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The Jacket I Wear in the Snow Rhyme Follows Rhyme As Layer After Layer Of Winter Clothing Bunchy And Hot, Wrinkled A Lot, Stiff In The Knee, And Too Big For Me Is First Put On And Then Taken Off To The Relief Of The Child Bundled Inside Clever Rebuses And Jaunty Illustrations Make The Jacket I Wear In The Snow Especially Fun For Prereaders And New Readers.

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    Title The Jacket I Wear in the SnowAuthor Shirley NeitzelIllustrator Nancy Winslow ParkerGenre Pattern, RhythmTheme s Pattern bookOpening line sentence This is the jacket I wear in the snow.This is the zipperThat s stuck on the jacket I wear in the nowBrief book summary A girl names all of the clothing she needs to wear to play in the snow Professional Recommendation Review 1 An easy full color rebus enumerates ten items of clothing worn by a young child on a winter day A catchy rhythm recounts frustrations familiar to anyone small bundled up for play in the snow.Professional Recommendation Review 2 Any child beyond the age of three can relate to this fetching book, especially the child who lives in a cold clime where bundling is de rigueur for one third of the year The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, in poem rebus form with the repetitive rhythm of The House That Jack Built, would be perfect for preschool story time using either winter or clothing as themes This is the jacket I wear in the snow This is the zipper that s stuck on the drawing of jacket I wear in the snow And thus goes the rhyme through scarf, hat, mittens,...

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    This story is written in the style of The House That Jack Built using cumulative sequence to engage listeners and encourage emerging readers A bundled child accumulates a list of her winter attire, starting with the jacket she wears in the snow, adding the zipper that is stuck on the jacket she wears in the snow, the scarf that is caught in the zipper and on and on through the socks, wrinkled a lot This is a very fun little story that ends in a nurturing scene where mom helps to unstick the zipper and serve the child a warm snack after a day in the snow The author of this picture book uses illustrations in place of some of the repetitive words after they have been used once, which is a great way for emerging readers to understand that an word can be the representation of an image This book can be used in a preK K setting, using a pointer to encourage the...

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    The Jacket I Wear in the Snow is a fun cumulative poem think The House that Jack Built Cumulative poems are great for kids with autism because of the built in repetition and predictable structure.In this story, a young girl s scarf gets snagged in her zipper, trapping her in layer upon layer of offending clothing We hear about each piece in terms of her complaints These are the jeans, stiff in the knee or This is long underwear, bunchy and hot When the girl falls to the ground weeping, it s not depicted as a meltdown, per se, but it s a moment that many of our kids can relate to and it s a very good thing to see yourself sympathetically portrayed in a book.The mini illustrations that sub for clothing words within the sentences provide a huge boon for kids who organize their thoughts better with visuals Kids can point and label at the correct moment in the text and read along, he...

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    Anybody that s ever bundled up to go outside and play in the snow knows that while warmth is important, sometimes you can overdo it and become very uncomfortable The narrator of this cute, rhyming cumulative tale has on so many clothes that are too stiff, wrinkled, or caught up in the zipper that finally tears bring help from Mother Simple text for beginning readers and f...

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    A This is the House that Jack Built styled account of everything you wear in the winter.Ages 3 7 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how cl...

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    A decent rhyme that teaches children to memorize articles of clothing as the story builds The only problem is that no one calls it a jacket it s a coat And who is putting on long underwear any

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    I ve heard of this book a lot but hadn t actually read it until today It s pretty simple On many pages, the picture for the outdoor gear appears in the space of the actual word I think the long underwear really dates this book as kids today have no idea what that is.

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    A unique book where the character gets dressed and describes his clothes as he does it then once dressed cries outside His mother bring him in the house and undresses him and he describes the clothes once again.

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    Winter Clothing Story Time Picture book goes through the process of getting dressed for a trip out in the snow Pictures of clothing items are inserted where the correct words would be This might work better one on one than in Story Time.

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    I really enjoyed this fun re telling of The House that Jack Built Fun readaloud book.

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