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Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible: Complete and Unabridged in One Volume Until Now, There Have Been Available Only Concise Editions Of Matthew Henry S Commentary For The Kindle OSNOVA S Kindle Edition Includes The Unabridged Text Of The Entire Six Paper Volumes Incorporating An Active Table Of Contents, Navigation Between A Quick Sections, Chapters And Books, And A Cross Reference System Between The Commentary And The Included Bible With Direct Verse Jump And Direct Verse Jump 2, See Instructions In The Book , Which Make It Easy To Locate Any Place Within The Commentary Or The Scriptures In Seconds The Table Of Contents Allows Navigation To Any Chapter Of The Scriptures, With The Hyperlinked Dot To The Right Of Each Chapter Leading To The Corresponding Place In The Commentary Each Title And Each Verse Number In The Included Bible Is Hyperlinked To The Corresponding Passage In The Commentary, And Each Reference In The Commentary Is Hyperlinked To The Corresponding Passage In The Bible.General Description Matthew Henry S Six Volume Exposition Of The Old And New Testament Or Complete Bible Commentary Has Long Been Celebrated As The Best Of English Commentaries Of The Bible For Devotional Purposes It Provides An Exhaustive Verse By Verse Study Of The Bible, Covering The Whole Of The Old Testament And The New Testament.The Commentary Was Begun In November 1704 The First Volume Was Published In 1708 That And Four Other Volumes Appeared In A Uniform Edition In 1710 Before His Death Henry Completed The Acts For An Unpublished Sixth Volume After His Death The Epistles And Revelation Were Prepared By Thirteen Ministers, Partly Based Upon Notes Taken By Henry S Hearers The Complete Edition Was Edited By George Burder And John Hughes And Published In 1811 In 6 Volumes Henry S Exposition Has Often Been Abridged Now For The First Time It Is Made Available By OSNOVA In Its Full Unabridged Form To The Kindle Users.Henry S Commentaries Are Primarily Exegetical, Dealing With The Scripture Text As Presented, With His Prime Intention Being Explanation For Practical And Devotional Purposes The Commentary Excels At Practical Application, Displaying Good Sense, Discrimination, High Moral Tone And Simple Piety, Combined With The Well Sustained Flow Of Its English Style.Famous Evangelical Protestant Preachers Such As George Whitefield And Charles Spurgeon Used And Heartily Commended The Work, With Whitefield Reading It Through Four Times The Last Time On His Knees Spurgeon Stated, Every Minister Ought To Read It Entirely And Carefully Through Once At Least.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible: Complete and Unabridged in One Volume
  • Matthew Henry
  • English
  • 25 April 2017

About the Author: Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry was an English non conformist clergyman Henry s well known Exposition of the Old and New Testaments 1708 1710 is a commentary of a practical and devotional rather than of a critical kind, covering the whole of the Old Testament, and the Gospels and Acts in the New Testament.

10 thoughts on “Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible: Complete and Unabridged in One Volume

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    I read through this commentary over about a year and a quarter as I did a chronological reading of the Bible I used the Olive Tree Bible Study app, which synched my daily readings with the commentary This was a great way to read through the Bible Henry s comments illuminate the text and place everything in the Old Testament in con...

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    What can be said of Matthew Henry s Commentary on the Whole Bible Let s let the giants of the protestant faith speak for themselves Of Henry s Commentary, Charles Haddon Spurgeon said Every minister ought to read it entirely and carefully through once at least George Whitefield, the great Anglican preacher read through Matthew Henry s Commentary at least four times the last time reading it through on his knees Matthew Henry s Commentary on the Whole Bible is rich in exegetical wisdom The commentary spurs the Christian reader to a deeper devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ, with every passage always pointing back to the cross whether the passage in commenting on the Old or New Testament I have been blessed beyond belief by the commentary, and am proud to say that I ve read it cover to cover something that every Christian should undertake at least once in their lifetime Although Matthew Henry wrote an enormous six volumes of commentary, one can purchase the single volume commentary, or t...

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    The concise commentary is what I use on a daily basis, and it s in nice bite size chapter portions Wise man Love this commentary.

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    This was a dense book to read and is quite verbose While reading it, however I could not help but notice how often it seemed that Henry seemed to be preaching and not simply expounding on the Bible Also, there were parts where Henry doesn t seem to have logical consistency in his own exposition, does not catch logical inconsistencies in the bible, or does not seem to take other parts of the bible into account when expounding, and I would like to use his commentary on the story of Adam Eve, and of Noah from Genesis, and of verses from Deuteronomy as examples of why I think so.When commenting on Eve being created after Adam, and from his rib, he comments that women owe a certain subjection and reverence which wives owe to their own husbands And literally a few sentences later goes on to state that because she was created from his side and not his head, that she was neither meant to rule above him or be trampled by him, but rather to rule by his side If the reader asks the question, given A, how does B necessarily follow Henry seems to be taking the opportunity to push his own ideological view or simply making a point for which there isn t any evidence for Next, when commenting on the story of Noah there is a part where the Bible first clearly states that, Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, it goes on to say of everyone else on the earth that, all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth Later in the story when it is ment...

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    This is a wonderful commentary It is very old but the subject has not changed so it is as accurate today as when it was written This is a source I go to often to stimulate a deeper consideration of a text It is very rich and truly plumbs the depths of every passage in a near exhaustive manner That being said it can be very dense and somewhat overwhelming to some...

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    This works dives deeper into God word It explains things to use Good to study scripture with this set of books I may never read them all, but I m enriched when I do Easy to understand.

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    Print is very small,

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    sheds some light to my understanding of the Word, of God and of the history of God s relation with his creation also the humility of the author and his fear, respect and fervor for God present everywhere in the commentary are deeply moving but less helpful as a commentary as I feel that its interpretation was limited by the scientific knowledge of his age not that the Bible requires scientific knowledge to be understood, or that it should be interpreted or even thwarted in order to be coherent with scientific discoveries, but that many comparisons he made are inappropriate due to some of the wrong ideas he held regarding to natural science for example Like the first born, it refers to light does, of all visible beings, most resemble its great Parent suggests that the first baby resembles the parents than his her younger siblings, a false belief at the time, and makes this whole point of the author s invalid and unneeded Logical errancy also exists e.g the incongruency between The use and design of it to divide the waters from the waters, that is, to distinguish between the waters that are wrapped up in the clouds and those that cover the sea, the waters in the air and those in the earth and Let there be a firmamen...

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    I m relegating this volume to the Ain t Nobody Got Time for That shelf My intention was to read this commentary as I read through the Bible However, I m finding Henry difficult to stomach No, it was not the verbose nature of the old English used that turned me off it was the racist and misogynistic nature of the text From his exposition on Noah s cursing of Ham and thus, Henry s erroneous assumption that all people of color were cursed, inferior, and doomed to servitude , to blaming Jacob s daughter, Dinah, for her own rape yes, a 17th century account of rape shaming , the author did not expound on the scriptures as a means of devotion to God, but rather his own twisted doctrine I felt dread with the book than excitement in deep diving into Scripture study I will continue my Bible reading and study, but I will not accompany it with this commentary Since the author occasionally makes good points and the co...

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    I have used this standard Bible Commentary for many years, but only in the abridged editions available Many Christian friends have informed me that these often miss out many important points that Matthew Henry makes to illuminate the Word of God and apply it to our hearts and life situations So I have decided to take the plunge ...

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