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My Monster Mama Loves Me So [Reading] ➸ My Monster Mama Loves Me So By Laura Leuck –

She tucks me tightly into bed,
then asks me if my spider's fed
and hangs my favorite bat above me
That's how I know my mama loves me!
At once tender an She tucks me tightly into bed, then Mama Loves ePUB ´ asks me if my spider's fed and hangs my favorite bat above me That's how I know my mama loves me! At once tender and funny, this monster bedtime story is guaranteed to generate giggles, tickles, and plenty of monster hugs.

10 thoughts on “My Monster Mama Loves Me So

  1. Mariah Roze Mariah Roze says:

    This rhymed! I really enjoyed it :)

  2. Courtney Courtney says:

    Read in the second grade class, my small audience seemed to like it.

  3. Brooke Dotson Brooke Dotson says:

    This is a really good book about how this little boy knows his momma loves him. This book uses very clever rhymes that makes it fun to read aloud. Mark Buehner created very good illustrations on every page, they tie with each page very well and give you an understanding of the words. Laura Leuck did a very good job on making monsters not scary so that kids can see them as fun and silly. This book is a creative way that shows how a boy notices the things his mama does for him. This book was one of my favorites as a child, I would ask my mom to read it with me all the time.

  4. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    She tucks me tightly into bed, then asks me if my spider's fed and hangs my favorite bat above me. That's how I know my mama loves me!

    This book is the perfect example that not all monsters are scary! It follows a monster mama and her baby as they do things throughout the day. Incredibly cute rhymes and super fun illustrations. This one definitely had Charlotte laughing hysterically every time we read it. She loved the fact that the mama combed cobwebs from the baby's bangs, went swimming in the swamp, gave her baby lizard juice and even gazed at the Milky Way. It's great for Halloween or even Mother's Day, but can definitely be read all year long. Mark Buchner is also the illustrator of the popular Snowmen at Night/Work/Christmas books. He adds hidden images in his illustrations so be sure to have readers hunt for a rabbit, dinosaur or cat .

  5. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    My Monster Mama Loves Me So is a great reminder of how love is expressed through conventional and unconventional actions and words. It's a conversation starting point for how little ones perceive the love that they perceive they receive. I read this to my granddaughters in preparation for Halloween. They enjoyed the colorful monsters, buggy cookies, beastball games, and creepy crawlers. Very entertaining.

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Really cute and funny story with great rhymes! This one earned 5 stars from me because Caleb actually laughed and grabbed at one of the pictures... he's just shy of 9 months and this was the first time he really reacted to a book. I loved all of the gross and hilarious reasons why the monster mama loves her monster.

  7. Krista Krista says:

    2019: re-read, we take this out and read it every year for Halloween! Review rating hasn't changed great book.

    2018:Such a beautiful book!

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I really enjoy this book and it is great to be shared with children especially as a baed time story! This book is about a baby boy monster and his mama monster. For a children book the monsters are portrayed perfectly in a friendly loving way. They are not scary monsters but a family just like any other. The baby boy monster tells the story of how his mama monster loves him so. The story is tilled in a fun rhyming way for children to read along with. Throughout the story the baby boy monster describes his mom and how she takes care and loves him. Doing things for him such as baking him cookies filled with bugs and taking him to the swamp for a swim, and even giving him lizard juice when he is sick. The way this book is told is suppose to make children laugh and smile. I rate this book with 5 stars because I believe it teaches children the importance of family and how to take care of one another.

  9. Suzanne Kunz Williams Suzanne Kunz Williams says:

    This book shows many different ways that moms show love and care for their children. I'm not big on creepy books so that is why I'm rating this low.

    **Talking points - how does your mother show love and care for you? What are your favorite things that she does? What do you think she does that you would be your least favorite things she does?

  10. Cathi Cathi says:

    Great rhymes, sweet message, and the most outlandishly fun illustrations imaginable! Mark Buehner's illustrations are always winners, no matter what type of story he's worked with. Our kids loved this one, and it brings back some great memories.

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