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Bridezilla: True Tales from Etiquette Hell Would You Believe That A Bride Could Actually Choose Her Attendants Solely Based On Dress Size What Kind Of Groom Would Send For A Hooker On His Wedding Night What Do You Do When You Find Out You Ve Been Invited To A Wedding By A Couple Already Married After Flying Across The Country, Spending Outrageous Amounts Of Money On A Bridesmaid S Outfit, And Running Errands For The Couple, The Groom Pulled Aside One Of The Bridesmaids After The Wedding And Demanded To Know Where She Bought The Gift She Gave Them So He Could Return It For Cash This Book Is The Definitive Guide For Identifying Those Repulsive Wedding Wretches, The Bridezillas, And Learning From Their Etiquette Ignorance This Is Your Only Hope Of Salvation From Becoming One Of Their Hapless Victims, Or Worse Yet, Becoming A Bridezilla Yourself Before You Attend Another Wedding, Study These Pages Carefully And Beware Lest You Become The Newest Inhabitant Of Etiquette Hell The Bride Was Given A Lovely Shower And She Received Many Gifts However, She Failed To Send Thank You Notes Then Wedding Invitations Didn T Arrive A Week Before The Wedding, The Parents Sent A Notice Saying The Wedding Was Off But The Bride Kept All The Gifts Just The Same And Never Sent A Single Thank You Note.

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