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We Keep the Dead Close [PDF / Epub] ☉ We Keep the Dead Close By Becky Cooper – Buyprobolan50.co.uk You have to remember he reminded me that Harvard is older than the US government You have to remember he reminded me the Dead Epub á that Harvard is older than the US government.

  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • We Keep the Dead Close
  • Becky Cooper
  • 10 January 2014
  • 9781538746837

10 thoughts on “We Keep the Dead Close

  1. Julie Ehlers Julie Ehlers says:

    True crime is not usually my thing so I was apprehensive when the ARC of We Keep the Dead Close turned up in my mailbox It looked interesting but would it be lurid and sensationalistic? Fortunately the answer is a resounding Nope This was like a 400 page New Yorker article mind bogglingly well researched and engrossing with a painstaking amount of scene setting that pulled me in and made the milieu of 1960s Harvard come alive for better and for worseThe ick factor I typically feel for true crime writing I realized comes when there's a level of focus on the killer that's almost idealizing as if murders are just a by product of their fascinating personalities We Keep the Dead Close avoids that particular pitfall by concentrating as much on the victim and the time and place as on the potential killers And given that there's than one suspect all of them literally suspected by multiple people in the Harvardarchaeology community delving into their psyches felt necessary to the process of figuring out who did itBecause that's the other thing about this book When Cooper started writing it the murder was unsolved so although the death isn't trivialized in any way the book had a page turning uality for me born of the desperate need for justice to be served Because of this I recommend NOT googling this murder before you start reading Let yourself find out as the author does with the full weight of her research behind you And speaking of the author Cooper was obsessed with this murder for years and she does spend some time addressing her own issues that led to this obsession This feels necessary to the larger story but at the same time Cooper understands that no one is really here to listen to her talk about herself and she does an impressive job of balancing it with all the other angles she covers Really she juggles so many different elements in this book that it's amazing it works as well as it doesIt's true that all the research did make the book feel a bit long at times so if I'd written this review immediately after finishing I might have rounded my 45 stars down to 4 But nearly a week later I remain thoroughly impressed with everything this haunting book accomplished so I'm rounding up RecommendedI won this ARC in a Shelf Awareness giveaway; thank you to the publisher My opinions as always are my own

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway I haven’t won one in a very long time I hope it’s good

  3. Quirkyreader Quirkyreader says:

    First off I won this as a goodreads giveaway Thank you Grand Central Publishing and Hachette Book GroupThis book is completely different from other books I have read in the True Crime Genre It was a combination of a memoir and a True Crime narrative Often as readers we forget how these cases effect the writers who are trying to make sense of them In this book Becky Cooper writes about what was happening to her during her research It makes you think how Ann Rule and other True Crime writers dealt with what they were experiencing I hope that writers follow Ms Cooper’s exampleTry and find this one when it comes out

  4. Jessica Woodbury Jessica Woodbury says:

    Writing a work of true crime that includes your own personal story is a risky proposition I have seen it done very well and I have seen it done very very badly I approach the subgenre with some skepticism because there needs to be a reason that you belong in this story that is than the fact that you are the person who happens to be telling it As a work of true crime this is a very solid entry that wants to do right by everyone in it victim and suspect and witness alike As a work of memoir though it's lacking It's clear that Cooper sees her emotional entanglement in the case she's investigating as worthy of consideration And I agree with her that it is the way women in particular tend to become obsessed by stories of true crime where they are similar to the victims is discussed in the book SAVAGE APPETITES and I think we have so much to explore there but Cooper never fully brings us into the depths of her obsession in a way that makes it or her come alive to us Generally I found this a strong piece of reporting and that Cooper really understands the way it tells us something about academia generally and Harvard specifically about archaeology generally and this department specifically about gender dynamics generally and these relationships specifically I wondered if she'd talked to every single archaeologist of a certain generation by the time she was done with her reporting I also appreciated the way she tied other stories together though there are some strange absences Another similar murder committed nearby of a woman of similar age just a month later is mentioned several times but not given any of the same detail she gives to several other possible crimes and incidents There is some definite weirdness happening in the investigation and it's clear that that's part of why the crime wasn't solved but that's also mostly neglected To the extent that Cooper involves herself in the story to tell us about the logistics of the reporting everything works When she tries to go past that the book flounders It starts to feel like of a stunt than anything at times including the weeks Cooper spends on an archaeological dig herself which she only spends a few pages on and it's unclear how they contribute to her understanding of the narrative Cooper tells us she is getting lost in the story that she feels connected to Jane but besides the fact that they were both white women at Harvard with the same hair color we don't really understand why and she never opens up enough for it to make senseMy one major critiue of the true crime elements are that Cooper stops short and doesn't take her conclusions far enough She has such interesting theses here but then drops them flat when the story starts to get tied up This is not a spoiler we know very early that law enforcement eventually identifies the killer while Cooper is writing the book All the uestions she's considering about the way men in archaeology prey upon and disregard women which have been laid out to us for much of the book disappear in a fog Her jumping around structure has built a significant amount of tension and she's introduced suspect after suspect to us To me the arguments she's built here mean something outside of who killed Jane The fact that people point her in so many directions that they are able to identify so many men in Jane's orbit that could have killed her that alone is worth really examining Even than that what does it mean that all it took was a handful of negative traits for so many people to be convinced it was one man or another? And why is it that everyone was satisfied to take their criticisms of these men to sensational rumor rather than doing LITERALLY ANYTHING to remove them from their positions or to change the system they operated in? By the end of the book there was so much I wanted to dive into but Cooper seemed to feel like everything was closing off instead of opening up and I definitely disagree with her To me it showed how she was perhaps too involved in the narrative to be able to see these things clearly Instead Cooper seems to get totally thrown by the closing of the case she loses her narratives entirely and the end of the book floundersI think most true crime readers will find this very satisfying and like it much than I did Like I said I can be a real skeptic of the genre The way Cooper bounces around in the investigation saving reveals like a novelist gives the book a real momentum It takes effort to not just google it and find out who the killer is when you know that the crime eventually gets solved and you realize she's going to make you wait until the end to find out It's an effective pageturner but I think there's some unrealized potential

  5. Katie B Katie B says:

    35 starsThis true crime book featured a fascinating case but I thought the author inserted herself into the story often than necessary Stuff like her dating life or going to a bachelorette party was odd filler I would have been completely fine if the author condensed her thoughts about how the case and victim related to her life and stuck it in the Author's Notes at the end of the book It's not that I don't think her thoughts aren't worthy or interesting but at some points it was feeling like a half memoirhalf true crime read In 1969 Jane Britton was a graduate student in Harvard's Anthropology Department She was found bludgeoned to death in her apartment and her case remained unsolved for almost 50 years One of the popular rumors was a married professor killed her after she threatened to expose their affair The author of this book Becky Cooper became interested in the case while she was an undergrad at Harvard and spent 10 years trying to uncover the truth about who killed Jane In 2018 the world finally got some answers as this decades old cold case was deemed solvedBy far the strength of this true crime book is it reads like a whodunit mystery There's than one suspect and just as I would start to get a feel for what I think happened the author would shift gears and present other information about the case I've read many true crime books over the years and it's pretty rare to not know who the killer is until the very end of the book The pace was a little slow at times but it's worth sticking around to find out the resolution of the caseThe author spent many years researching the murder of Jane and in some parts of the book it was confusing trying to figure out the timeline for when she was interviewing people or gathering info The execution of the book might not have been the best but I do recommend checking this one out if you are a fan of the true crime genreI won an advance copy of this book in a giveaway by Novel Suspects and Grand Central Publishing All views expressed are my honest opinion

  6. Rennie Rennie says:

    I’ve been wary and just generally sick of the recent true crimememoir trend of authors inserting themselves into narratives when they have nothing to do with the crime story they want to tell So I approached this with caution This book is exactly how it should be done though Either do it this good which obviously took a massive amount of work or don’t do it all Impeccable research beautifully elouent writing and she did every facet of the story and its many players justice The author says she spent around a decade of her life pursuing this and figuring out how to tell it and it shows This was both page turningly compelling and very meaningful in its attention to bigger societal issues than merely “let’s gawk at this terrible story” Don’t google the case before reading it by the way Seriously don’t The way this unfolds and following along as she learns things herself and how meticulously she’s structured that is a reading experience that doesn’t happen like this very often

  7. Cazlam Cazlam says:

    This was one of those books that you read a few pages go about your day then get a twinge of excitement remembering you have it there waiting for you to continue I am not sure how to feel about the ending — but I think that is the the point

  8. Toni Toni says:

    Incredible true crime impeccably researched over ten years solid writing You'll want to read it twice just to make sure you didn't miss a wordPub date 111020Will return with full review

  9. Ben Ben says:

    Heartfelt and heart pounding

  10. Brittany Brittany says:

    I shy away from true crime books There is enough in the world that haunts the news that I find myself avoiding it in my recreational reading But after listening to the publisher's Book Buzz at ALA Virtual I figured I needed to give it a tryWOWThe case itself is full of twists and turns Christie esue in its ability to present evidence of guilt and innocence for every party And the resolution is truly one I didn't see comingBut the thing that I find most significant about this book is Cooper's care in not making it a book about the culture of murder fan girling It is a reporter investigating a cold case littered with impossible obstacles It's also an insightful look at how sexism affects women in so many aspects of lifeI read this book in two days I had to put it down halfway through because I was reading at night and I was actually scared despite knowing I had locked every door and shuttered every window It's terrifying and fascinating and frustrating and so well written Honestly I can't recommend this enough even if I have to sleep with the lights on for a while

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