my new favourite Lincoln Lawyer bookMickey is a wonderful character and it was great to see him centre stage again He is a shrewd lawyer and he will need every trick in his book for this case His reputation proceeds him and will call in any favours he canI know that I gush over Michael Connelly books but they are seriously good and I cannot recommend them Do yourself a favour and get to know Mickey Haller and his friends you will not be disappointedA huge thank you to the lovely people at Allen and Unwin for my advanced copy of this fantastic book to read

  5. Christina Christina says:

    Mickey Haller is back with his most important capital murder client yet Mickey HallerI tell you I have loved Michael Connelly for years and when he has a SECOND new book out this year AND I get to preview it early it is like Christmas coming early And though I usually prefer the Bosch books I dare to say that this is Connelly’s best Mickey Haller book yet I mean is there a better setup than the police pulling over the Lincoln Lawyer only to find a body in his famous trunk? And that’s just the beginningThe story from there is Connelly’s usual brand of fantastic but with even intensity and higher stakes because this time the life Mickey is saving in court is his own Connelly lays out his usual perfectly written and fastidiously researched tale As a former criminal lawyer I can tell you that not only I but many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle comprise an ongoing fanclub for Connelly for just how right he always gets criminal procedure police procedure and the law and justice in general I sure wish every cop I ever worked with was like Harry Bosch and I also wish I had an opportunity to go up against and probably be wrecked in court by the great Mickey HallerThis is a great nuanced work with cameos from all of our favorites Bosch Cisco and some particularly wonderful scenes I loved watching Mickey pick his own jury and also loved a totally ingenious bail argument that I’m sure defense attorneys around the country will soon be stealing But most of all I loved the reinvigoration of an old relationship of Mickey’s No spoilers but if you know you know and you’ll love it as I did Though this isn’t the first Lincoln Lawyer book it works perfectly as a standalone and is in my opinion even better than the original first Lincoln Lawyer bookAn easy five stars and one of my favorite books this year — this book has heart gravity and import You will learn and feel as you read about the wrongful accusation against a character you know and love It is also amazing and eually compelling how Connelly worked the pandemic into the plot Highly recommended to both new readers and Connelly fansHuge thanks to Little Brown NetGalley and the amazing Michael Connelly for his brilliant ongoing perspective on justice and the law

  6. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Author Michael Connelly gifts us with a second book in this pandemic year and I for one am deeply appreciative THE LAW OF INNOCENCE features Mickey Haller of Lincoln Lawyer fame boxed into such a tight frame up that it’s difficult to imagine how he will get himself out He starts the book celebrating a courtroom win and in no time finds himself tangled up in a case defending himself on trumped up charges that escalate over time At first blush he can’t even figure out who’s out to get him although the list seems expansive For Connelly fans Bosch Haller’s half brother plays an active role in the case and it’s a pleasure to have the retired detective involved There is something bittersweet about author Connelly’s choice to have his characters age appropriately throughout his books Many authors leave their characters alone forever frozen in time as iconic cutouts unchanging and in stasis Here we have Mickey Haller as an older character with a daughter in law school and a previously ended relationship that lasted longer than both of his marriages combined That makes sense time wise since ‘his’ last book but is a big jump in his life as we knew it in that last book This method answers uestions readers may have about the characters but well life passes uickly and we can sense the change all the when our favorite characters age This is predominately a courtroom drama and as such is taut and dynamic I could not put it down and read the book straight through in one long arc I loved it Yes I pictured the characters as their movieTV actors That made it fun oddly enough There are twists and turns in the tale and red herrings galore We’ve waited awhile for a Mickey Haller centric book and it was worth the wait This was a joy to read I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley

  7. Craig Sisterson Craig Sisterson says:

    Recent novels from Connelly the modern maestro of LA crime writing have focused on the investigations of long running hero Harry Bosch andor Detective Renee Ballard a fierce new protagonist seeking justice in Bosch’s old stomping grounds in LAPD Hollywood Division Bosch’s half brother sly defense attorney Mickey Haller has made guest appearances but in The Law of Innocence ‘the Lincoln Lawyer’ has top billingAnd the stakes couldn’t be any higher Haller finds himself charged with first degree murder when the body of a former client a conman who ripped off many including Haller is discovered in the trunk of Haller’s car The DA’s office has come out guns blazing to convict a man who’s thwarted them on so many occasions There’s forensic evidence to back their case and star prosecutor ‘Death Row’ Dana Berg is determined to put Haller behind bars for the rest of his life Or keep him there – as thanks to a vindictive judge Haller has to prepare for the trial of his life while in custody He’s made plenty of enemies over the years did one set him up? Will others take their shots at him now?Connelly delivers a rip snorting legal thriller that offers plenty of courtroom parry and thrust while also giving readers fascinating insights into trial preparation and strategy with action aplenty even before the jury hears opening statements Connelly’s keen insights into the realities of a flawed criminal justice system as well as the character relationships elevate this novel and the whole series to the top of the legal thriller class

  8. Natalie Natalie says:

    Thank you Michael Connelly Thank you Netgalley This was without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read this year During these stressful months concentration and focus are sometimes difficult This book came along at exactly the right time which proves I am still capable of being totally engaged Michael Haller the Lincoln lawyer is arrested for murder and we are lucky enough to join him and watch the trial This book is perfect The plot drew me in from start to finish Yes there were recurring characters but it works perfectly fine as a stand alone I was breathlessly involved with Haller and literally loathed the prosecutor Boo hiss That’s great writingHonestly this is the reason that Connelly is so loved by fans like me I could not have asked for a better gift than this terrific novel Truly grateful for this ARC and I urge Connelly fans to sink into this book

  9. Unseen Library Unseen Library says:

    In this latest Waiting on Wednesday entry I look at the next upcoming novel from the master of crime fiction Michael Connelly The Law of InnocenceSay what you will about 2020 at least we are getting not one but two fantastic crime fiction releases from Michael Connelly I myself am only a recent reader of Connelly’s work but I have been having an incredible time reading his latest novels including the 2018 release Dark Sacred Night last year’s The Night Fire which was one of my favourite books of 2019 and his first novel of 2020 Fair Warning which proved to be uite an impressive read After enjoying these other books I was very excited to find out that The Law of Innocence was coming out in the second half of 2020 This book is currently set for release on 10 November 2020 and will follow one of Connelly’s most famous recurring characters Mickey Haller the Lincoln LawyerMickey Haller is a relatively new character from Connelly having been first introduced in 2005’s The Lincoln Lawyer which was later adapted into a movie starring Matthew McConaughey Connelly has gone on to write another four Mickey Haller novels and the character has appeared in supporting roles in several of his Harry Bosch novels due to the revelation that the two protagonists are half brothers The Law of Innocence will be the sixth book to feature Haller as the main character and it will be the 35th overall novel in Connelly’s connected universe The Mickey Haller books differ from Connelly’s other crime fiction novels as they are legal thrillersmysteries with Haller working in the courtroom and often solving the murders or crimes that his clients are charged with This upcoming novel sounds like it has another great case involved with it as Haller will have to defend his most important client ever himself This is a pretty awesome plot synopsis and I love the idea of Haller having to defend himself in court for a murder that he is being framed for This story has a lot of potential for legal shenanigans unconventional defence strategies and entertaining court scenes and I look forward to seeing how the protagonist plans to get out of this one It will also be interesting to see what sort of compelling mystery Connelly weaves around this case and I am rather curious to find out who is trying to frame Haller and why One particularly intriguing part of the books is going to revolve around how Haller survives in prison and you just know that he is going to run into some old clients and adversaries while in there Long term readers of Connelly’s work will also be excited to know that his main protagonist Harry Bosch is set to play a major role in the novel and he will no doubt attempt to help his brother try to find the real killer I look forward to seeing of their fun dynamic; the two of them should make for an enjoyable teamOverall I am extremely excited for The Law of Innocence and I cannot wait to dive into it when it comes out Based on how much I have enjoyed all my previous Connelly experiences I already know that I am going to absolutely love this book especially as this upcoming release has an exceptionally captivating sounding plot The Law of Innocence is one of my most anticipated releases for the second half of 2020 and I have extremely high hopes for it I truly believe that this book has the potential to be one of the best pieces of crime fiction in 2020 and it should turn out to be an outstanding readFor other exciting reviews and content check out my blog at

  10. Donna Hines Donna Hines says:

    First and foremost special thanks goes to Little Brown and Company for the wonderful selection of books they publish and bring to the table for review via auto approvalI couldn't click the read now button fast enough and when I read this it was a no brainerMichael Connelly is a huge fan favorite among many including myself and this one seals that deal in ways than oneIt's timely it's suspenseful it's downright masterfulRemember this melody Hey Mickey you're so fine You're so fine you blow my mind?If so then you'll know Mickey is big bold brash and determined to get out of any predicament especially when falsely accused of 'murder'I'm not sure how Sam Scales ended up in his trunk but I sure as hell love the name of this character and enjoyed reading all about him and the possibilities that came with this novelThis was central to the intel legal maneuvering and courtroom drama and had an ample amount of each within this tightly knit thrillerLets face it Mickey ain't working solo Hell NO He's got a team including two ex wives and a half bro helping him secure innocencePerhaps the law will be on his side or perhaps notEither way crimes of passion intensity with motive usually involve money and the fact that clients of these attorneys usually have difficult making payment could be just one angle to entertain but may not be all angles as there were several to endureCould this be a perfect scenario of a 'frame job?'What if the ruling that's handed down is an open ended one and not a finale?Guilt or innocence depends on many factors that're often based solely upon 'legal standards' and or 'criminal statutes'Are you readyLoved this newest gem by Michael Connelly and I'm thrilled I had the golden opportunity with the auto approval to read this oneI hope you find this review well and I hope you enjoy this as much as I have

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