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    Rounded down from 2.5 stars This is a tough one to review The science, the exploration, the adventure, and the characters were all good but every time Bova attempts to write about romance, or love triangles, or sex, or really any sort of interpersonal relationship or human emotion, I ...

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    Unlike most books in a series, I actually enjoyed this one a bit than the first one It s probably because the scene was set in the first book with all the necessary technological explanations This book has quite a bit of mars exploration in it, building on the things described in the first book, but there is a lot going on with the characters in this one.This was written 6 years after the first one so the tech did not have any glaring anomalies like...

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    I enjoyed this book, it was a nice and easy read and kept my attention And although I have not read the first book in the series that didn t seem to make a difference There was a lot of exploring and problems related to living on Mars and that sort of thing But the main thing I enjoyed about this book were the characters Particularly the mix of male and female characters, all of whom contributed to the story Yes, a good book and one I was sad to come...

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    The discovery of life on Mars Navajo geologist astronaut, Jamie Waterman, blasts off to the red planet for a second time as the leader of a privately funded follow up expedition to the earth s first foray to Mars which ended on a literal cliff hanger the discovery of pueblo like cliff dwellings that seemed to indicate Mars had been inhabited in the past by intelligent life.The crew, an eclectic blend of nationalities and experts in a variety of scientific and technical fields of endeavour, direct their efforts to the completion of three distinct projects the examination of the lichen type biology and the geology of the caldera of Olympus Mons, a volcano and the highest mountain in the solar system the recovery of a priceless artifact from the much earlier Mars Pathfinder expeditions and the detailed investigation of Jamie s pueblo dwellings with a view to proving once and for all whether Mars had ever been home to an intelligent species of life.Aside from the hard sci fi themes of the Martian environment, th...

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    Return to Mars finishes what Mars started and I really feel like they might have been better as one book There was such a huge tantalizing idea dangled in front of us in the first book not only life on Mars, but intelligent life only for a rush to the ending so that we never got to actually get answers At least we do actually get answers in Return to Mars, but in such a way that it really feels like half the same book Plotwise, Return to Mars does at least explore some interesting ideas in how Martian exploration may actually take shape in the future, with private backing and a profit motive, rather than as a purely government run, scientific endeavor It s an interesting contrast to Mars at least, even if it feels like they ve taken a number of steps back from the first mission in effort to cut costs one assumes It s also interesting to see how many different threads you can fit into the story While the main thread I was originally interested in was exploring the potential dwellings Jamie saw in the first book, but there are a number of other interesting threads, involving other aspects of life on Mars, goin...

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    The sequel to Mars could quite easily be read stand alone Following the discovery of life on the Red Planet a team once ascends to conduct further research In true sequel style there is of everything that made the first one great The action starts straight away on Mars, with the scene already set Bova wastes no time with the planning stage Multiple missions with a new and diverse team mix up the action and suspense as Return provides gripping page after ...

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    Follow up novels are seldom as good as the original, this is the exception I have yet to be disappointed by a Ben Bova novel It will take some time since this work is lengthy, but it is well worth it There is a mixture of some old and some new characters ...

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    Jamie Waterman returns to Mars with four other men and three women for a much longer stay than with the first expedition Conflicts arise, and the extended stay has an effect on the crew, to say nothing about what happens because of the mix of men...

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    I loved the mixing of Native American culture and space exploration, although the antagonist was a bit of a stereotype Some fun ideas, certainly not a classic like many of Bova s others, but I would recommend it.

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    Enjoyable read The fact that the quotes at the top of some chapters from someone s diary remain of uncertain source late into the book speaks to the author s skill at writing nuanced characters On the other hand, that s not how psychosis works.

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  • Audiobook
  • Return to Mars
  • Ben Bova
  • English
  • 14 December 2019
  • 9781433263781

About the Author: Ben Bova

Ben Bova was born on November 8, 1932 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania In 1953, while attending Temple University, he married Rosa Cucinotta, they had a son and a daughter He would later divorce Rosa in 1974 In that same year he married Barbara Berson Rose.Bova is an avid fencer and organized Avco Everett s fencing club He is an environmentalist, but rejects Luddism.Bova was a technical writer fo