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    Hokey title heavy s t I read _Martial Arts Madness_ and _Shadow Strategies_ years ago, but it took me quite a while to track this one down When I finally did, I wasn t disappointed I never met Dr Morris in person, but I exchanged a few emails with him during the late 90s He was candid, brilliant, iconoclastic, and downright scary in many respects Although his approach is sometimes irritatingly similar to Aleister Crowley s, he is was I heard a rumor...

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    This is my bible for many years, I still reference on occasion and have read most if not all of the books it references The author passed on April Fools Day a year ago and I believe based on who he is, he would have it no other way.

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    I found this book extremely frustrating to read I ve been a Zen practitioner for many years, but have never seriously studied any martial arts, so it s possible Morris and I just speak different languages My biggest grievance with him is his approach to enlightenment The enlightenment that Morris speaks of is way outside of everything I ve even learned in my Zen practice He makes the statement that enlightenment can be achieved in three to eight years of meditation practice, then later he speaks of all the otherworldly skills one gains by being enlightened D.T Suzuki in Zen Mind, Beginner s Mind goes to great length to dispel the importance of the enlightenment experience To a Zen practitioner, the point of the practice is not to achieve a goal, the point is the practice itself Another problem I had with the book is it s overall tone I found Morris writing to be pompous and self serving throughout almost the entire book The whole thing felt a bit like an effort to inflate his own ego Again, in my own experience with Zen, I ve found that the wisest teachers impress you not with all their credentials, but by very ordinary they are They act as a mirror for the student, guiding when necessary, but never feeling the need to espouse on their own brilliance.This book has a very definite new age flair to it, delving into everything f...

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    This is one of two books that had a huge impact on my life The other was Autobiography of Yogi, by Paramahamsa Yogananda which was even impactful I m writing this review quite a few years after the fact, since I m new to Goodreads I read this when I was a teenager I came across it in a bookstore with my mom, and literally refused to leave the store unless she bought that book for me Although there s a lot of Ninjutsu in this book, it s actually about Kundalini and Glenn s spiritual awakening than that He s put his energy into the book When you read it, you ll feel it This is also very true of Yogananda, especially his first edition I think that s part of why both of those books were so powerful for me There are than just words in those pages, and I m not just being floofy when I say that.If you re on a spiritual path, and have it in you to meditate and learn esoteric techniques about running energy through your body, you sh...

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    Absolutely loved it the first time I read it It s not for everyone, but it definitely takes you on a wild ride if you re ready to take the jump Since I first read it about 7 years ago, I still occasionally pick it up to read

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    Interesting account of the spiritual side of martial arts, especially with regard to energy sex tantric channelling etc Some fascinating stories, made me laugh out loud a couple of times I d love to pick up a martial art properly and really work at it

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    Very under rated book

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    Very personal view on ninjutsu and esoteric practices that Mr Morris explored throughout his life At times comical but always genuine Good read I had a pleasure to train with Glenn in 1990 s at his seminar in Toronto RiP Glenn

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    Really enjoyed the book.

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    The esoteric, at times rather weird story of one man s experiences in the martial arts and life in general.

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Path Notes of an American Ninja Master Using A Lively Style And The Languages Of Transpersonal Psychology, Meditation, Esoteric Magic, And Kundalini, Glenn Morris Recounts His Amazing Adventures And Hair Raising Close Calls While Training And Then Practicing As A Master Of Martial Arts Following In The Tradition Of The Legendary Togakure Ryu Of Japan, Whose Fighting Techniques And Lore Inspired The Fascination Of Westerners With Ninja Warriors, He Offers Guidelines On How To Tell Sham From Authenticity, How To Keep Friends While Developing Power, How To Voyage Safely Into The Inner Landscape, And How To Deal With Dark Forces Incarnate And Disincarnate At The Same Time, He Provides Exercises, Tests, And Adventures For The Courageous As Well As Spiritual And Ethical Compass.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Path Notes of an American Ninja Master
  • Glenn Morris
  • English
  • 23 October 2019
  • 9781556431579

About the Author: Glenn Morris

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Path Notes of an American Ninja Master book, this is one of the most wanted Glenn Morris author readers around the world.