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  1. Literary Soirée Literary Soirée says:

    That gorgeous cover grabs you and the story of three courageous women during WWII won’t let you go This is Soraya M Lane at her finest We meet journalist Ella in the States when she’s found out for submitting stories under a male pseudonym and loses her job “No women are allowed to write here” she’s toldThen in Italy during a heated battle with the Germans American photojournalist Danni covering the action is told “No women allowed on the battle field”Finally there’s Chloe Vogue model who’s had a fling with Gabriel a charming French editor After returning to London for three years she finds a sneaky way to get to Nazi occupied France to see himThese gutsy women never give up Danni and Ella now in England sneak onto a hospital ship heading to Normandy becoming the first photog and writer covering the battle on the beaches Chloe finds Gabriel in Paris and longs for him to marry her Yes he’ll sleep with her but his true love is the French Resistance She ends up as cook and housekeeper for his group feeling useless unloved and unsafe After Normandy Danni pushes relentlessly to fulfill a promise to her dearest friend He wants her to find his sister Chloe in France She and Ella steal an Army jeep and make their way inland to rescue her What the three encounter will keep you captive ‘til the last page A totally engrossing tale that takes you ‘cross the globe and into the lives of fierce women who impact history during a hellish time 5 of 5 StarsPub Date 01 Nov 2020Thanks to Soraya M Lane Publishing UK and NetGalley for the review copy Opinions are mine #TheLastCorrespondent #NetGalley

  2. Joanna Joanna says:

    ARC Review The Last Correspondent by Soraya M Lane First I would like to extend my gratitude to Soraya M Lane for the invitation to read your latest work and thank you to Netgalley for all your help  Please note that I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my ownThe Last Correspondent was one of my top anticipated books of 2020 and I was not disappointed This novel is dynamic and exciting  The pacing is excellent and immediately pulls you in The Last Correspondent like many of Soraya M Lane's novels  has three main characters  As always each character is distinct and is their own person  I can honestly say that I can never decide which of her characters is my favourite  I have loved all of the main characters in all of the authors books Danni in particular stood out as we share a passion for photography and that shared passion helped me to see things from her perspective  I loved that Ella went from hiding from behind a male pseudonym to claiming her place along side tge male correspondents I found that Chloe Danni and Ella share an inner strength and have a belief in fighting for what you believe in  This trait in particular is one that makes the characters relatable  We may not all be models or journalists or photographers but at some point what we believe in has been challenged or there have been hurdles between is and our dreams  That our protagonists face extraordinary odds in extraoridinary times make the stakes that much higher but no less relatable or heartbreaking There are many close calls and multiple pull at the heartstrings moments for our protagonists  I believe that the reader's emotional response to characters is a testament of how well the author has developed their characters and the events they have placed their characters in  This book gave me all the feels when the protagonists were peril or suffering a personal loss  I am so excited about The Last Correspondent and I can't wait for others to read it too I can't wait to see what Ms Lane will come up with next

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    The Last Correspondent by Soraya M Lane is an excellent historical fiction novel that is based during WWII This novel focusses on the unsung heroines consisting of the war journalists photographers and correspondents that traveled overseas and reported on and documented the battles atrocities and soldiers These brave women risked their lives to be able to be a part of the war to document the events for the public as well as for history Without some of these huge findings there would be large parts of history that would be lost to us for forever I loved being able to read about WWII from a different angle This book sets itself apart from its crowd by selecting an occupation and a group of individuals that are not heavily written about I loved learning this In this novel the author alternates her chapters with each chapter centering around one of three women that all seem different at first from different countries lives and experiences but yet due to times and situations all become close and derive strength from one another and survive due to their friendships loyalty and similarities I loved reading about Ella Danni and Chloe I loved that despite their differences they all bonded together and brought out the best in one another I loved each woman's story the changes and development that occurred with each one respectively and how they found their own positive endings in their own lives and with one another I especially enjoyed the Author's Afterward in which I was able to learn about real life war journalists ex Martha Gellhorn and have been researching about her since I finished this novel I love when I am able to learn something new all the while enjoying an amazing historical fiction novel The author also clarified what was fact fiction and what was slightly altered in order to fit the storyline appropriately This was an amazing story of strength love friendship overcoming adversity and triumph over evil with great characters and an excellent and memorable plot I have loved every book that I have ever read by Ms Lane and this book is a definite positive addition to her previous works 55 stars Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion I am posting this review to my GR Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my Instagram and BN accounts upon publication

  4. Carol Deegan Carol Deegan says:

    Reading historical fiction has become enjoyable to me as I learn about the “behind the scenes” things that went on during World War II I haven’t ever thought about This book is an excellent depiction of female journalists and photographers and the lengths they went to toward being able to report actual events of the war the soldiers and the conditions despite being banned from the front Told from the perspective of three amazing women the story reveals the strong personalities and strengths of their diverse backgrounds The book is based on actual characters and happenings of the war I would recommend this book to anyone interested in historical fiction I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher All opinions expressed are my own

  5. Eva K (journeyofthepages) Eva K (journeyofthepages) says:

    If you love historical fiction that portrays strong female characters and their dramatic horrific and brave experiences of war this novel is for you Set in the early 1940s and inspired by the true accounts of female war correspondents during WWII Lane tells the stories of war from the perspective of Ella an American journalist Danni an American photographer and Chloe the little sister of a British male journalist AndyElla and Danni are badass women bucking prejudices and restrictions against women reporting on and being around war Even when told over and over again that they don't belong or they're not allowed or they shouldn't be there their passion and duty to report on the war is unwavering Chloe is young naive and a bit selfish but the war changes her as it does everyone and she grows into yet another badass womanThe narrative centers around the horrific events of the historic day when allied forces landed on Omaha Beach of Normandy France known as D Day This invasion ultimately turned the tides of war leading to victory over Nazi GermanyThis story is fast paced and truly gripping; the pace of the narrative and the content itself had my heart racing and my stomach flip flopping The story moves along very uickly but that adds to the urgency of what the characters are experiencing Ella and Danni have a single goal get the truth from the front lines to the front pageEven though the narrative is fast paced it still allows for sufficiently developing characters The Last Correspondent has a little bit of everything a historical fiction novel might have; friendship and family conflicts love and romance action and suspense history and realismThis novel is one of my top ten reads of 2020 and I highly recommend itThank you netgalley publishing and author sorayalaneauthor for the Advanced Review Copy of THE LAST CORRESPONDENT in exchange for an honest review All opinions herein are my ownPUBLICATION DATE November 1 2020

  6. Linda Linda says:

    This book pulls no punches as it follows three women across France in the harrowing last days of WWII All three are struggling to find themselves as they try to persevere in a man's world It's bad enough that a war is raging all around them But they have to fight their battles among their own ranks too Their lives come together in unexpected ways as the harsh realities of war rain down around them Danni and Ella are just as good at their jobs as their male counterparts Maybe better than some But they find themselves restricted at every turn because of their gender Chloe just wants to be with the man she loves but is finding that difficult under circumstances she could never have anticipated This is a gritty novel that tells the story of women who just want to do their jobs to the best of their ability but find themselves stymied at every turn Still as they keep trying they have to learn to navigate a reality they didn't expect The suspense builds with every chapter and it kept me reading late into the night I highly recommend this story and will be reading books by this author Thank you to Soraya Lane and Annie McDonnell for the advance reader's copy

  7. Carla Suto Carla Suto says:

    THE LAST CORRESPONDENT by Soraya Lane is a beautifully written and emotional work of historical fiction that is inspired by true events and people It is the story of three courageous women whose paths cross in war ravaged France during World War II Ella Franks is an American journalist who loses her job when her editor finds out she has been writing under a male pseudonym With nothing left to lose she heads overseas determined to become a war correspondent Danni Bradford is a daring British photojournalist that has made her way into the male dominated world of war reporting but she soon learns she will be left behind when only male correspondents are allowed to cover the unfolding events in Normandy She will stop at nothing to be part of the delegation that will witness the landing at Omaha Beach Later Ella and Danni will meet Chloe the sister of Danni’s partner Andy who has stumbled into the French Resistance and whose life is in danger the longer she remains in France The three women must band together if they are to survive their perilous circumstances The story alternates between the points of view of the three main characters I found myself cheering for the strength resilience and compassion these brave women exhibited THE LAST CORRESPONDENT is a gripping story of friendship loyalty and survival that will stay on my mind for a long time to come Thank you to the author publisher and NetGalley for the chance to read an early copy

  8. Deidre Butkus Deidre Butkus says:

    Many thanks to NetGalley for the ARC of this book I’ve always loved Soraya’s stories and this one is no different This book follows Ella a journalist and Danni a photographer as the two make their way to Normandy and cover the D Day invasion A third woman Chloe has her own tale and is interwoven with Ella and Danni I held my breath for most of this story as I never knew what was going to happen Adventure twists and turns love and the war are all vital pieces of this story I highly recommend this book as Ella and Danni were true heroes and lead the way for women correspondents within the war The battles and choices they had to make weren’t easy ones and they were brave to pursue their dream

  9. Dilly Dilly says:

    World War II always excites me So when I received my NetGalley ARC I was than happy to indulgeThe setting of this novel is in 1943 in a few different locations such as London Paris Bayeux and Normandy There are three main characters Danni Ella and Chloe They are going to the front lines of the war on their own accounts They each have their own goal to achieve During this time women were not permitted to travel to the front lines Thus what they are going to do is dangerousThe author writes from a fresh perspective than many World War II novels In the beginning the novel is slow paced but in the end it returns to a steady paceThe story is told from 3 different points of view There is a smooth transition between those points of view There is no abrupt change of tense The paragraphs are light and short The language is evocative It portrays the difficulties women had to endeavor to go to the front lines Although the ending is somewhat cliched I enjoyed reading itThe characterization is stereotyped to some extent Danni being audacious and bold and a true daredevil She doesn’t stop until she achieves her target Ella is sensitive and empathetic yet brave and courageous at the same time What I really liked was Chloe’s growth from a credulous impulsive girl to a thoughtful and hardworking personI think it is fair to say that the author has done a satisfactory job of bringing the true horrors of war to light Also she does a commendable job in delineating the difficulties women had to undergo in order to report the true colors of war Recommended for everyone who enjoys a good war fictionThank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC This review is unbiased and my own honest opinion

  10. Miriam Miriam says:

    The blurb for this was intruuing and as I had read another of Soyara's books and enjoyed it I reuested it The first part was good and I liked Danni and Ella as they were strong independent women who were opening up opportunities for the next generation of women journalists and then the story changed as they became romantically involved and seemed to lose their spark The book is well written and this wouldn't stop me reading by the author in the future

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The Last Correspondent [Reading] ➿ The Last Correspondent Author Soraya M. Lane – When journalist Ella Franks is unmasked as a woman writing under a male pseudonym she loses her job But having risked everything to write she refuses to be silenced and leaps at the chance to become a When journalist Ella Franks is unmasked as a woman writing under a male pseudonym she loses her job But having risked everything to write she refuses to be The Last PDF/EPUB or silenced and leaps at the chance to become a correspondent in war torn FranceAlready entrenched in the thoroughly male arena of war reporting is feisty American photojournalist Danni Bradford Together with her best friend and partner Andy she is determined to cover the events unfolding in Normandy And to discover the whereabouts of Andy’s flighty sister Vogue model Chloe who has followed a lover into the French ResistanceWhen trailblazing efforts turn to tragedy Danni Ella and Chloe are drawn together and soon form a formidable team Each woman is determined to follow her dreams ‘no matter what’ and to make her voice heard over the noise of warEurope is a perilous place with danger at every turn They’ll need to rely on each other if they are to get their stories back and themselves out alive Will the adventure and love they find be worth the journey of their lives.