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Grand Tournament (Wizards of Mickey Vol 2) When The Wizard S Apprentice, Mickey Mouse, Loses The Magic Talisman He Has Been Charged To Protect, Mickey Must Gather A Team To Win It Back In The Great Wizards Tournament But Mickey S Master Has Been Kidnapped By An Evil Force, And The Only Hope In Rescuing Him Lies In The Magic Of The Diamagic Jewels It S Up To Mickey And His Wizarding Team Of Donald Goofy To Win The Diamagics In The Grand Wizards Tournament And Fight Back The Darkness That Threatens To Rake Over Their Whole World

10 thoughts on “Grand Tournament (Wizards of Mickey Vol 2)

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    I wanted to like this book but it just didn t happen Mickey and his usual cast of charcters are back for a Wizard Tournament The storylines were just not that well put together in my opinion I enjoyed the artwork but for the price of the book, I d pass it up if I had the chance again.

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