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Red, White and Blue Compromising Positions To Lily White Seven Critically Acclaimed Novels, Seven New York Times Bestsellers Now, With Her Eighth Novel, Susan Isaacs Has Written Her Finest Work Yet Red, White And Bluetells The Story Of Two Ordinary Americans Who Find It Within Themselves To Become Extraordinary Heroes Charlie Blair Of Wyoming And Lauren Miller Of New York Start Out As Strangers They Are Drawn Together By An Appalling Hate Crime And By Their Mutual Passion For Justice Yet They Share Than A Sense Of Fair Play They Are Not Simply Kindred Spirits But Actual Kin, Descendants Of Immigrants Who Met On A Boat On Their Way To America, In The Shadow Of The Statue Of Liberty.Special Agent Blair Of The FBI Has The Numbing Job Of A Bureaucrat And The Soul Of A Cowboy A Wry Westerner From His Stetson To His Boots, He Also Happens To Be The Great Great Grandson Of Dora Blaustein Dora WhatTrue, Although He Is Unaware Of That Particular Ancestor A Nearly Burned Out Case At Thirty Four, He Is About To Walk Away From The Safe World Of Paper Pushing To Risk His Life In Wyoming, Infiltrating An Armed, White Supremacist, Viciously Anti Semitic Group Called Wrath Wyoming Born And Bred, Charlie Seems The Perfect Choice For This Undercover Operation, Because Who In Wrath Could Question This Whiter Than White Man, So Clearly One Of Their Own Also In Jackson Hole Is Charlie S Apparent Opposite Gen X Lauren Miller Is Articulate, Ironic And Unwaveringly Liberal A Journalist From Long Island, She Has Been Hired By The Jewish News To Investigate A Bombing That Wrath Is Suspected To Be Behind Lauren S Job Is To Know Who, What, Where And When, Of Course But Most Of All, She Is Compelled To Discover Why Why Are All These People Who Ve Never Met A Jew In Their Lives Obsessed With Jews And Why Do They Want Them Dead Just Who Is It Who Gets To Define Who Is An American With Narrative Grace, Insight And Her Trademark Exuberant Wit, Isaacs Not Only Chronicles Lauren S And Charlie S Investigations, But Explores Their American Heritage As Well How Did Their Forebears How Did All Of Our Forebears Get From There To Here And What Can This Mountain Man And This Suburban Woman Possibly Share Except A Few Random Genes Intelligent, Exhilarating And Intensely Moving, Red, White And Blue Is A Novel About What Makes Americans American.

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About the Author: Susan Isaacs

Susan Isaacs is the author of fourteen novels, including Compromising Positions, Shining Through, After All These Years, and As Husbands Go Her newest novel, Takes One to Know One, will be published in October 2019 She is a former editor of Seventeen and a freelance political speechwriter Susan is chairman of the board of Poets Writers and a past president of Mystery Writers of America.

10 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue

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    After really, really liking LILY WHITE, I rushed to the library to find another novel by Susan Isaacs I enjoyed the first third of RED, WHITE AND BLUE, which consisted of tracking the historical backgrounds of the two main characters After that I lost interest totally Didn t relate to the two main characters, a reporter and an FBI agent, their ancestors were much interesting , and...

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    novel investigating white supremacists

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    Took me a while to like this book I kept waiting to like the people in the story In the beginning all but one of the men were insensitive, drunks, adulterous,wife beaters, and the women were longsuffering, ambitious, smart and perservering I found that stereotyping unappealing However, Isaacs was writing about one family Guess her women didn t have very good taste in men.The one really good man ...

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    I truly loved all the rich characters in this book I enjoyed the history of the main characters ancestors and I am certain that all of us wish that we could know what our ancestors were like, what kinds of choices they made and why , st...

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    Despite a large and hard to follow cast of characters that take up over half of the book, Isaac holds your interest as she works her way through the genealogy of the two main characters As the title implies, she s exploring what it means to be an American versus just a citizen of the United States The b...

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    amazing that this book was written 20 years ago It is a long wonderful meditation on what it means to be and American, how we got here, and where we might be going The questions it raises have only become ...

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    I liked this book I think it could provide insight into the thinking of the followers of the guy who got the most electoral college votes in 2016 Trump Neo Nazis, racists and misogynists would not get this book.

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    Having enjoyed Susan Isaacs s Any Place I Hang My Hat, I decided to reread another of her recent books, Red, White, and Blue, to try to figure out what I didn t like about it It begins with FBI agent Charlie Blair and reporter Lauren Miller, who are both on the track of a group of hate crime perpetrators known as Wrath, based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming However, before Isaacs delves into this, she spends two hundred pages describing the family histories of her hero and heroine who, as it turns out, share a set of great great grandparents This is certainly absorbing, as Isaacs has a gift for creating quirky, likable characters, but when she finally got up to the present day and shifted back to Charlie and Lauren, it was jarring, and I found it hard to get back into their story.Also, I found Isaacs s message heavy handed at times Here s a paragraph from about thirty pages into the book Last, but definitely not least, as we leave this century, isn t it time to inquire What is an American anyway It s a critical question to think about now, what with all the virulently anti government rhetoric abroad in the land We ought to ask Now that we ve gotten here, what holds us together What do all of us, with our different American experiences, have in common Is there an American character And et cetera, et cet...

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    Red, White and Blue Wanted to read this book with the intent to learn new things Wyoming is one place we ve yet to visit but the subject matter also interested me.Kinda hard to separate the older generation from the present Starts out with an explosion in Wyoming and a group claim they did it A reporter, Jewish from NYC has traveled there to find out the answers.The group had targeted Jews and she wants to find out why She does contact them to write the story that will be picked up by many other newspapers for publicity.There is an agency that is also investig...

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