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Lily White Criminal Defense Lawyer Lee Whites Latest Case Seems Straightforward Norman Torkelson, A Charismatic Con Man Running A Repeat Marriage Scam, Has Been Charged With Strangling To Death His Latest Mark But Lee Starts To Wonder If Her Client Is Not Merely Not Guilty But Is Covering For The Real Killerand, In Doing So, Performing The First Selfless Act Of His Life.

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    This is one of those books that stays with you for years Though I read this years ago as an older teen , there have been several occasions when I would have liked to read it again I was unable to recall the title or the author and only found it again through creative google ing view spoiler The story revolves around Lily Lee White She is an attorney representing a con man While she deals with this fellow, Lee takes us back to her past We discover her upbringing, her seemingly wonderful husband, her failed marriage and her wreck of a sister I remember being drawn in by the story I cheered with Lee over her triumphs, commiserated with her over her odd and somewhat love less family, and I was so angry when she was hurt This is a book that I will have to read again as an adult I can recall most of the elements of the story and can relate to Lee on...

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    Loved this book It had a little bit of everything.murder and mayhem, relationship issues, childhood flashbacks to a disfunctional family plus a surprise ending..can t get much better than this.and easy to read as well Will definitely look for books by Susan Isaacs.

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    Adult, getting free of her ungrateful family

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    Lily Lee White is a Long Island attorney who is defending a con man named Norman Torkelson, accused of killing his latest mark As the case unfolds, so does Lee s personal history, in a double narrative, alternating chapters in different typefaces Lee narrates the present day chapters as she investigates Torkelson s case, while the chapters describing her earlier life are told in the third person The style does take some getting used to, but both narratives are sufficiently compelling that I never found myself skimming through one to get back to the other which has happened to me before while reading less skillfully written books The Tork...

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    This was a fascinating book for numerous reasons, but what makes it truly unique is the way it s constructed Lee White, a criminal defense attorney, narrates the story of her defense of a career con man, charged with strangling to death his latest mark That story is intriguing in itself, with many unexpected twists But every other chapter is written in third person, describing Lee s life from birth, with all the elemen...

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    I read this under extreme duress, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised I was fully expecting some horrible chick lit novel, but if all chick lit was written this intelligently then I would read a lot of it.

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    Interesting book with 2 different plots One, the story of a bright criminal defense attorney formerly with DA s office who is handling the case of a long time con man accused of murder The other, the story ...

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    Have read this than 5 times, honestly I must have been 14 15 then.

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    Decided I didn t like it so did not read it.

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    This is my second time reading an Isaacs novel Like the first, this one was a nice read, just not a gripping page turner I really enjoyed the story of Lee White her upbringing, her relationships with her family and friends, her attitude The plot describing her representation of Norman Torkelson, the con man, was interesting And the character of Norman s girlfriend, Mary, was really written well What I didn t care for was the flow of the story One chapter was dedicated to describing her childhood and then the next chapter was present day I didn t like this alternating pattern, and it continued throughout the entire book I thought the book would have been fine written in chronological order Aside from that though, I did think this was a good book I liked the outcome o...

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