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The Best of Me ❮Download❯ ➺ The Best of Me ✤ Author David Sedaris – David Sedaris’s best stories and essays spanning his remarkable career—as selected by the author himself For than twenty five years David Sedaris has been carving out a uniue literary space virtua David Sedaris’s best stories and essays spanning his remarkable career—as selected by the author himself For than twenty five years David Sedaris has been carving out a uniue The Best MOBI :º literary space virtually creating his own genre A Sedaris story may seem confessional but is also highly attuned to the world outside It opens our eyes to what is at absurd and moving about our daily existence And it is almost impossible to read without laughing   Now for the first time collected in one volume the author brings us his funniest and most memorable work In these stories Sedaris shops for rare taxidermy hitchhikes with a lady uadriplegic and spits a lozenge into a fellow traveler’s lap He drowns a mouse in a bucket struggles to say “give it to me” in five languages and hand feeds a carnivorous bird   But if all you expect to find in Sedaris’s work is the deft and sharply observed comedy for which he became renowned you may be surprised to discover that his words bring warmth than mockery fellow feeling than derision Nowhere is this clearer than in his writing about his loved ones In these pages Sedaris explores falling in love and staying together recognizing his own aging not in the mirror but in the faces of his siblings losing one parent and coming to terms—at long last—with the other   Taken together the stories in The Best of Me reveal the wonder and delight Sedaris takes in the surprises life brings him No experience he sees is uite as he expected—it’s often harder fraught and certainly weirder—but sometimes it is also much richer and wonderful   Full of joy generosity and the incisive humor that has led David Sedaris to be called “the funniest man alive” Time Out New York The Best of Me spans a career spent watching and learning and laughing—uite often at himself—and invites readers deep into the world of one of the most brilliant and original writers of our time.

  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • The Best of Me
  • David Sedaris
  • 16 June 2016
  • 9780316628242

About the Author: David Sedaris

Barrel Fever in Each of his four subseuent essay collections.

10 thoughts on “The Best of Me

  1. Susan W Susan W says:

    Hello it’s David Sedaris Mostly old favorites but some I didn’t remember But you can always reread David Sedaris

  2. Becca Becca says:

    Perfection for these endless days of worry and anxiety One of the most entertaining honest uirky and unashamed writers I have read Sedaris' stories inner monologue and personality are seemingly so strange and yet he always finds a way to get to the depth of the human spirit and the love and joy in the messy chaos that is normal lifeDefinitely some re readlistens for Sedaris fans but that's not the worst thing to happen this year is it?

  3. Josh Josh says:

    I love listening to Sedaris read his stories He’s such a good storyteller and humorist While avid fans like me have likely read most of the stories within I still enjoyed it The chronology also puts on display how he has matured as a writer with increasing depth over time and touches of sorrow and melancholy added in that give him of a three dimensionality than you find in earlier work Thanks to Librofm for the free listening copy

  4. Chris Loop Chris Loop says:

    A great place to start for anyone unfamiliar with Sedaris and great for longtime readers His ability to make the mundane humorous in a way only he can I was fortunate enough to win a copy from goodreads and it will be a great reread whenever a pick up is needed

  5. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    I love David Sedaris He has a great sarcastic sense of humor that he tempers with sharp human interest observations Sweet and funnywickedly sharp and poignant These are repeat stories but still worth a read Listening to the audio of David reading his own work is even better

  6. Suellen Suellen says:

    • Recommended in ModernMrsDarcycom 2020 Fall Reading Preview

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