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A Closer Look What Is Still Life We Are Familiar With The Objects Portrayed But Have Difficulty Explaining The Essence Of This Popular Art Form Erika Langmuir Examines The Special Fascination Of Still Life, And What Distinguishes It From Other Categories Of Painting She Discusses Its Evolution From The Trompe L Oeil Wall Paintings Of Antiquity, Through Its Revival In The Age Of Caravaggio And Vel Zquez, And Again In The Works Of C Zanne And Picasso Originally Published As Pocket Guide Still Life, This Eloquent Survey Benefits From A Wider Format, New Reproductions, And Updated References.

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    This short book, one of a series produced by the National Gallery, is a very helpful introduction to the genre of still life painting The author explains its beginnings in the Greek xenia offerings to guests , now known only from description, and Roman wall paintings, like those preserved at Herculaneum and Pompeii In the medieval and Renaissance period the naturalistic depiction of flowers and objects was justified by their inclusion in narrative paintings, though there are fascinating instances of stand alones like Gaddi s painting of a cupboard with eucharistic objects in Santa Croce, Florence The genre really comes into its own around 1600 In just a few pages we get a clear idea of the essential elements of the Dutch still life and the Spanish bodegon, and the subgenres of flower painting and breakast piece There is an interesting comparison of still life elements in paintings by Caravaggio and Velazquez, in which the author is not shy of expressing an opinion avoiding the flat even handedness that can mar expository writing Other questions are contemplated how ...

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