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    Coming of Age NovelBook 1 encompassed the normal events of Alec s life At age thirteen Alec seemed to ignore reading and so his mother, Alicia, read to him His imagination took over and he would spin his own story His mother worried that it was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, only he wasn t that active Alicia took it up with his father Alex Baldwin, Sr who felt it had to do with raging hormones Whatever caught his attention, Alec became in his mental movies But Alec, regardless of his seeming inattention, was an excellent student Anything that caught his mind caused him to research it thoroughly until he knew than the books He was ten when he commenced having these visions As time passed, his visions became so real that he experiences his senses of feeling and smell, besides sight.Finally Alicia took him to a psychologist, Dr Schmidthosen, whom Alec instantly disliked Alicia was a beautiful, trim woman and attracted the doctor than her son did Alicia noticed the doctor wasn t paying any attention to Alec s problem and left At age thirteen, Alex gave Alec a computer, and he traveled the world and the ages, withdrawing into himself as Alec had to experience his information as real and not as some detached fragment of history.One day Alec saw a beautiful girl in a mirror Later, he could hear her and she called herself Princess Sandr...

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    Alec is about a boy who has a supernatural gift for, let s say, time travel The young tween ventures off to explore the secrets of the universe and it doing so develops a mature and analytical mind Alec also discovers a girl along the way I enjoyed the story in regards to Alec and his experiences Watching him grow into a mean through sailing, study, and dance was entertaining The philosophical idea of the duality of man pertaining to feminine and masculine was enjoyable I found myself longing for of the teenage trials and tribulations At times I found myself issuing hard to get through the...

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    This book has been altered from a children s book, to suit a mature audience In my opinion, this has been done by updating the vocabulary and throwing in some sexual aspects to counteract the young feel that the book has It takes over half the book for this to morph into a book that reads as something aimed at adults, consequently becoming something interesting to read While I give only three stars in my review this book since I disliked the adaptation, it could be read as if the reader enters the maturing mind of a young boy While the story did not quite catch my attention and I m uncertain what audience the entire book would appeal to, I must...

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    I rarely give a 3 star rating, but this book was really difficult for me to understand, I thought that this would be a adventurous read, but it was actually quite serious Alec was found quite a lot asking what the point of life was I never did get how Alec had these imaginary adventures I kept wondering is he actually going to another world or just has an overly active imagination When Sandra shows up, I thought maybe he has split personalities Maybe I ll never know or it s explained in a future book.This book was altered from a children s book, to suit a mature audience But I feel like that didn t turn out to well, I feel like there was just some some sexual talk just thrown in.The main characters other than Alec were his parents, and I couldn t stand them and how they acted I probably would have enjoyed the book a lot if they didn t have POV s I d...

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    This is garbled writing at it s worst There is no flow and the progression seems thrown together with no fluency at all Needs a professional proofread and even a skilled editor Maybe he could salvage a chapter or two, at most

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    Going on half way but still bored to death Gave up Lacking in both action and adventure Also messy.

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    I feel bad giving a 2 star rating, because the writing style is very pleasant Law writes fluently, turns a great phrase, and uses beautiful imagery If you just like being carried along by the words, and you don t mind whether there s a final destination, then you should give this a read.The problem for me was that there really wasn t any destination It s described as a coming of age novel, but the description only fits in that the main character started out as a kid, and finished up as a young adult.The book mostly describes Alec s imaginary life, using the events of his real life to frame it His imaginary life is rich, vivid, and fascinating, which is why I read the whole book But it doesn t inform his real life in any way that I can see The two high points of his real life involve surviving a crisis and finding romance, but there s something missing that leaves me less than excited about either accomplishment These successes don t really come as the reward for hard work They don t compensate the protagonist for earlier failures They just happen.Worse, they seem to happen naturally and effortlessly His imaginary life does prepare him for these events, but it does so basically by telling him, Don t worry, you can do it and then lo and behold, he could It feels rather like his i...

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    This was an unique story and very thought provoking however it started out slow It also was a bit confusing I d say about half way through I began to understand what was happening and begun to enjoy the book.

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    Great book of adventure and imagination.

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The Princess A Boy Approaching Puberty Enjoys Exuberant Imagination That Leads Him Through Progressive Stages Of Self Discovery His Imaginary Travels Unfold Before Him Elusive Worlds That Most People Don T Even Suspect Exit A Mysterious Princess Assists Him In His Search And Finally Rewards Him With The Realization Of His True Nature A Spell Binding Adventure For Young Spirits Of All Ages.