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The Muppet Show Book Color Illustrations Recreate Popular Features And Episodes From The First Two Years Of The Muppet Show.

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    My review of this book is just one hundred of the sobbing emoji, arranged in the shape of Kermit s face

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    This is such a fun book The book contains all kinds of skits by your favourite Muppets If you were a fan of the show you will be a fan of the book.

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    The Muppet Show for readers This is basically an entire show in book form What fun This library book is showing some pretty heavy wear and tear but it brings back such great 70s TV memories, it would be a shame for them to let it go Search for it at your library

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    Such a fun read It was like reading an episode of the show I could Imagine all the voices and the theme music If you can get your hands on this definitely pick it up for a quick and enjoyable read

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    JE Hen

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    An illustrated script to the Muppet Show, with some of my favorite sketches

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    my parents got this book for my sister and I were children I was 8just finished reading it to my own 8 year old

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    Loved it as a kid, now my mother gave me our old copy and my two year old son loves it He asks for it each night before bedtime

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    I don t know if I ever read this cover to cover, but I m sure I read all of itthan once over the course of my childhood.