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The Guide Dog Mystery ❴BOOKS❵ ⚡ The Guide Dog Mystery Author Gertrude Chandler Warner – The Boxcar Children are invited to spend a week at the Greenfield Guide Dog school The Boxcar Children are invited to spend a week at the Greenfield Guide Dog The Guide Kindle - school.

10 thoughts on “The Guide Dog Mystery

  1. Jamie Leeper Jamie Leeper says:

    I am 52 years old and usually read adult books Recently I have been getting some young peoples books too They are easy to read and very enjoyable I love the Boxcar Children mysteries In this story the kids go for a week to visit a dog training school where they train dogs for the blind There is a shadow moving outside at night and they see it from their window A mystery needing to be solved Very good book

  2. Angie Angie says:

    Lizzie I love this book The boxcar children are soooooo helpful I think all boxcar help you learn I have learned a lot.I love learning about animals I love hearing the sounds I love learning about guide dogs in this book.

  3. Josiah Josiah says:

    A good book, but I think the series is drying up now.

  4. Lucinda Lucinda says:

    Childhood favorite Introduced me to guide dogs

  5. ABC ABC says:

    This is the best Boxcar Children Mystery book that I have read so far.At the beginning, there is a bit about seeing eye dogs I already knew the stuff, but it was new to my son.Next is the mystery In all the Boxcar books I have previously read, the mystery is quite easy to figure out, but the mystery in this particular book isdifficult to solve.

  6. Maggie Maggie says:

    I wish I had a dog like Ginger She s a really good dog and I was so glad that she wasn t stolen I really love all of Gertrude Chandler Warner s books The Box Car Children books because whenever I start one, I always really want to finish them They re always such good books.

  7. Allison McLeod Allison McLeod says:

    I loved itI chose five stars because I thought it was a really good book My favorite part was when Anna and ginger the guard dog got to go around town together and have get to know each other.

  8. Kaetlyn Kaetlyn says:

    HENRY, JESSIE, VIOLET, and BENNY go to a guide dog school and a man is trying to steal a dog Her name is Ginger She s a beautiful and good for a guide dog Then a girl is going to buy Ginger The man steals Ginger And they get her back I like that Anna gets ti keep Giner.

  9. Laura Smith Laura Smith says:

    The Boxcar Children set a great example of working together, sharing and doing the right thing This installment in the beloved series also sheds light on the seeing impaired and the incredible animals trained to help them navigate their lives without sight.

  10. Partridge Public Partridge Public says:

    WArner, Gertrude C PB

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